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Perfect: A Novel (Flawed, 2) por Cecelia…
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Perfect: A Novel (Flawed, 2) (original 2016; edição 2018)

por Cecelia Ahern (Autor)

Séries: Flawed/Perfect (2)

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Since Celestine, eighteen, was declared a public menace, she has been on the run with Carrick, the one person she can trust, but she has a secret that may save all of those branded Flawed.
Título:Perfect: A Novel (Flawed, 2)
Autores:Cecelia Ahern (Autor)
Informação:Square Fish (2018), Edition: Reprint, 352 pages
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Perfect por Cecelia Ahern (2016)

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I loved this series. I've also liked all the other Ahern books I've read so far, btw.
This book picks up a short time after the first one ends, with Celestine on the run, and almost no one she can trust. The corrupt judge, Crevan, is hunting her with all his resources, and it seems highly unlikely that she'll survive, let alone destroy Crevan and the Guild. And still, she really just wants her old life back, right?
( )
  JBarringer | Dec 30, 2017 |
It's a rare occurrence to love a sequel more than the first book, but that's exactly how I feel about Perfect, the sequel to Cecelia Ahern's Flawed. The pacing, writing, plot, character development and dialogue are so well-crafted it kept me turning pages. I enjoyed reading it so much that I finished it in one sitting. And how beautiful are those covers? The only part I didn't quite like is "that thing" Celestine did to herself. I don't see the point of her doing that, it really didn't add anything to the story, IMO it's overkill. However, this duology is definitely one of my favorite reads this year. ( )
  VavaViolet | Aug 13, 2017 |
What an amazing story! I requested this book based on the description though I didn't realize it was the 2nd book in the series. I quickly checked out Flawed from our library and devoured it! At first it seemed a little too YA young love but that quickly changed quickly into a fast paced dystopian thriller. It definitely had some "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorn influence as well as "When She Woke" by Hillary Jordan. Stories where you are visibly marked by what society has deemed morally wrong. I think that the characters were wonderfully developed and was so happy that Celestine quickly developed into a strong female lead who ultimately did not depend on the guy to save her. She saved everyone herself! I was quite satisfied with the ending, sometimes I wish the story wouldn't end but @Cecelia_Ahern created a great story. I'll definitely be recommending this series at the library. #youngadult #dystopianfiction ( )
  Verkruissen | Jul 8, 2017 |
I had quite enjoyed the first part, and was glad the second one didn't take long. And the sequel didn't disappoint, it was the perfect (no pun intended) conclusion to Celestine's story.

This picks up from where the first one left, so you should check Flawed before. At the same time, if you have already read it, you don't need to go back or anything. My memory is terrible but Ahern did a good job retelling whatever we needed to remember from the first part.

Celestine has evaded and she is now hiding with her grandfather, even though she knows he can't stay long there as the Whistle blowers close in. So little time has passed from her branding and so much has happened, she is like another person from when we met her. She doesn't know who to trust, so she doesn't. Her aim has also changed, it's not just her predicament she wants to change, but the whole Guild and the Flawed system.

I think Celestine was a character easy enough to develop, considering how naive she was in the beginning. That's why I feared she would become something else. I was glad Ahern considered this and was careful enough to keep her essence. This is mostly revealed by her relationship with Art. By the way, even though Ahern will never do it for me when it comes to romance, I liked how she dealt with the love triangle. You could identify with Celestine's hesitations and support her choices instead of spending half the book wanting to strangle her.

Now about her being a YA heroine, this was the same old cliché. Half the time people kept following her as if she were this great leader, as if no one had ever thought of what she had. Considering many of the Flawed were basically there for their opinions, wouldn't any of them have thought of pacific resistance, for example? Or be able to make a speech to gather others? You have a couple of "perfect" people trying to do it but no Flawed but Celestine. What the heck is up with that country? After reading these stories, it's no wonder children think adults are dumb.

I also think Ahern lost an opportunity to address current humanitarian problems, not that this has made me deduct any stars from her but I confess I expected her to, considering how this world was built.

I mentioned how her romances usually fall flat for me, and one of the reasons in this book as Carrick himself. I couldn't fully figure him out. He acts like this dangerous boy—although, in my opinion, Celestine is the one bringing him trouble—, almost as if he was raised in the streets but the truth is that he received prime education, and for a long time he believed in it. So how can he be so street-wise? It was like I got the wrong background, which made it difficult to trust him. Or maybe that is just not my type? Not that I cheer for Art, either. Yes... me, romances and Ahern aren't a good combo.

I think the big problem with this book was that it needed more editing. Especially in the beginning, many times it felt rushed, as if Ahern was always running out of time or something? Things were all over the place for half of the book. And she had some amazing action scenes, I loved each of them—and I'm not a fan of action!—, so you can see how this could have been a great book, I mean, isn't action supposed to be the hardest considering her usual books? So I found it strange that the problem lay with the rest.

Still, I really liked her take on YA, and was surprised to learn this was the end of the story. I was so sure it was at least a trilogy! I surely would have read the third one. Well, there's always room, although the conclusion was pretty much an actual conclusion. So maybe I should say I can't wait for Ahern's next YA novel.

If you have read Flawed, you should also pick this one. It's not as good but it's worth it.

Honest review based on an ARC provided by Netgalley. Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity. ( )
  AnnaBastos | Jun 13, 2017 |
This is the follow-up novel to Flawed, finishing the dystopian duology.

Celestine North is on the run, but she has to stop at some point and try and change the country. Judge Crevan is still one of the highest appointed judges in the country; he has the ability to make people disappear in order to retain his own power. He absolutely cannot let Celestine’s knowledge get out to the public. Celestine wants people to know that Crevan is flawed--just as any human. While running, Celestine finds allies--other flawed as well as her family. Carrick, her main friend, finds her pretty quickly and proceeds to take her to a safe place. As the novel moves at a pretty quick pace, they don’t stay here long. Judge Crevan has spies everywhere, so he is always just behind them, ready to capture them in order to keep his secret.

As the novel progresses, Celestine questions everyone--trust is hard to come by. Above all, she needs the evidence that Crevan branded her a sixth time in a fit of rage. The novel consists of her trying to figure out where the evidence is and how to get it. The people are turning--the election even has a candidate that is courting the flawed vote. They never vote, so this possibility of their vote making a difference, is totally new. The campaign is based on Celestine’s defense in court--compassion and logic. With these two controlling ideas, society will be better. People can’t be perfect--all are flawed. The question is--can she save herself and the people or will she have to sacrifice herself?

I enjoyed both novels. I did listen to both of them; the performers did an outstanding job. If you like Matched and/or Delirium, you’ll like this duology as well. I recommend them, especially as a way to spend your time reading in the summer! ( )
  acargile | Jun 11, 2017 |
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Since Celestine, eighteen, was declared a public menace, she has been on the run with Carrick, the one person she can trust, but she has a secret that may save all of those branded Flawed.

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