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The Once and Future Witches por Alix E.…
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The Once and Future Witches (edição 2020)

por Alix E. Harrow (Autor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
5002136,210 (4.11)28
Título:The Once and Future Witches
Autores:Alix E. Harrow (Autor)
Informação:Redhook (2020), 528 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca, Ebooks, Para ler
Etiquetas:Historical fantasy, paranormal, witches, feminism, LGBTQIA

Pormenores da obra

The Once and Future Witches por Alix E. Harrow

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Tor.com "Five SFF Books About Wicked Women" https://www.tor.com/2021/04/05/five-sff-books-about-wicked-women/
  Seayla2020 | Apr 10, 2021 |
The story of three sisters who become witch activists in the hostile town of New Salem is mostly well paced and interesting. The characters seem a bit stiff and fill in the blanks and the whole might would have benefited from tightening up but it remains a worthwhile read. ( )
  quondame | Mar 17, 2021 |
Hm. This book was very well written and the world was rich, but the pacing was so slow that it was less enjoyable. ( )
  thereserose5 | Mar 3, 2021 |
Oh, what a book to start off 2021! Harrow weaves an enchanting tale of women and witchcraft, power and suffrage, love and loss around the lives of the Eastwood sisters. You know that sisters that come in threes are bound to get into trouble when they are together, and the Eastwood sisters (though estranged at the outset of this tale) are no exception. The story starts as the youngest sister, James Juniper, arrives in New Salem, on the run after finally having enough of their abusive father and giving him his righteous due. Obviously in the eyes of the law, which in their world favours men even more extremely than it does in ours (especially when a hint of witchcraft is possible), her act of self-defense brands her a murderer, setting the stage for Juniper to arrive in New Salem disenfranchised with the world of men, and ready to take up arms in any cause supporting women. Ironically, the first act of magic is not caused by Juniper’s will, and is an accident that trips off the tongue of eldest sister Beatrice Belladona, an assistant librarian obsessed with the witch-tales that mirror the folk and fairytales of our world. These stories are steeped in magic lore, which is slowly unfurled over the course of the story as Harrow explores the rich magical history of witchcraft, folklore, and the ways in which heritage (in this case magical heritage) is passed down through the ages in the world of the Eastwood sisters. These three, rounded out by middle sister Agnes Amaranth, provide the spark of magic that the women of New Salem need to rise up against the men who have spent centuries beating them down, denying their magical heritage (whether good or bad), and treating them like second- (and in some cases third-) class citizens. Harrow does an excellent job of weaving traditional magic lore in throughout her story, drawing on ideas around language, objects, and intention that are the tenants of witchcraft and all magical practises, while giving us an excellent storyline that explores important themes centring on equality, justice, and family. I almost wish that the book hadn’t ended so neatly, since I desperately want to explore more of this magical world, but at the same time having this little piece of literary perfection is just right. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
Once there were three sisters. They were inseparable, until they weren't. Now Juniper is on the run and comes to New Salem where her sisters Beatrice and Agnes both live but don't talk to each other. Beatrice finds a spell and begins a working that brings a tower, temporarily, to their town and scares the living daylights out of the populace and particularly Gideon Hill, a man who's running for mayor. Can the three of them bring witchcraft - and power to females in general - back?

I mostly enjoyed this book that was at once a fantasy about rediscovering magic and a rumination of power and who holds it. Beatrice, Agnes and Juniper each have their own personalities and ways of dealing with the patriarchy. Juniper is the angriest and loudest and most impetuous. Agnes wants to protect her own but doesn't want trouble. Beatrice had always assumed the stories were stories and delights in researching spells. Most women will find at least one they can relate to in one way or another. The story went on just a tad long for me - and this was in part my own fault taking two weeks to read it - but in the end I was satisfied with the story and would look forward to what more this author has to say. ( )
1 vote bell7 | Feb 6, 2021 |
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To my mother and grandmother and
all the women they burned before us
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There's no such thing as witches, but there used to be.
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Maybe magic is just the space between what you have and what you need.
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