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Spellbreaker por Charlie N. Holmberg
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Spellbreaker (original 2020; edição 2020)

por Charlie N. Holmberg (Autor)

Séries: Spellbreaker (1)

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1654124,099 (3.44)2
Autores:Charlie N. Holmberg (Autor)
Informação:47North (2020), 303 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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Spellbreaker por Charlie N. Holmberg (2020)

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Spellbreaker by Charlie N. Goldberg has a fascinating world of magic, terrific characters, and a great plot. The characters are well developed and I can't help liking Bacchus with him being a kind of underdog although he is rich. An out of wedlock child and darker skin than the English snobs he is not "one of us".
The plot has lots of surprises and twists. Keeps me guessing! ( )
  MontzaleeW | Jan 10, 2021 |
Elsie Camden is a spellbreaker. She is unregistered and using her powers is illegal. She was also abandoned by her family when she was six and soon found herself in a workhouse. She was rescued from the workhouse by an organization she calls the Cowls. For the fifteen years since her abandonment, she has been doing jobs for the Cowls which they send her in letters. She sees herself as a sort of Robin Hood helping to make magic available to help people.

She is caught undoing a spell by Bacchus Kelsey and blackmailed by him to use her ability to help him. Bacchus is in England trying to buy a spell which will help him and his people. Bacchus is the bastard son of an Englishman. He lives in Barbados. As Elsie gets to know him, she begins to like him.

Elsie learns that Bacchus has had a secret spell laid on him which mimics polio and sucks energy from him. The spell he wants to buy would let him remain ambulatory when the current spell holding the polio back wears out. Those who control the spell won't allow him to buy it. Once Elsie discovers it, she agrees to remove it leaving the mystery of who placed the spell on him in the first place. Elsie and Bacchus are also looking into another mystery. Someone is killing magic users and stealing the opus that remains when a magician dies.

The story had interesting worldbuilding and an intriguing system of magic. I really liked Elsie and understood how she could have been drawn into the conspiracy. Her abandonment as a child made her particularly susceptible to anyone who seemed to want her and value her.

This is the first of a duology which means that the ending is unresolved. I'm eager to read the next story to learn more about these intriguing characters and see the end of the mystery. ( )
  kmartin802 | Jan 1, 2021 |
Ok quick read

Elsie Camden has a gift that is very valuable – she can detect and undo spells. She would be wealthy and sought-after if not for the fact that she is unregistered, and the penalty for practicing magic without a license is death. It's not Elsie's fault, she was raised by people who chose not to register her and by the time Elsie became independent, the law shifts the fault to her and the penalty is hers to pay. (I'm not sure of the logic of that but if things didn't work that way, there would be no story.)

Elsie's minders, a group she calls "The Cowl", send her on mysterious errands around the countryside (this is in a pseudo 19th century England, BTW), instructing her to remove this spell or that in order to help poor people live better lives. One day though, she is caught out by Magician Bacchus Kelsey who blackmails her into helping him with his benign work on a local farming estate. He's attractive too. Working with him leads her to discover that her spell removals directed by The Cowl, have been causing deaths and are actually supporting their dangerous political goals.

It's a nice enough story but it didn't thrill me. I'll probably read the follow-on, but I don't have high hopes.

I received a review copy of "Spellbreaker, Book 1" by Charlie N. Holmberg from 47North through NetGalley.com. ( )
  Dokfintong | Nov 1, 2020 |
Orphaned Elsie Camden has learned that there are two kinds of magicians: Spellmakers who have paid for the right to use magic and Spellbreakers who have the natural ability to locate and break spells, but are unlicensed and illegal. She is abandoned by her family; placed in a workhouse as an orphan; found by the "Cowls" and placed in service in a squire's house; and hired by Ogden who is a sculptor and a low level physical aspector although Elsie comes to believe that he may be much more than he seems. While performing one of the "Robin Hood" tasks for the Cowls, she is caught by Bacchus Kelsey, a bastard and physical aspector from Barbados where he was raised by his father. He trades her freedom for her service as a spellbreaker on the grounds of his father's old friend's estate. This book ended rather abruptly - now I have to wait until next year for the second installment. ( )
  baughga | Oct 23, 2020 |
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