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Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas (A…
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Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas (A Candy-coated Mystery) (edição 2020)

por Nancy Coco (Autor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1731,031,285 (4.25)5
Título:Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas (A Candy-coated Mystery)
Autores:Nancy Coco (Autor)
Informação:Kensington (2020), 288 pages
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Informação Sobre a Obra

Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas (A Candy-coated Mystery) por Nancy CoCo

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Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco is the 8th A Candy-Coated Mystery. I have read and enjoyed each book in this charming series. It has been a pleasure getting to know Mackinac Island as well as Allie McMurphy and her friends. This book can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series since the author does provide the needed background information. I thought Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas was well-written with steady pacing and developed characters. I love the descriptions of Mackinac Island during the holidays as well as the festivities. It sounds like a cold yet magical place. Allie is a strong, independent woman who is a whiz at creating fudge and loves her fur babies. The mystery has Allie and her dog, Mal once again finding a victim. I figured out the who right away, but the why was a bit of a conundrum. The reason for the murder is slowly revealed over the course of the story. I like that we get to learn more about Frances and her past. I enjoyed following the investigation to the conclusion. At the end of one riveting scene, I found myself laughing out loud. There was action and suspense which had the story moving along at a quick pace and kept me engaged. I liked that there was a complete wrap up. Allie cannot wait for the renovations to be completed on the hotel so she can move back in and go back to making fudge in the shop. She is also dealing with the return of Rex Manning’s ex-wife, Melonie. Just when we thought Rex and Allie’s romance was moving forward, Rex gets an unexpected visitor. Allie keeps bumping into a new man in town and there are sparks between them. I like the idea of a new love interest for Allie. Trent and Rex are not right for Allie (in my humble opinion). In Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas, there are snowstorms, power outages, Christmas tree lighting, decorating contest, fudge making, and friendly neighbors. I was happy to see an old friend return to Mackinac Island for the holidays. There is a recipe for a sweet treat (fudge, cookies) after each chapter. I enjoyed this stimulating story. Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas is a sweet cozy mystery with a precious pup, gregarious gossip, ex-wife woes, fabulous fudge, a familiar friend, DNA dilemma, and merry mayhem on Mackinac Island. ( )
  Kris_Anderson | Feb 5, 2021 |
Mackinac Island sets the scene for murders at the holidays in this latest installment in the Fudge Shop mystery series. Fudge maker Allie and her dog Mal set out to solve the mystery of who is poisoning locals, and they are helped by a group of elderly ladies who become involved in the investigation. In the process, old secrets come to light, new relatives show up, snowstorms blow into the island, and Christmas activities abound.

Although this is part of a series, the novel can be read as a stand alone. The author skillfully brings readers up to speed on the action and characters from previous novels in the series. This is a clean and cozy mystery, without strong language, graphic violence or sexual situations.

I received this novel from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. ( )
  LadyoftheLodge | Nov 24, 2020 |
Have Yourself A Fudgy Little Christmas is the eighth book in the Candy-Coated Mystery series by Nancy Coco.

Forget two front teeth; the only thing Allie wants for Christmas is the McMurphy Hotel’s renovations to be completed. She lived at Frances’ old apartment, a duplex since the hotel’s roof collapsed, and could use the room in her kitchen to complete the online fudge orders.

As she is leaving with her Bichonpoo, Mal, to attend the Christmas tree lighting, she finds a note requesting her to meet with the writer. When they arrive at the appointed spot, they discover a young lady’s body in the snowbank. With her last breath of life, she utters, “Frances.” The police will soon identify the young lady Kayla Cramdon, and all the police know is that she has just recently arrived on the island. Then when Kayla’s mother comes, she claims that Frances has killed her daughter. Frances becomes the prime suspect, and when Rex brings her in for questioning, Allie becomes quite upset and vows to clear Frances’ name. Frances refuses to talk about how Kayla knew her, and Allie will soon learn that Frances has a secret and refuses to also speak about that.

When an older man who lives in the same duplex as Allie is found dead in his apartment, a victim of being poisoned, Allie will have to get to sleuthing before any more unsuspecting residents lose their lives. Allie will get help from her friend and newspaper reporter, Liz, and the other two duplex residents to lead her to the killer.

On the romance side, Allie and Rex have been dating for a while but have not progressed much. Then Rex’s ex-wife arrives on the island and tells Allie that there is not any way that she will Rex go a second time. On the positive side, a new man has shown up on the island, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

This book is another well-written and plotted book by Ms. Coco. It’s always enjoyable to visit the residents of Mackinac Island. The characters are well-developed and believable.

Delicious sounding fudge recipes are also included in the book.

I will be watching for the next book in this great series. ( )
  FredYoder | Oct 27, 2020 |
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