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A Castle in the Clouds por Kerstin Gier
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A Castle in the Clouds (original 2017; edição 2020)

por Kerstin Gier (Autor), Romy Fursland (Tradutor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
886240,792 (3.65)1
Título:A Castle in the Clouds
Autores:Kerstin Gier (Autor)
Outros autores:Romy Fursland (Tradutor)
Informação:Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (2020), 325 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

Pormenores da obra

A Castle in the Clouds por Kerstin Gier (2017)

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Este libro es entretenido de una manera y me gusta cuando hay un montón de personajes en libros de misterio, pero no, este libro no logro manejar muchos personajes, para comenzar trata de Sophia una joven que dejo la escuela y decidió ir a un hotel a trabajar como niñera y para ayudar a todos en dicho hotel, punto positivo; me gusto que menciona que posibilidades puede tener una persona que por alguna razón debe dejar la escuela y su vida no está acabada, siento que las personas deben saber que estudiar no te garantiza una vida estable (pero aun así estudien y edúquense, es necesario).
Ahora hablemos de como este libro pudo ser genial y no lo consiguió, Sophia es una joven amable y que sabe llevarse con todos, menos con sus compañeras que son malas personas porque si, clásico de un YA, pero bueno. Cada personaje suena interesante pero no sabemos cómo son más por como los describe Sophia y las descripciones, dios mío, son tan estresantes porque describe como se ve un mugre cuarto que nunca volveremos a ver y como para que?, le quito mucho tiempo a la trama, el 50% del libro son descripciones, me tenían harta.
Segundo la trama, para comenzar no había trama, que puedo decir al principio era algo de un robo, luego de un rapto y que el hotel será vendido a gente que hace prácticas ilegales(?), en fin, cuando se enfocó en combinar el rapto y robo dije okay tiene futuro, pero cristo esto comenzó a pasar cuando faltaban 50 paginas para acabar el libro y fue tan estúpido como se llevó a cabo, les juro que no podía creerlo.
Para finalizar, no odie el libro porque por ese final me hizo reír mucho y los personajes eran entretenidos, de verdad tenía esperanzas la sinopsis me llamo la atención, pero el libro estuvo en todos lados menos la trama, aparte Sophie tiene 17 pero actúa como una niña, así que este libro se lo recomendaría a niños, no es ofensa en serie para gente más joven sería muy entretenido, pero si quieren reírse pues lo van a disfrutar.


This book is entertaining in a way and I like it when there are a lot of characters in mystery books, but no, this book couldn’t handle many characters, to begin, it's about Sophia a young woman who dropped out of school and decided to go to a hotel to work as a babysitter and to help everyone in said hotel, positive point; I am pleased that it mentions what possibilities a person can have who for some reason must leave school and that their life is not finished, I feel that people should know that studying does not guarantee a stable life (but still study and educate yourselves, it is necessary) .
Now let's talk about how this book could be great and did not succeed, Sophia is a kind young woman who knows how to get along with everyone, except with her colleagues who are bad people because yes, classic of a YA, but okay. Each character sounds interesting but we don't know how they are because of how Sophia describes them and the descriptions, my God, they are so stressful because they describe what a dirty room looks like and we will never see again, like why??? It takes a lot of time from the plot, 50% of the book are descriptions, they had me tired.
Second the plot, to begin with there was no plot, what can I say at first it was something of a robbery, after a kidnapping and that the hotel will be sold to people who do illegal practices (?), In short, when it focused on combining the kidnapping and robbery I said okay has a future, but Christ this started to happen when there were 50 pages to end the book and it was as stupid as it was carried out, I swear I could not believe it.
Finally, I don’t hate the book because that end made me laugh a lot and the characters were entertaining, I really was hopeful because the synopsis caught my attention, but the book was everywhere except the plot, also Sophie is 17 but she acts like a little girl, so this book I would recommend to children, it is not a offense but for younger people it would be very entertaining, but if you want to laugh then you will enjoy it.
( )
  Monri | May 15, 2021 |
This was a sweet little story about Sophie Spark, intern at the formerly grand hotel called A Castle in the Clouds. She befriends birds, longtime employees and boys. There was a bit of magic here, along with a mystery about a jewel, just enough to keep my interest. I don't know if I would have gotten around to reading this if I weren't babysitting a small pile of books from the library during the pandemic. ( )
  ethel55 | Jun 7, 2020 |
Sophie Spark decides that university is not for her, so she takes a position as an intern at a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps, much to her parents' dismay. Her position has her doing a little of everything, from working in the laundry to babysitting the children of the hotel's guests. She meets a lot of fascinating characters, some of whom may be jewel thieves and kidnappers -- or is that just her overactive imagination?

