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Dangerous Connections: 6 Romantic Suspense Series Starters + Bonus HEA…

por Carolyn Crane (Contribuidor), Toni Anderson (Contribuidor), Cate Beauman (Contribuidor), Rachel Grant (Contribuidor), Elisabeth Naughton (Contribuidor)1 mais, Jill Sorenson (Contribuidor)

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Great boxset from some of the best suspense authors. Even if you've read some of the books each author added an additional bonus scene to the end.

Against the Dark (The Associates #1) by Carolyn Crane - This was a fast paced action book with plenty of smexy moments. Agents whose main strengths are their brains but yet still have plenty of brawn make up The Associates. Cole Hawkins has been working undercover to gather information on a shipment of children being shipped over internationally to be used and killed. While on assignment he meets a woman who turns out to be a safecracker whose specialty in safes happens to be the one he needs into to get the name and location of the ship. This was defiantly a different take on the typical bad ass alpha males you typically read in these type of books. Cole’s nerdyness was cute while still having plenty of alpha ways.

Morgan's Hunter (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County #1) by Cate Beauman - An intensely suspenseful book from beginning to end.

Hunter Phillips watched his best friend and 5 others in his unit die in Afghanistan after being wounded himself. When he comes back to the states he is a shell of the man he used to be and suffers from PTSD. He now works for a security company guarding most times what he calls spoiled pampered princesses.

Morgan Taylor is a wildlife biologist, who works for a Federal agency tracking rare and endangered animals. She is very close to her team. For the latest track, 3 of them go to Maine and the other 3 go to Montana. The 3 that go to Montana are killed out in the wilderness and Morgan is devastated.

Morgan decides she is going to Montana to both figure out what happened to her friends and finish what they went out there for. Her father is the president of the agency that Morgan works for and is extremely worried about his stubborn daughter going out to there where 3 people were killed in cold blood and the police still have no clue what really happened. The only way her father will allow her to go to Montana is with a bodyguard. Hunter Phillips ends up being that bodyguard.

There first meeting does not go well.

Once in Montana the relationship turns into a love/hate thing as they trek through the forest. As Hunter figures out what happened to the first team and that they are now in just as must danger they have to rely on each other to make it out alive.

In this book we get to meet the widow and young daughter of Hunter's best friend that died. They are the only two people that Hunter show's any feelings and emotions for. That is until Morgan slowly starts breaking through his walls.

A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice #1) by Toni Anderson - Toni Anderson’s new series is a dark exploration of into the right and wrong of justice. Should the punishment fit the crimes against serial killers and pedophiles? An unsanctioned group within the US government thinks so and uses their assassins to take them out bypassing the judicial system.

Alex Parker was an assassin that still had a conscience. He was once a soldier that proudly served his country but when most of his team was killed due to a traitor he then agreed to work for the CIA. When he is unable to kill a target and is captured he is left to be tortured and rot in a Moroccan jail. He is approached by a group that calls themselves The Gateway Project that offer him a release from hell if he agrees to work for them. He didn’t realize he would he putting what was left of his soul in jeopardy by committing murder against the worst society has to offer. Alex was such a deep and complicated character. At one time he followed the rules of right and wrong but circumstances pushed him into the grey area of vengeance.

Mallory Rooney has always had one goal since her twin sister was abducted when they were young, to find the man that took her and bring him to justice. She now works for the FBI and is instrumental in helping bring down serial killers in hopes that one day she will find the one that took her sister. Even with the injustice of her sister case never leading to finding out what really happened to her, Mallory still believes in the justice system and finding and bringing in killers the right way. After a serial killer is found dead right before they were to apprehend him Mallory gets the sense that there is a vigilante killer that is one step ahead of them and starts to investigate further.

Even with the sadness of the loss of her sister Mallory is like a beacon of light that when Alex meets her is drawn to that light even though he thinks of himself as lost to the darkness with no way of redemption. Mallory has no idea of the secrets Alex is keeping but feels he is a good person beneath all his self loathing about himself.

The hunt for latest serial killer that looks to be the person that took Mallory’s sister was quite labyrinth. The author did a great job of takings us down an intricate path that leads to an astonishing ending.

Concrete Evidence (Evidence #1) by Rachel Grant - The authors’ knowledge of archaeology, historic art and Native American sites was evident through the book. The story which starts off in 1952 is like one large jigsaw puzzle that takes the course of the book to piece together before finally seeing the whole picture.

Erica Kesling didn’t have an easy childhood after her father died. Her credit ruined and blackballed from being able to use her degree in underwater archaeologist she now works for a large company on a different coast as a land archaeologist looking for a way to make those pay who had a part in setting her up. From here the author takes us on a journey that arouses your curiosity as to what is really going on. Its full of crafty plotting and intrigues throughout.

Wild (Wild #1) by Jill Sorenson - Wild takes us back to the time frame of the first book to right before the earthquake happened and then after but this time the story is told from within San Diego’s Wildlife Park Zoo. Imagine being trapped within a place that has all kinds of deadly predators running loose. As the zoo hadn’t opened for the day its only the employee’s who are inside when the earthquake happens.

The suspense was a lot higher that I thought it would be. I didn’t quite know what to expect since the majority of the story was inside the zoo but I needn’t have worried as the author did a great job with her detailed descriptions of the animals and the danger they posed. Running alongside this story was also another one of a woman and her child who were on a bridge when the earthquake hit and their plunging into the water when the bridge collapsed. They are rescued by a non English speaking soccer player from Panama and even once he manages to get them to shore their perilous journey was far from over.

I love disaster movies and fell in love with this series from the first book. The author descriptive imagination just pulls you into the stories and has you gripping your seat till the end. Another thing that makes the books in this series stand out are the characters. They are unconventional but yet in the face of danger they all prove to be good people.

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  CindySnS | Oct 26, 2016 |
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