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People Kill People por Ellen Hopkins
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People Kill People (edição 2018)

por Ellen Hopkins (Autor)

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Follows six teenagers as they are brought into close contact over the course of one tense week, in a town with political and personal tensions that build until one fires a fatal gunshot.
Título:People Kill People
Autores:Ellen Hopkins (Autor)
Informação:Margaret K. McElderry Books (2018), 448 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:novels in verse, issues, issues - gun violence

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People Kill People por Ellen Hopkins

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I’m a fan of Ellen Hopkins’ works, and usually I hear about her books and am eager to read them right away. But somehow this one slipped under my radar! ⁣
This one stands alone from the rest of Ellen’s other works, mainly because only part of the prose is in her trademark verse style. But it didn’t take away anything from the story itself. You’re thrust into the worlds of 6 completely different characters, each of whom has their own opinion on guns and gun control. This is a difficult subject for many, and the author doesn’t shy away from exposing the true nature of some of her subjects. ⁣
While the subject matter was timely and important to read about, for some reason this book overall just didn’t connect with me like her previous works have. I just felt like it was lacking-in what, that I can’t say. Towards the end I also felt like some character’s stories were rushed. ( )
  brookiexlicious | May 5, 2021 |
This Ellen Hopkins novel is a mix of verse and prose, with at least six or seven different characters. Narrated by Fear/Death/Chaos/Id there is a lot to unpack. It's politically relevant, and feels politically motivated. It's a rather heavy handed message book. ( )
  readingbeader | Oct 29, 2020 |
I have read many of Hopkins's books and have really enjoyed every one that I've read. I really enjoy her writing style and like how she covers tough topics. As a gun owner, I picked up this book because I was hoping to gain a perspective on the other side's arguments and rationales. In the past, I have appreciated how Hopkins writes about controversial and difficult topics and manages to create realistic and likable characters on both ends of the spectrum. Nothing is ever black and white and very rarely is one side completely right while the other is completely wrong, and her previous works have managed to find a believable and realistic balance.

However, the characters and situations in this book were ridiculously extreme and bordering on propaganda. It almost seemed like a complete attack on people who own guns and support gun ownership. Nearly every character in this book either despised guns because they had been a direct victim of gun violence, or wanted a gun because they were completely mentally unstable. Every gun owner or pro gun advocate in this book was either a racist, a anger-fueled psycho out for revenge, or a murdering robber. And Cami, the ONE CHARACTER who had a legitimate argument for gun ownership as self defense, was immediately attacked by the other characters and portrayed to be a selfish, immature person for the rest of the novel.

Not only the clear issue with the portrayal of guns and gun owners, but why is EVERY SINGLE male character in this book mentally unstable? The women, for the most part, are victims of violence perpetrated by men, both physical and mental.

As someone who understands that this isn't how the world really is and this is an extreme portrayal of both guns and men, I can simply shrug, give the book a 2 star review, and move on. But this book is targeted at teens and it's crazy to think that an impressionable group is being targeted by authors who making it seem as though this is representative of a majority of gun owners and men.

It's one thing to try to make a point by writing argumentative and persuasive fiction, but it's another thing entirely to turn it into propaganda.

However, I don't entirely hate every page of this book. I appreciate the message she was sending about immigration and making it easier to achieve citizenship. Even though he was a very minor character, I really loves Silas's dad, especially the point he made about making it easier for immigrants to obtain work visas so border patrol could focus on the real criminals. And although I didn't necessarily care for Grace as a character, I did appreciate how she didn't let Daniel completely control her.

All that being said, this book was just a miss for me. I still love Ellen Hopkins and will continue to read her work. ( )
1 vote Raven-Walker | Oct 9, 2019 |
Everything one expects from author Ellen Hopkins. Poetic, thought-provoking, and realistic. ( )
  Beth.Clarke | Jun 28, 2019 |
Not sure when I'll be ready to read any book about gun violence, but it's Ellen Hopkins and I read everything she writes so maybe someday I'll be ready for this.

EDITED TO ADD: This is due to a personal experience at a mass shooting event, not because I shy away from difficult topics.
  CarleneInspired | Jun 14, 2019 |
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Follows six teenagers as they are brought into close contact over the course of one tense week, in a town with political and personal tensions that build until one fires a fatal gunshot.

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