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If It Bleeds por Stephen King
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If It Bleeds (edição 2020)

por Stephen King (Autor)

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8493918,921 (3.81)27
From legendary storyteller and master of short fiction Stephen King comes an extraordinary collection of four new and compelling novellas, each pulling you into intriguing and frightening places.
Título:If It Bleeds
Autores:Stephen King (Autor)
Informação:Scribner (2020), 448 pages
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If it Bleeds por Stephen King


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Ce recueil de quatre romans courts, un type d'ouvrage que l'auteur écrit tous les dix ans, est un sans-faute, tout comme l'ont été les précédents. Il possède néanmoins deux particularités : le plus long des quatre romans courts, qui donne son titre à ce recueil, concerne un personnage déjà présent dans quatre précédents romans de l'auteur, pouvant même être vu comme une suite du dernier en date, et La Vie de Chuck est très atypique car ses trois parties sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse. En dehors de ces particularités, on est en présence d'un recueil de romans courts classique de Stephen King, dans lequel il déploie comme toujours son art du récit et de la construction des personnages, nous happant dans ses histoires dès les premières lignes. Bref, un bon opus. ( )
  Patangel | Mar 2, 2021 |
The Life of Chuck

This will be a strange review.

I watched the live chat between King and Grisham. King made it sound like he wrote part one first, and came up with the rest later and put them together. I've heard others say the story was just written backwards, as in the last book first then the obvious order following.

For me, I think King wrote a damn good story and decided it just wasn't enough. And added more to it later. I stopped after part one because it was perfect. It had love and loss and mystery and had a strong Twilight Zone feel to it. It had a proper beginning middle and an end. Classic King. When the story kept going I paused it thinking, what is happening here? Why is this still going? That was perfect. I was properly confused.

I may in time return to the story and take in the entire thing, but I don't know for sure because that first part was just so damned good that I'd hate spoil it.

I wanted to give this a three, but I can't. It is a two because it's technically more than just one part and I have to rate it as a whole.


If It Bleeds

Holly Gibney is a national treasure, but this story just did not work.

Spoilers throughout.

You have been warned.

Holly's reason for suspecting Chet was weak. The moments that had her in jeopardy were lessened by the fact that she hadn't yet mailed out her package to Ralph Anderson and Jerome bugging Holly's phone was silly. There was some angst in the moments leading up to that reveal, I was back in the story, then that was dropped and it took me right out of the story again. It was too convenient to the plot. And Jerome being left outside after being hit over the head told me he was going to come back and help.

I did like the deepdive into Holly's backstory. Jerome's book. His sister being super smart too was also great. I feel Holly as a person was fleshed out. I think her mother birthed her disabilities, planted them with her abuse and forced them to grow. I think in time Holly will be, for a lack of a better word, normal. She'll be in her fifties or so, but she'll get there. I liked that King fleshed her out like that. But the overall story, no, it was just too flat and to made-for-tv for my liking.


Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

I will have spoilers in my review.

You have been warned.

The story was emotional at times, very poignantly written. But I think it should have ended a lot sooner than it did. Specifically when Mr. Harrigans phone was returned to him at the funeral. At that point you had a wonderful story full of heart and family and change both good and bad. And returning a phone that meant so much to the man seemed to the perfect touch. Then the story kept going. Everything that came after just felt unnecessary. It wasn't terrible, heck it wasn't even bad, it just wasn't needed.



Honestly only got to the main character making it to the cabin before stopping. I just didn't care. The wife was annoyingly unrealistic despite her worries having a valid foundation. The lead character was a twat and the kids were, like the wife, annoyingly unrealistic. If King drew inspiration from his own kids, then I stand corrected, but to me the boy saying 'bring back a big one, dad (or something to that regard) made me roll my eyes.

Maybe I was just fatigued by being underwhelmed by the prior stories, and I'm treating this one unfairly. I doubt it however, because a good story should be good regardless of your mood. A good story always makes me feel better. ( )
  JBTaylor42 | Feb 7, 2021 |
n recent times I have gone back to reading the works of Stephen King after a long hiatus due to a few less-than-satisfactory novels, so now I’m looking forward to seeing what I missed so far. The more recent The Institute and The Outsider seemed to mark the return of the old “King magic”, and when I saw that one of the short stories included in this volume featured the character of Holly Gibney, who also had a role in Mr. Mercedes (another happy find), I wasted no time in acquiring If It Bleeds.