Sophie reminded me a little of Jane Austen's Catherine Norland, always seeing dramatic plots everywhere. Jewel heists! Kidnappings! Curses! Ghosts! ...Then again, maybe there really are all of those things in this book -- I won't give it away. Plus, there's the obligatory love triangle: two hot, nice guys, both interested in Sophie. Decisions, decisions! I found this book a little over the top, but young teens who enjoy this sort of romantic comedy adventure will probably love it. The romance goes no further than kissing, there's a little bit of violence but nothing too gruesome, and the setting is delightful. I probably wouldn't recommend it to grown-ups or even older teens, but for tweens it could be just the thing. ( )
  foggidawn | Apr 15, 2020 |
Castle in the Clouds reminds me of the old-fashioned mystery novel.

Sophie Spark decides to work at the hotel Castle in the Clouds as the intern instead of attend school. She performs various duties, one of which is babysitter. She also works in the spa. As I mentioned, the novel is like an old-fashioned mystery. First, the suspects: all the hotel guests and the hotel workers. Second, the crime: is there one or is there only a story being told to frighten Sophie?

Sophie learns that the hotel is not doing well and the owner is trying to sell. The owner treats everyone, except guests, rudely. The owner's son, Ben, does not share his father's beliefs. He feels he is the unpaid help, but he loves his hotel. He also finds Sophie intriguing. Tristan Brown presents himself as the hotel thief. In actuality, he is there with his grandfather, Professor Arthur Brown who is an expert on gems. He also finds Sophie intriguing. To add some humor, we have the Forbidden Cat, whom the owner has no knowledge of. The cat seems to appear and disappear on cue, never to be seen by the owner but well taken care of by guests and workers alike. There also seems to be a resident ghost--at least the pipes make enough noise to possibly be a ghost or just annoying old pipes.

There are various wealthy guests among the lucky guests who have saved up to stay at this famous hotel in the clouds. Children disappear, a ring disappears, a man carries a gun, a cat appears and disappears, and guests explore in areas of the hotel not expected. Sophie navigates these peculiarities while also contemplating a possible romance....with Ben? with Tristan? The novel begins with blood running down Sophie's arm while carrying a child. While running for her life with someone, she is kissed. Then, the novel goes back in time to see how we get here.

The hotel has nooks and crannies, mysterious noises, secrets, mysteries (could one employee still be the same age after 30+ years?), unknown workers and the Forbidden Cat. It's a lot of fun and well worth your time as you find out who Sophie is kissing and who the criminal is or who the criminals are. ( )
  acargile | Oct 2, 2019 |
Das ist ein sehr süßes Buch, das einfach gute Laune macht.
Ich habe ständig laut vor mich hin gekichert.
Dabei ist die Handlung etwas undurchsichtig, zunächst ist es einfach ein vergnügliches Buch über ein norddeutsches Mädchen, das in einem Schweizer Hotel ein Praktikum macht und dort allerlei erlebt. Es ist nicht ganz klar, worauf es hinauslaufen wird. Später wird es dann ein Krimi und der ist sogar recht spannend.
Also, süß, harmlos und vergnüglich! ( )
  Wassilissa | Dec 9, 2018 |
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