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The second story por Neil Patrick Harris
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The second story (original 2018; edição 2018)

por Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Azam (Author.), Lissy Marlin (Illustrator.)

Séries: Magic Misfits (2)

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1677130,427 (4)3
Leila and the other Magic Misfits have the opportunity to perform with a famous stage psychic known as Madame Esmeralda, who may hold secrets to Leila's past.
Título:The second story
Autores:Neil Patrick Harris
Outros autores:Alec Azam (Author.), Lissy Marlin (Illustrator.)
Informação:New York ; Boston : Little, Brown and Company, 2018.
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The Magic Misfits: The Second Story por Neil Patrick Harris (2018)

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Neil Patrick Harris is such a great storyteller. My son and I loved this book just as much as the 1st book if not more. I love that we are getting to know more about each character. This book focuses on Leila and her story. We learn all about her past and how she came to be adopted by her 2 dads and we find out a little about her actual parents. The frown clowns make another appearance causing more trouble for the misfits. The Magic Misfits managed to take them down before. Can they do it again? ( )
  Completely_Melanie | Sep 10, 2021 |
This second in the Magic Misfits series is another enjoyable read but definitely not a standalone – you’ll want to read these in order. I love the group of kids involved in this story though this book didn’t focus as much on character development as the first. The glimpses into Leila’s backstory helped round her out, even if there was a little too much Little Orphan Annie about the elements of it. It is clear the series is building to a bigger denouement across all the books; I for one can’t wait to learn more about how Theo does what he does with a bow! The magic tricks and codes provide some additional fun for any budding sleuths or performers. ( )
  ForeignCircus | Oct 21, 2020 |
After an unpleasant start growing up in an orphanage, Leila is happy to live with her two adopted fathers learning magic tricks, especially the art of escaping. But when an old friend of her father shows up in town and makes psychic predictions, Leila and her band of magically inclined friends fear something is amiss.

This book is the second book in a series and it really did not work out well for me to start it without having read the previous book. I did feel like I was missing some things, even though there was an attempt at a recap at the beginning of the book. For instance, I felt like it was very odd (and slow going) to start the book with Leila in the orphanage, even though it was clear she already knew the band of "magic misfits" from the previous book. Apparently (I learned later), the first book was told from a different character's point of view, so this was a change here to see Leila's perspective.

Still, the first 60 pages or so were kind of a slog, and it's a lot to ask kids to read that much without getting to anything too exciting. Although I will admit, when it gets going, the book does pick up pace and become more interesting. However, I did see many of the plot twists coming; young readers may be surprised though. Interstitial chapters explaining magic tricks were neat, but I quickly got annoyed with the use of Morse code throughout the book. I felt like it really took me out of the story to have to stop and decode important messages the characters were sending each other. And, also, since this is planned to be an ongoing series, the book ended with many loose ends left up in the air.

On the plus side, this book has a diverse cast, including characters who are LGBT, of color, and with disabilities. The characters of color are only noted as such through the illustrations. (In fact, an odd part to me was when Leila thinks she has finally met her birth parents and they are illustrated as pasty white when she is a child of color. It's an important and emotional plot point, and it seemed strange to me that even the adults in the situation didn't point out the obvious contradiction here.) I did really love that the child who is in a wheelchair is incredibly active and plays an essential role in the big final fight scene.

Still, I didn't love this book enough to want to either go back and read the first book or go forward and read the next book. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Jan 9, 2020 |
This is the second book in Neil Patrick Harris' series about a group of friends and their magic club. (That's stage magic, for the record, not Harry Potter-type stuff, although it's sometimes a bit ambiguous whether there's anything actually supernatural going on.)

My review of the first installment in this series was that it was "an okay but pretty forgettable kids' book." Forgettable enough that I definitely wouldn't have bothered with the second book if a friend hadn't given me both volumes at once. But I found the story in this one -- involving secrets from the past and a supposed psychic who may be hiding something -- to quite a bit more engaging. Enough so that I was actually genuinely kind of annoyed that it ended with a "to be continued," leaving at least some of the mysteries still mysterious. Although I kind of doubt that will motivate me to seek out volume three when it comes out, anyway. It's definitely still the kind of kids' book that's best read by actual kids, I think. I know that I would have appreciated the magic tricks it includes a lot more when I was a youngster (although I would undoubtedly have been bad at them), and kid me would probably have found the bits where we're supposed to decipher Morse code fun rather than mildly tedious. ( )
  bragan | Apr 16, 2019 |
The Second Story is the second book in Neal Patrick Harris’s The Magic Misfits series. Book 1 of the series was Carter’s story. This book is Leila’s. Leila spent many years being bullied in an orphanage before she was finally adopted by Mr. Vernon and his husband. One day, a famous psychic comes to town and their lives are turned upside down. Who is Sandra really and what does she want?

This time around NPH does not interrupt the flow of the story by defining big words that kids probably already know anyway. He must have read my review of Book 1! Speaking of Book 1, I think it will be easier to understand The Second Story if you have read the first book.

The story was okay, HOWEVER, it was completely overshadowed for me by how the adoption storyline was handled. As an adoptive parent myself, I found it disturbing. My eight year old daughter (who is adopted) hasn’t read it yet and I don’t know if I want her to. If you are the parent of an adopted child, I highly suggest reading this book to see what you think before you let your child read it. ( )
  mcelhra | Nov 26, 2018 |
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Leila and the other Magic Misfits have the opportunity to perform with a famous stage psychic known as Madame Esmeralda, who may hold secrets to Leila's past.

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