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Hell Hath No Fury (BOOK 2 in new MULTIVERSE…
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Hell Hath No Fury (BOOK 2 in new MULTIVERSE series) (edição 2008)

por David Weber

Séries: Multiverse (#2)

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434655,442 (3.69)10
Two civilizations in different universes blunder closer to war. One is a pre-industrial society whose weapon of choice is magic. The other is a Victorian-style culture whose technology is based on steam and psionics.
Título:Hell Hath No Fury (BOOK 2 in new MULTIVERSE series)
Autores:David Weber
Informação:Baen (2008), Edition: Reprint, Mass Market Paperback, 685 pages
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Hell Hath No Fury por David Weber (Author)

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The Sharonians and the Arcanians have fought their first engagements and the honours lie with Sharonia at the start of this book. Back in their home universe the story of the slaughtered survey crew has enraged public opinion, especially the supposed death of Shaylar, the first woman to serve in a survey crew. This anger also propelled Sharonia to form its first unified world government based on the ancient Ternathian empire that was still the world's largest and most powerful empire. Out in the boondocks, the two parties are talking but the Sharonians realise that the Arcanians were not taking them very seriously but they don't realise the full scale of Arcanian duplicity, nor the full force of the Arcanian forces, especially the dragons, for Sharonia has no experience of airborne transport until death comes down from the skies. We follow the successful push forward of the Arcanian forces and the heroic defence of Fort Selsby by Sharonian forces, and the cost to Sharonia as it's Crown Prince is a victim of that attack. Due to the illness of Weber's writing partner, much of this book seems biased towards the Sharonian side with much of the non-fighting side of Arcanian life taken up by the journey of Shaylar and Jathmar into captivity many worlds to the Arcanian rear. ( )
  JohnFair | Sep 20, 2019 |
Second in the Multiverse series created by David Weber and Linda Evans, Hell Hath No Fury is quite excellent. If one can stomach quite a bit of violence. For violent it is. Two separate worlds in two separate universes, each exploring new alternate universes through portals they’ve discovered, encounter each other in the first book. And Arcana, the magical, militaristic culture run entirely by spells attacks a civilian survey crew from Sharona, which is a technology-based world, of a WW I era of technology, including rifles, revolvers, artillery, etc. Both sides suffer casualties, but while Arcana takes two prisoners, both of whom are presumed dead by Sharona, and one of them is the most popular woman in their universe, Sharona exacts their revenge on Arcana. So Arcana sends out some “diplomats,” asking to negotiate, not shoot. Things seem odd, but the Sharonans decide to negotiate in good faith, as they don’t want an interstellar war. Meanwhile, the devious Arcanans are moving up thousands of troops and dozens of battle and transport dragons to attack the Sharonans and invade their portals and take as many as possible into Sharonan territory. In doing so, they’ve lied to their troops, telling them their most popular citizen was killed by Sharanon troops when in fact it was an Arcanan who killed him. And they know that. They’re itching to start an interstellar war, but they have no orders to do so. One rogue mid-level officer has ordered this and now tens of thousands of lives are at stake.

Meanwhile, we meet Crown Prince Janaki, heir to the Sharonan throne, detailed to take some prisoners home and accompany Voice Darcel Kinlafia, the man who “saw” the original slaughter and alerted all of Sharona to what had happened. Janaki is a good man and talks Kinlafia into going ahead of him to run for Parliament, where he might be able to do some good. He, like his whole royal family, has Glimpses and knows his destiny lies in dying in defense of a major portal fort several universes away. His father, Zindel, and his sister, Andrin, not yet 18, both have strong Glimpses and are deeply worried. A Conclave is called and a world government is called for to unify the world’s countries and their armies into one, all presumably to be led by Zindel. Unfortunately, one Chava Busar, Emperor of Uromathia, is holding everything up, refusing to give his approval to this arrangement unless Zindel’s son marries one of his daughters, thus putting his grandchild on the empire’s throne at some point in the future. Many people are ticked, but Zindel agrees and the time is set for putting this all together.

So, the time has come for the Arcanans to attack. And they do, with 14,000 men against 800 Sharonans. And they lose a battle dragon or two, which shocks them, even though they annihilate all Sharonans. There are three types of battle dragons. One breathes fire, one throws lightning bolts, the third breathes poison gas, killing the most people. They are their secret weapon, since the uncivilized, barbaric Sharonans don’t have and have never seen magic.

And they attack a fort. And decimate it. And take prisoners. And torture and slaughter the prisoners. And this becomes a pattern. When Weber, for this is undoubtedly his work, writes bad guys, they are REALLY bad! The Arcanans are evil bastards. They kill all the Voices, since the have learned about the Sharonan VoiceNet and how they use it, and they destroy fort after fort, taking prisoners and torturing and slaughtering them as they go. It seems the only honorable Arcanans are the long distant Jasak Olderhan and Gadrial Kelbryan.

Finally, they reach the big fort, the major fort where Janaki is. Through his Glimpses, he has been able to warn the commander of the impending attack, how it will happen, where it will come from, how to defend, etc. And they’re ready. The battle scene is a typical David Weber battle scene: most excellent. And of course, Janaki dies. The serious problem with that is it leaves Andrin heir to the throne and now Busar is insisting she immediately marry one of his sons and he is gloating his way to the throne. However, as we will hopefully find out in the next book, Kinlafi will have something to say about that and will play a major role in the survival of Sharona. The book ends in a typical Weber cliffhanger stalemate and I’m damned eager to see some Sharonan revenge. The problem for many people is that this book was published in 2007 and there’s been no Book Three. People have been left hanging and they’re not happy about it. Apparently, Linda Evans became quite ill, so the series was discontinued. People ask why Weber didn’t just continue it himself, since it was so quite obviously HIS book. But he didn’t. The good news is, I just learned that Book Three is scheduled for publication in March 2016! With a different co-author. Don’t know what happened to Evans, but I’m damned glad Weber got together with someone to continue an excellent series. The first book was quite good, but this one was better. Lots of action, lots of intrigue. Definitely recommended. ( )
  scottcholstad | Nov 19, 2015 |
Love this series, the first two books are awesome in scope, ideas and execution, can't wait for next one, but I'm afraid the authors may have moved on, it's been so long since the last one ( )
  Alvinmich | Jul 21, 2013 |
Excellent characters, complex environment, slowly evolving plot. The magic military vs the evolving victorian age military. Great ending for transition to next book. Sorry to lose the prince but it creates a strong story line. ( )
  jamespurcell | Aug 12, 2008 |
While the prior book in this series (Hell's Gate) was kind of slow starting for me, this one wasn't. Of course, that may be due to the groundwork that Hell's Gate put down.

This book, as Hell's Gate before it, kind of ends at a cliffhanger. There is no feel of resolution to me. This is definitely seems to be starting out to be a series where the individual books do not stand very well on their own. I am looking forward to further books in this series, though, if only to satisfy my curiosity. ( )
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Two civilizations in different universes blunder closer to war. One is a pre-industrial society whose weapon of choice is magic. The other is a Victorian-style culture whose technology is based on steam and psionics.

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