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Mister Impossible (The Dreamer Trilogy #2)…
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Mister Impossible (The Dreamer Trilogy #2) (2) (edição 2021)

por Maggie Stiefvater (Autor)

Séries: The Dreamer Trilogy (2)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1205181,863 (4.2)7
Título:Mister Impossible (The Dreamer Trilogy #2) (2)
Autores:Maggie Stiefvater (Autor)
Informação:Scholastic Press (2021), 352 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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Mister Impossible por Maggie Stiefvater

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I absolutely love Maggie Stiefvater, and I loved the Raven Boys series. Adam and Ronan were two of my favorite characters, and I was over the moon when Stiefvater announced a sequel trilogy focusing on these two incredibly complex, incredibly lovable characters. I worked my way through the first, Call Down the Hawk, battling the strangely dull tone the book took out of love and devotion to these characters and trusting in Stiefvater to write yet another amazing book. I tried to do the same with Mister Impossible and failed. I got about 100 pages into the book, and there have been only two chapters involving Ronan. Adam has not appeared in the book, and has only been mentioned - in passing - once. All of the characters should be interesting, and when you try to describe them they do seem intriguing. But for whatever reason, these books are just...impossible to read. Perhaps it is the tone, or the way things are described, I honestly have no idea. But picking it up and trying to read a chapter is a chore, which is so far from the usual Stiefvater experience. Rather than tearing through it in one or two sittings, I struggled to get 100 pages in over the course of five weeks before giving up. ( )
  gadosiahe | Oct 3, 2021 |
Wuuuuu eeee this book was a head trip!! The ineffable Mrs Maggie Stiefvater never fails to bring the Awesome especially in the last half hour of this book. I enjoyed this novel, as I have done with the rest of her books, auditorily, using Audible... (not a paid endorsement)... and Will Patton IS THE voice for all of Maggie's amazing characters and I absolutely LOVE his raspy, husky, inflections. I could listen to him read the phone book. Yummmmmm! Patton's voice + Maggie's full bodied characters are the one two punch that brings her gritty work to life.

Maggie's characters are deep and complex and gray... OH SO (yummily) GRAY! They have complicated backstories. They have expertly crafted interconnections and they are so delicious it hurts. Not only are the book's MCs dynamic, the secondary characters are rich and sonorous too. They all deserve to be taken out, put on a pedestal and lavished verbally with beautific prose but alas, I don't have the mindset right now for that and you probably don't want to read pages of character idiolzation. BUTTTTT there is Ronan... beautifully, humanly broken (in his own jagged way)... a lovingly restored stained glass montage of Rage and Love and Family (both found and blood) and Belonging and Power (in every sense of the word) and impotence. He is a rather interesting specimen of Juxtaposition. I don't want to give too much away so I'll just say that I am 100% sure that if you pick up this book (and by extension, this series starting with The Raven Boys) you will NOT be disappointed. It may feel like we didn't get very much done or had gone very far in this installment but in retrospect... when looking at the book (and the series) as a whole, you'll see that we have traveled a long way from where it all started. It also seems to me that book #3 is now set up to be one hell of a finale! I don't know about you but that ending?? Bryde reveal?? Twisty turns?? All of it... Epic!!


The writing... gritty excellence
The background building... robust and intoxicating
The characters... perfection (as always). I'm sorry, I love love LOVE them and this book... this series... the series it branched off of... this author...

*** Chef's Kiss ***

I'm biased (with just cause) but I'm also a bit lost. I have SOOO many more questions now that I have finished the book.
Bryde reveal???
Jordan awake?
WTH happened to Ronan???
Is it a Sweetmetal???
What's the secret to making Sweetmetals??
WTH happened with the moderators??
What's the endgame Ronan?? Hennessy??
End of the layline??
End of the world??
My non Zed brain can't handle the uncertainty of it all... the unadulterated Awesomeness.
I. MUST. Have. The last book. ASAP!!

Interest piqued... Mind blown... Well done Mrs. Stiefvater... well done!

