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The Girl in the Picture por Alexandra Monir
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The Girl in the Picture (edição 2016)

por Alexandra Monir (Autor)

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576368,880 (3.65)1
When a popular high school boy is found murdered, everyone is surprised he carried pictures of himself with Nicole Morgan, a shy "music geek" no one knew was close to him.
Título:The Girl in the Picture
Autores:Alexandra Monir (Autor)
Informação:Delacorte Press (2016), 272 pages
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Pormenores da obra

The Girl in the Picture por Alexandra Monir

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Enjoyable mystery but too much was made of the disfiguring scar on Nicole’s face and it didn’t really have much to actually do with the story. I thought there would be more to the actual explanation. I did enjoy the multiple perspectives. ( )
  JRlibrary | Jan 12, 2021 |
Engrossing, well crafted, sad at the end. This story pits a very gifted violinist on scholarship at a fancy private school against her roommate, powerful politicians and others I won't mention. Nicole Morgan did everything she could not to fall in love with Chase, but fate had other ideas. She endured a nighttime fall that left her disfigured, anger and shaming from nearly every other students and evidence she cannot explain following Chase's murder. How it all sorts out makes for one heck of a read. ( )
  sennebec | Mar 10, 2020 |
Entertaining enough to somehow keep me reading, that's why I'm giving it two stars instead of one. However, characters were cardboard. Granted, they tried really hard to be 3-D but it just didn't happen. Cliche characters. Cliche plot. Cliche ending. The only thing I liked was when two people worked together in the end. I wish that could have been expanded upon as that would have been the better story. ( )
  otaginenbutsuji | Nov 12, 2019 |
I'm not sure what gave me the impression this was going to be a book on supernatural events now I reread the summary. While I wasn't entirely wrong, this was the sort of book that had a little of each genre. Unfortunately, it didn't excel in any of them.

Chace is found dead and the story is confusing. Who'd want to kill him? Until the pictures of him and another girl leak, making The Girl in the Picture and his official girlfriend persons of interest.

The book is narrated by both girls, telling us the story on two times starting from when they met Chace and from when they find the news. I usually don't like alternated POVs but the voices were different enough. At the same time, Lana's was exaggerated and that really killed her character for me.

I loved the first scene but then it takes a while for you to get into the story. It did grip me at some point. Also, this was a quick read. Once you get through the first quarter or third, you probably won't stop.

However, the hints and twists weren't enticing enough to make me hold my breath. This is no memorable thriller. You can guess the whole backstory from the second chapter, so all the flashbacks felt dragging, and the romance failed to swoon me over.

At last, I didn't like the answer to what happened to Chace. I wonder why it turned out like that when there were a couple of explanations with fewer holes. Really, it left me wondering whether the author was forced into a plan C. It was a pity, as I expected a much detailed reason for all. Not that it was bad, just disappointing.

So, this was a pleasant reading. I had a good time and plan to read more from this author. In addition, I feel the genres blended well, even if they didn't make one another glow. I was hoping for something with more oomph but this was nice. I recommend to those who don't have problems with a bit of melodrama in your story.

(Review based on an ARC provided by Netgalley. I want to also thank the publisher for giving me this opportunity.) ( )
  AnnaBastos | Jun 13, 2017 |
Nicole Morgan had spent her entire life practicing her violin in hopes of someday getting a scholarship to attend Juilliard, and hadn’t given any thought to relationships. She and Chace seemed to have some sort of electricity that drew them together. With him she felt loved, wanted and alive. Her world shattered when he was found murdered.

Beautiful and rich Lana Rivera spent her whole life living up to her Congresswoman mother’s version of the perfect daughter. She was used to having a certain role in their political life so, when her mother suggested she start dating a rival Congressman’s son to find out family secrets, she did as asked but didn’t realize how hard she would fall for handsome Chace Porter. With Chace she felt loved, wanted and alive. Her world shattered when he was found murdered.

As Lana and Nicole’s relationship grows from being strangers, to roomies, besties and, finally, to mortal enemies, the story of what happened to Chace is slowly unraveled. Their voices speak in alternating cliffhanger ending chapters, which leap from the past to the present. Each of them are suspects in Chase’s murder but, with additional clues, more suspects are added to the drama. Readers find themselves thinking they know whodunit – only to find out they were wrong. The surprise ending will come as a huge shock.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.

Book review link: https://shouldireaditornot.wordpress.com/2017/03/11/the-girl-in-the-picture-alex... ( )
  sunshinealma | Mar 11, 2017 |
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When a popular high school boy is found murdered, everyone is surprised he carried pictures of himself with Nicole Morgan, a shy "music geek" no one knew was close to him.

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