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Babyville (2001)

por Jane Green

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Two women cope with the difficulties of trying to conceive babies as an answer to all their woes, while another woman deals with an unwanted pregnancy.
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predictable. lame ending ( )
  RunsOnEspresso | Mar 25, 2020 |
I wasn't sure why I picked up this book. Probably because I have been reading a lot of Sophie Kinsella and this was recommended as a similar Brit Chick Lit read. While there are some some similarities to SK, I was actually left with the feeling that it was much closer to Maeve Binchy in the way the characters were developed and how their lives and individual stories were entwined with each other. Also, the ending that while not a traditional "happy ever after" ties things up for the reader perfectly. ( )
  lexxa83 | Apr 6, 2017 |
Apparently I did not love all of Jane Green's books.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2006 I wrote on bookcrossing

6 out of 10
Hi. I've read this during the last week. I must admit this was my least favorite of all the Jane Green's books I have read so far.

Normally I like stories about various women which overlaps, but this one was alright, but not really good.

6.5 thanks for sharing. ( )
  Marlene-NL | Mar 12, 2016 |
A very enjoyable chick-lit. Julia desperately wants a baby with her boyfriend, Mark. But why? Is it because their love is so strong or is it just the incessant ticking of that biological clock? When they break up, Julia has to face the facts. As does Maeve, who takes Julia's job during her sabbatical, only to take her place in ways neither imagined. Add Samantha, who's expecting her own happy addition to the perfect marriage, but is astonished at the reality.

Easy to read, believable and endearing characters, and none of Jane Green's past annoying habit of sharing the narrators voice between the lead character and a third-person observer. ( )
  wareagle78 | Feb 7, 2014 |
A great, honest story of babies and how they change lives and relationships. Very cleverly woven together ( )
  pamjw | Jul 29, 2013 |
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Everyone loves a good chick-lit book and Babyville by Jane Green does not disappoint. The book opens with Julia, our main character numero-uno, legs in the air, against the bedroom wall having just had sex in an attempt to make a baby... after nine-months of trying, she has begun taking a more creative approach to 'baby-dancing'. Having been there myself, I found this image not only familiar, but hilarious. Oh the steps one will take...

Jane Green seems to have hit the 'nail on the head' when writing about the connections between Julia, Maeve and Sam... our main characters. It was great to travel through the different stages of a woman's life when it comes to baby's... 1) Baby-making, 2) Pregnancy & Labour and 3) Being a new-mom. It was not only entertaining but very true to form. I could really relate to each of the women in this book and the stage in which they were in at any given time... I loved it.

While the book was overly predictable, so much so that I knew the end before getting there, it was enjoyable. I think that for a book that follows this journey, it was refreshing that it was, in fact, predictable. Having an unexpected twist in the plot would have brought the story into a direction that was unnecessary.

Overall, Babyville by Jane Green is a great book for just about anyone who enjoys a good 'chick-lit' story. Someone who has seen themselves on any one of the three journey's told within. You will laugh, cry and rejoice. A fun and fast read...
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Julia draait zichzelf een halve slag totdat haar hoofd bij het voeteneinde van het bed ligt, waarna ze haar benen recht in de lucht steekt en ze voorzichtig op het hoofdeinde neerlegt.
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Two women cope with the difficulties of trying to conceive babies as an answer to all their woes, while another woman deals with an unwanted pregnancy.

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