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Banned Book Club por Kim Hyun Sook
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Banned Book Club (edição 2020)

por Kim Hyun Sook (Autor)

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733280,490 (3.75)4
Título:Banned Book Club
Autores:Kim Hyun Sook (Autor)
Informação:Iron Circus Comics (2020), Edition: Illustrated, 192 pages
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Banned Book Club por Kim Hyun Sook


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Banned Book Club (written by Kim Hyun Sook and Ryan Estrada, illustrated by Ko Hyung-Ju) is a manhwa-style story of the underground democracy movement in South Korea in the 1980s. It appears to be a somewhat dramatized account of author Kim Hyun Sook’s university days (the story is set at the fictional Anjeon University and the other characters are acknowledged to be historical composites), wherein the naïve English Literature student accidentally stumbles into the eponymous Banned Book Club, which distributes information the government would rather suppress.

It’s an overall solid story, particularly if you’re not familiar with South Korea’s authoritarian past (which, lasting well into the 1980s, is still shockingly recent), though it doesn’t go too deep into the weeds of South Korean politics or history.

A quick read, probably working best for a Young Adult audience. I think the story suffers by being a little too cutesy at time, with a lot of the action looking like it could’ve been borrowed from shōjo/shōnen anime. And while it makes for a nice bit of circular storytelling, it does seem a little unfair to implicitly equate Chun Doo-hwan and Park Geun-hye.

Still, a good book to beat about the heads of people who keep mindlessly repeating that Confucian culture is fundamentally deferential to authority (looking at you, anti-maskers). I’ve really come to like manhwa art, so strong in this book, which just comes across as so much clearer than most manga. And you just might get a bit of badly-needed information on the art of protest. ( )
  pvoberstein | Dec 14, 2020 |
The art and storytelling is clunky, but the importance of the topic carries the day for me. I do love me a triumph over censorship story.

I have reservations about the veracity of this book as the marketing seems to present it as a memoir. I dislike that the back cover says that this is a "dramatic true story" while the text buried at the back of the book says the writers took "ingredients" of true stories and "sliced, diced, and blended them into one narrative starring a handful of amalgamated characters at a fictional university." And I found it odd that one of the real people mentioned in the book is called "Noh Moo-hyun," when his expressed (and mostly respected) preference was that his name be written in English as "Roh Moo-hyun." ( )
  villemezbrown | Jun 10, 2020 |
What a lovely way to experience history. This book takes multiple real life stories to give the reader a fictionalized “true” version of the protests in 1983 lead by college students. Most of it is the story of the author, but for privacy reason has changed many names and consolidated some stories.

It all starts with the government banning certain literature. Particularly Western literature. Kim wants to read these stories. She wants to study literature. But her mother is not happy. She should be working and finding a husband. If anyone is going to go to school it should be her brother. But with help from dad, Kim goes to classes, and learns about things outside her little home world. While she loves to read she never realized that people could be thrown in jail for what they read. And for what they right. No one pressures her to join any resistance movement, they just say “hey why don’t you read what those in power don’t want us to read”. It’s eye opening. And while trying to stay neutral, she actually ends up joining protests, and helping lead more people to this literature that the government says is bad for people.

I have to give snaps to the author for the ending. We never get a clear picture of what all happen. We follow Kim though her getting involved, and then jump to 2017 where she reunites with her friends in modern protest for their land and their government. The reader gets snippets of what the characters when through, like jail time, being teachers, evening staying involved in politics to make their world a better place.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and learned quite a bit. There are parts that are a bit confusing, but I think that is from taking a long and varied history and converting it to graphic novel form. I think this book isn’t only interesting to read, but to discuss. I think it should appear on banned book lists, even if it itself has not been banned. It opens up a wider discussion on why people and governments police what others read.

#BBRC #AuthenticVoice
#ReaderHarder #journalism
#GondorGirlGNChallenge. ( )
  LibrarianRyan | Sep 10, 2019 |
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Kim Hyun Sookautor principaltodas as ediçõescalculated
Estrada, RyanAutorautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Ko, Hyung-JuIlustradorautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
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This book is dedicated to father, friend, and fancy-steak innovator Kim Donghae. (1937-2018)
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South Korea, 1983
Why can't you just stop complaining and be happy with what you've got?
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