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Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life…
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Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted (edição 2021)

por Suleika Jaouad (Autor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1068198,355 (4.5)2
Título:Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted
Autores:Suleika Jaouad (Autor)
Informação:Random House (2021), 368 pages
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Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted por Suleika Jaouad

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Suleika Jaouad was on the brink of beginning her adult life with loads of possibility. She'd just graduated from college, moved to Paris, started a new job, and had a budding new romance. Then she became sick and was diagnosed with leukemia, and her odds at surviving were minimal.

I was not familiar with this author or this book prior to picking it up for book club. Yes, it's a memoir about beating the odds and coming out (mostly) on top. It's not the first book of its kind, but it was refreshing in that Jaouad is a very good writer and though I'm quite a bit older than she, she's able to write in a way that's very easy to relate to. There were lots of great quotes in here, many of which I wished I'd highlighted but didn't. It's a sad and sometimes depressing read (as themes about cancer usually are), but inspiring as well. ( )
  indygo88 | May 8, 2021 |
It began with an itch when she is a senior at Princeton. She is told it is nothing, maybe just stress-related. Shortly after Suleika Jaouad 21, graduates and moves to Paris. There a doctor tells her that her red blood cell count indicates cancer. Jaouad is on the next plane back to New York to start a different kind of journey. She is diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, with only a 35 percent chance of survival. Jaouad will spend the next five years in the battle for her life. Her new boyfriend and her parents are by her side while she received countless rounds of chemo, a clinical trial and a bone marrow transplant.

Jaouad chronicles her cancer treatment, her feelings and her experiences in a written and video blog. The blog goes viral and is published by the New York Times. She received countless heartbreaking letters and emails from readers, cancer survivors and cancer fighters wishing her well and sharing their experiences and stories.
As her cancer eventually enters remission at the age of 26, Jaouard feels disconnected from the real world. She is at an in-between place—no longer sick, but not well either. After watching fellow cancer patients die and her longtime boyfriend leave, she needs to find a way to move beyond the kingdom of the sick to the kingdom of the well. As a rite of passage to this new kingdom, Jaouad embarks on a trip to India and follows that trip by a 15,000 mile solo U.S. road trip visiting two dozen strangers whose letters had sustained her when she was sick.

“To learn to swim in the ocean of not-knowing- this is my constant work.”

Between Two Kingdoms is a beautiful and lyrical portrait of a woman struggling to survive when the odds are against her. It’s a gripping and gut-wrenching memoir full of depth and hopefulness.

Jaouad’s writing is honest, heartfelt and hauntingly descriptive. Readers will be amazed at her candor and will appreciate her fortitude and her bravery. It’s a must read book for 2021.
Jaouad, as only appropriate, narrates the audio version of this poignant and personal book. She gives a brilliant and emotionally intense performance. Her tone, pronunciations and pacing are perfect. ( )
  LisaSHarvey | May 3, 2021 |
What a wonderful book this was. My dear friend Judy gifted me with it as soon as it was published so I knew nothing about it when I began reading. I loved it and became very attached to Suleika Jaouad through her writing. Suleika endured the unimaginable - carefree and happily settling in Paris with her boyfriend, she became extremely ill, returned home to her parents in the US, and was diagnosed and treated for leukemia at age 22. What followed were years of illness and healing and eventual remission.

My favorite part of the book followed her emotional journey back into the world of the living and the physical journey she took to redefine her life. I am so impressed with this powerful, vulnerable woman who has experienced life in full. and has modeled healthy healing.

Thank you Judy for introducing me to this great author. I was moved to see Suleika the other night at the Academy Awards looking fabulous and very healthy! ( )
  njinthesun | May 2, 2021 |
From the publisher: An Emmy Award-winning writer and activist describes the harrowing years she spent in early adulthood fighting leukemia and how she learned to live again while forging connections with other survivors of profound illness and suffering.
  ajslonosky | Apr 27, 2021 |
Excellent ( )
  chasidar | Mar 31, 2021 |
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