The first story in this collection is MR. HARRIGAN’S PHONE and from the very first pages I could see that it was indeed a “vintage King” sort of tale. Teenager Craig earns some pocket money by doing a few chores for eccentric neighbor Mr. Harrigan, whose habit of gifting Craig with lottery tickets finally pays with a huge win: to show his gratitude, Craig uses part of the money to buy an iPhone for Mr. Harrigan, whose initial disdain for technology quickly turns into fascination for the opportunities offered by the Web. At Harrigan’s sudden death, a sorrowful Craig decides to slip the phone into his friend’s jacket before the coffin is closed: what he would never have expected is to still be able to stay in communication with his old mentor - well, sort of, since this is a King story…

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone possesses the classic flavor of most of Stephen King’s narrative: first of all the story in set in a small town, peopled with the kind of quirky characters that are the author’s trademark; then there is the weird element of the phone calls going through even when the cellphone battery should be all but dead. Most important is of course the description of the world through the eyes of a growing teenager: King is one of the writers who can portray younger characters with both understanding and authenticity, and Craig is no exception, particularly in the poignant representation of his grief at the death of Mr. Harrigan, and the very human desire to hear the old man’s voice once again through the voicemail recording on the phone. Last but not least is an interesting consideration on our relationship with technology and the way it’s changing us - to use old Mr. Harrigan’s own words:

Thoreau said that we don’t own things; things own us. Every new object - whether it’s a home, a car, a television, or fancy phone like that one - is something more we must carry on our backs.


The second story, THE LIFE OF CHUCK, is a truly weird one and I struggled to understand it until the end, where everything became clear: for this reason I prefer to say as little as I can about it, since it must be appreciated first-hand. This tale is composed of three separate parts that move backward in time and focus on the figure of Charles “Chuck” Krantz, his too-short life and the way it affects the world. There is a definite surreal quality to this story, and not just because it retraces time from what looks like the end of the universe to a fundamental episode in Chuck’s life. The key to the whole scenario lies in understanding how our experiences contribute to the creation of the world around us and how they can influence it - even in ways we cannot imagine…


IF IT BLEEDS, the longest piece in the anthology, is loosely connected to The Outsider in that it shows the existence of a creature similar to the novel’s shape-shifting predator, one thriving on the pain and anguish brought on by tragedies - and when there are none to feed on from, creating them to satisfy its hunger. Private investigator Holly Gibney, now the head of the Finders Keepers agency, sets on a dangerous chase that might cost her her life.

My first encounter with Holly Gibney was in The Outsider and back then - before I read Mr. Mercedes, where her character appears for the first time - I was unable to truly appreciate her for lack of background information. Now that I know where she comes from and what makes her tick, I can say I enjoyed very much her personality, her constant struggle with the psychological problems afflicting her and her tenacity in overcoming them - not to mention her dogged determination in finding the creature and, if possible, freeing the world from the danger it represents, no matter the personal cost. Where If It Bleeds is a unique blend of horror and detective work, its true strength lies in the depiction of Holly and the double struggle with the investigation on this elusive and dangerous individual on one side and with her not-so-understanding family on the other. If nothing else, this story made it even more imperative that I read as soon as possible the other two novels following Mr. Mercedes, because I want to learn more about Holly.


The last offering is RAT, a story imbued with a strong sensation of deja-vu, in the sense that there is a very ominous progression in the journey of struggling writer Drew Larson whose previous attempts at a full-length novel have ended in misery and depression. One day Drew is struck by a fully-formed idea for a novel, and to be certain that no distractions will interfere with his creative processes, he retires to an isolated cabin in the mountains, where a huge storm and a dangerous bout of flu will threaten both his survival and his mental sanity.

Anyone familiar with King’s own The Shining will feel certain that the sinister line-up of circumstances is bound to create the “perfect storm” that will have nothing to do with the one raging outside the cabin and everything to do with the man’s reactions to the dread of writer’s block. Unlike Jack Torrance in The Shining, Larson is not besieged by his inner demons - apart, that is, from the terror of finding himself stuck again at a loss for the right words to express himself - but faces a weird encounter with the titular rat, and the possibility of striking a fever-induced bargain with unforeseeable consequences…


This collection represents the fourth volume in the journey of my “reconciliation” with Stephen King’s works, and the progression so far has proven to be quite positive. Let’s hope it keeps going strong :-) ( )
  SpaceandSorcery | Jan 22, 2021 |
If It Bleeds by Stephen King

Four fantastic short stories by the master, Stephen King. Stories included are Mr. Harrigan's phone, The Life of Chuck, If It Bleeds and Rat. Each story (told) with well developed characters, engaging dialog, suspense, thrills, and some chills as well. I highly recommend to those who love Mr King's work. ( )
  SheriAWilkinson | Jan 20, 2021 |
I was highly annoyed that the second story did not stop at the end of the first chapter. ( )
  kenlin | Jan 16, 2021 |
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From legendary storyteller and master of short fiction Stephen King comes an extraordinary collection of four new and compelling novellas, each pulling you into intriguing and frightening places.

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