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The Unteachables por Gordon Korman
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The Unteachables (original 2019; edição 2019)

por Gordon Korman (Autor)

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274776,001 (4.19)6
Told in alternating voices, the teacher and students in room 117 find their lives changed over the course of a school year.
Título:The Unteachables
Autores:Gordon Korman (Autor)
Informação:Balzer Bray (2019), Edition: Reprint, 304 pages
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The Unteachables por Gordon Korman (2019)

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Mr. Zachary Kermit has been teaching for years and is looking forward to taking early retirement at the end of the school year. Ever since one of his students sold test answers to other students in 1992, Mr. Kermit has been considered a poor teacher, and he has worked at living up to that reputation. Now, in an effort to fire him prior to the end of the school year and deny him his pension, the superintendent has assigned Mr. Kermit to the classroom known as The Unteachables. Known as Mr. Ribbit by the students, he spends his time reading the newspaper and doing crossword puzzles, but even Mr. Ribbit can't completely extinguish the students in his quirky class.

The Unteachables features an interesting class of students with diverse backgrounds and problems. Some of the situations in the story are a little over the top, but they are all hilarious. The humor in the book can be appreciated by all, but educators will find this an especially fun story. The characters are well developed as we discover more about the learning issues of each student. Overall, The Unteachables is a very entertaining story with solid messages about the world of education. 4 1/2 stars. ( )
  ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
Digital audiobook performed by a full cast

From the book jacket: The Unteachables are a notorious class of misfits, delinquents, and academic train wrecks. Their teacher is Mr Zachary Kermit, the most burned-out teacher in all of Greenwich. He was once a rising star, but his career was shattered by a cheating scandal that still haunts him. After years of phoning it in, he is finally one year away from early retirement. The Unteachables never thought they’d find a teacher who had a worse attitude than they did. And Mr. Kermit never thought he would actually care about teaching again.

My reactions:
This was a fun, enjoyable middle-grade book about kids – and at least one teacher – who need a little extra help and a hefty dose of understanding and empathy. The two central students are Kiana, a temporary transfer from California who’s living with her Dad and Stepmom while her mother (an actress) is on location, and Parker, a local student who still can’t read, though he CAN drive. The rest of this special class of eighth graders is made up of kids with a variety of issues and special gifts: anger-management, dyslexia, an injured former star-athlete with limited academic success, a gifted artist, a student whose large size makes everyone assume aggression, etc.

I loved how the kids came to understand one another, and how they came to understand their teacher and his struggles. I cheered at their efforts to right the wrongs they witnessed. And I was glad that some of the adults stepped up to the plate to admit past mistakes and try to right past injustices that may have resulted.

I think that young teens and middle-grade students will particularly like the focus on what the kids CAN do. Put down and bullied, they are clearly NOT helpless victims. Bravo!

The audio version is performed by a full cast: Sarah Beth Goer, Oliver Wyman, Josh Hurley, Tristan Morris, Chris Gebauer, Sean Welsh Brown, Pete Larkin, Fred Berman, Jennifer Nittoso. Though I’m not certain which actor voices which character, I can say that they all do a marvelous job. ( )
  BookConcierge | Nov 8, 2020 |
After a cheating scandal in his early days, Mr. Zachary Kermit gave up and stolidly does as little as possible to get through his teaching and get to retirement. He's almost there, but the principal who originally hung him out to dry is now the superintendent and he has other ideas... starting with giving him Room 117. Also known, unofficially, as the Unteachables.

The story is told from multiple viewpoints of the students, as well as Mr. Kermit and other teachers, as he originally plans to change nothing about his life, but then finds himself forced to reconsider. He's not the only one either, as he slowly learns about his students, they come to know each other as well, and find out that they do have possibilities after all.

Kiana isn't an unteachable - she's a bright student, forced to stay (temporarily, she's sure) with her dad, Stepmonster, and annoying baby brother. She accidentally joins the Unteachables and decides to stick around, eventually finding a place she fits in and close friends. Parker has never quite managed to learn to read, but between driving his grandmother around and delivering for the farm, he's busy enough that it's never mattered. Or has it? And just to set the record straight, he's fourteen. Yeah, he knows he's short and nobody expects to see him driving a pickup truck.

Aldo has a little, ok a big, anger problem. Barnstorm doesn't belong on the Unteachables - he's a sports star! But once he's injured and no longer bringing in the trophies, his academic shortcomings loom a lot larger than ever before. These and other misfits come together in their own ways. As they learn more about each other, and Mr. Kermit himself comes out of his shell, they slowly become a team and he begins to remember the teacher he was and hoped to be.

Of course, this is pretty stereotyped and there are a lot of "helpful" coincidences, like the daughter of Kermit's ex-fiancee being his next-door teacher. It's hard to see Parker's reading disability going unnoticed until 8th grade, or the actual harmlessness of Elaine "brings the pain" who's just big and clumsy. Nevertheless, this is ultimately a deeply satisfying story. Kids, whether or not they're "troublemakers" want to believe in redemption, and this is all about kids and adults finding themselves. If it leans a little more towards an adult audience, with frequent digressions into Mr. Kermit's lonely middle-aged life and regrets at the choices he's made, well, kids can easily skip those parts.

Being Korman, there's plenty of funny to liven things up, from the theft of noisemakers to wise-cracking kids.

Verdict: Not, perhaps, the best of Korman's work, but an amusing, solid title that teachers will enjoy recommending and kids won't mind reading. I put this in my YA section, since I'm working on building up my middle school titles, but it's perfectly acceptable for younger kids to read as well.

ISBN: 9780062563880; Published 2019 by Balzer and Bray; Purchased for the library
  JeanLittleLibrary | May 22, 2020 |
Mr. Kermit was once an idealistic, passionate middle school teacher but was laid low by a test cheating scandal instigated by one of his students. Twenty-some years later, he counts the days until early retirement. He is assigned to the “Unteachables” class, a ploy by the superintendent to push him out early. Mr. Kermit could care less about the students, doing no more than distributing worksheets and working the crossword puzzle at his desk. But reluctantly and unexpectedly, Mr. Kermit is finding that this group of misfit students may be giving him a second chance at teaching. Reads like a tween movie with fun and lighthearted humor. ( )
  Salsabrarian | Mar 26, 2020 |
Close to retirement, Mr. Kermit is an unlikely fit to take on the students who also feel abandoned and uninvested. They're all just waiting till the time they can leave the school, until the temporary student accidentally ends up in the 'unteachable' class, and inadvertently unites the students.

The band of misfits is a story that's been played out, but the personalities in this story feel well rounded and the character development unfolds realistically. It's a satisfying journey of using individual strengths to make a difference. ( )
  ScottDirkB | Feb 14, 2019 |
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Told in alternating voices, the teacher and students in room 117 find their lives changed over the course of a school year.

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