~ Enjoy ( )
  BethYacoub | Aug 24, 2021 |
Maggie is an author I've always loved, and TRC was, for a long time, my favourite book series. I am beginning to think I like the dreamer trilogy more. There is so much that is excellent here, though maybe less so than Call Down The Hawk.

Mister Impossible is dark. It's gripping. It's endlessly pulpy.

I once heard Maggie speak and she talked about how she wanted to write the sorts of books you see with foiled covers at airport bookshops. Imagine that - shiny cars, evil organizations with lots of guns, expensive shoes, expensive homes, expensive art - but with the ancient, folkloric magic of a dianna wynne jones novel. There are trees that speak and enchanted birds and magic paintings and yet it always so easily dips into the pace and style of an action movie.

The tender moments are tender, but MI is a little too quick to linger on them. It reads very much like a middle instalment, and the shift in pacing and focus is a little jarring if you're reading it back to back with CDTH. But, being a middle instalment, MI ends bombastically. I gasped and shouted and couldn't put it down. The last ten chapters at least are intense, it's just that the rest of the book sort of feels like it's trying to get there and not lingering long enough on the characters and their individual arcs. Still, I'm very excited to read the third book whenever that comes out and I am confident MI set up so much for Maggie to unpack there.

Maggie, babe, keep it up. ( )
  MiraMacNeill | Jul 13, 2021 |
Series Info/Source: This is the second book in The Dreamer Trilogy. I bought a hardback copy of this book to read.

Story (5/5): This is a very well done continuation of this series. The bulk of the book is Ronan and Hennessy accompanying Bryde in an effort to learn to use their dreaming powers and to potentially accomplish an even larger task. Meanwhile Declan, Matthew, and Jordan are trying to figure out other secrets that might help living dreams to stay stable longer. It’s an incredibly engaging and creative story that I was completely sucked into and absolutely loved.

Characters (5/5): There are so many amazing characters in this series. You have characters who can dream things into reality and characters who have been dreamt into reality and are living dreams. They are all really intriguing and complex and I absolutely loved them. Most of the story bounces between Ronan and Jordan, but we also hear from Carmen and Hennessy. Just really amazing characters here and an amazing discussion of what reality actually means. I was a bit disappointed that Adam wasn’t in this book more.

Setting (5/5): A lot of the book has a very cross-country roadtrip type of vibe to it. Ronan, Hennessy and Bryde spend a lot of time on the road jumping from location to location. The other part of the book takes place mainly in Boston (I think that’s where we ended up). The settings were well described and interesting and I love all the deserted rural ruins that we journey to.

Writing Style (5/5): Can I give Stiefvater’s writing style more than 5 stars? I have so much trouble reviewing her books because I love her writing style so much! I feel like every book she writes is better written than the book before. The complex ideas, intriguing characters and amazing world she’s created here is just so unique and amazing and perfect. She has such a unique writing style and her ideas are creative and complex and make you think but are never so out there or ambiguous that you don’t understand what is happening in the story. I love this series, I think it’s her best one yet!

My Summary (5/5): Overall absolutely loved this book. There are some amazing ideas in here, I love the plot, and the characters are beautifully complex. I am so eager to see how things tie up in the third book and can’t wait to read more of this series. This is just such a unique book and really stands apart from the other YA paranormal series I read. Highly recommended!! ( )
  krau0098 | Jun 25, 2021 |
I feel like I can't really attempt any kind of summary at all, because everything at this point would be a spoiler in some way or another. (This is #2 in the Dreamer Trilogy and #5 in the larger sequence of the Raven Boys & Dreamer Trilogies.) So I'll just stick to squealing about how flipping amazing these books are and how Maggie Stiefvater is one of the best writers out there right now. For me, she gives Gaiman a run for his money, and folks, you know that's saying something if I'm saying it. Just...holy DAMN, these books are good. The characters are so well drawn, the story is an absolute mastercraft showcase, and the writing itself in actual fact makes me hold my breath in places. In short, Stiefvater is The Business. ( )
  scaifea | Jun 17, 2021 |
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