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Karma Box Set

por Donna Augustine

Séries: Karma [Augustine] (0.5-3)

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The Agency - Book #0.5
Read 24/01/2021-24/01/2021
This is a reread for me.

This very short story only makes sense in conjunction with books 1-3. I first read this book after reading the trilogy and it add some context as to who Karma is and what Fate's relationship is with her.

This time round I've read it before books 1-3 and enjoyed it just as much. However, if you read this without going into books 1-3 or after reading books 1-3 you would struggle with what the context is.

I also picked up this time (January 2021) the relationship of Death and Sixth Sense to Fate and Sixth Sense's reference to drinking scotch.

I listened to the audio book and enjoyed both the narrators. The male narrator, Andrew Wehrlan, is only for the prequel book with Angel Clark the female narrator for books 1-3.

Karma - Book #01
Read 24/01/2021-26/01/2021
This was a re-read for me. Narrated by Angel Clark.

I really enjoyed this book again the second time reading it. I continue to not really like Karma as I find her quite whiney in what's happened to her and everything going on.

I do really like Fate even though he is quite arrogant and rude with how he treats Karma and the other people within their office.

I do love the banter between Karma and Fate.

I also love the side characters and towards the end of the story we meet Lars (aka former Death) and Cutty, who we both met in book #0.5.

Jinxed - Book #02
Read 26/01/2021-27/01/2021
This was a re-read for me. Narrated by Angel Clark.

Again I really enjoyed this book. I loved the scene with Lars, Cutty, Angus and Bic and what they wanted to do with the duct tape before gossiping about Fate & Karma.

I hated what Karma went through but I continue to struggle to have empathy for her. I believe that she is someone we are supposed to like and feel compassion for what she goes through but there is just something about her character that grates on me.

I really like Paddy and it was horrible that he abandoned Karma when she was in the control of Malakin but it was understandable.

I also loved how Cupid kept spiking drinks that Karma and Fate ended up drinking and outcome that came with Cupid's interference.

Onto the final book.

Karma - Fated#03
Read 28/01/2021-29/01/2021
This was a re-read for me. Narrated by Angel Clark.

This continues from book 2. Not much to say here as the story arch continues but a few things come to mind.

The bedroom sharing discussion was just another example of why I don't like Karma and her constant internal monologue about her relationship with Fate. Karma also seems to ignore the obvious signs of how Fate feels for her and her blatant disregard, and what appears to me, to be a deliberate misunderstanding of situations and jumps to conclusions. Unfortunately the way Karma acts makes me think she is not a strong person. Her attitude is more arrogance and full of pride, which is what makes me not like her.

Karma often makes incorrect assumptions that make her seem childish and immature. Her pride makes her look stupid and I really don't know what Fate sees in her. Karma is also a constant liar to herself and those around her.

In one scene Karma makes a comment about "why is life so complicated". The problem is life isn't complicated it is that she makes it complicated by her actions and decisions and constant denial.

However, the last two chapters of this book is where I do actually really like Karma. She becomes a very nice, caring, helpful and non whining person. If only she could have been like that through the whole book, but maybe that is the point at the end. I also love how Paddy brings her and Fate back together ,after Karma gets killed at the end by the vision Fate had of her throat being slit, for them to have their HEA. ( )
  FiLoMa | Jan 29, 2021 |
I chose the first book in the Karma series as a freebie from BookBub. I have enjoyed this so much that I bought the boxed set and the fourth 'Dead Ink' too. In the boxed set: The Agency, Karma, Jinxed, and Fated. The Agency takes us to the four 'entitie
s' who are part of the origin of the Universe, and offers us a glimpse into what is going on in the ripples of the Universe as strange malevolent entities seem to be attempting to take over the Universe.
Karma introduces us to Camilla dies and is brought to work in the agency known as Unknown Forces of the Universe in the role of 'Karma'. Others working in the Agency include Fate, Murphy - as in Murphy's Law, Lady Luck, a trio of 13 year olds called The Jinxes, Kitty the Black Cat Lady, Santa, Cupid, Death, The Tooth Fairy, and a very human accountant - the last three play golf together! Karma is put together with old hand and of course totally gorgeous Fate to learn the ropes of how to be Karma for the next unspecified centuries. The book reveals who is behind the disturbances in the Universe, but it is clear there is more to come.
Jinxed, carries on with the tale of the evil infiltrating Earth, and
Fated completes the trio with a satisfactory ending and most of the ends tied up. Some of the unanswered questions are found in 'Dead Ink'

This author uses The Devil in the Detail editing services, and Express editing Solutions- unfortunately several missed typos and repeated words the type which makes the reader reread the sentence or paragraph in order for it to make sense. In just one reading I was able to find over 50 small but annoying errors in the 4 books and one novella. ( )
  nadineeg | Jun 28, 2019 |
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