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Beauty tempts the beast por pseud. Lorraine…
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Beauty tempts the beast (edição 2020)

por pseud. Lorraine Heath

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Althea's father was accused of treason and the family lost everything. Now Althea must work as she is no longer a member of the aristocracy. She finds a job at a tavern where she serves Beast. He knows something is not right and gives her a chance to leave the tavern and work for him teaching his "ladies" etiquette and refinement so they can find better positions. She wants him to teach her also so she can return to society. Now they must battle their feelings for each other so Althea can attain her wish.

I loved this book. I love books that show the story from both points-of-view. Althea and Beast are made for each other though they try to deny their feelings. The Trewlove family is great. They are so supportive of each other. I enjoy seeing that.

This is the first time I have read Lorraine Heath but it will not be the last. I will be reading the rest of this series. ( )
  Sheila1957 | Apr 23, 2021 |
Honestly not my favorite series. It's not mean enough between the main characters! ( )
  pearlbaguette | Apr 21, 2021 |
Brilliant series conclusion. Lorraine Heath nails it again!

I found myself with a somewhat sloppy grin plastered all over my face quite a few times during the reading of this rousing tale--when I wasn't indignant or blushing. Needless to say I loved this last offering in the Sins for All Seasons series.
Althea Stanwick needs to find her way back into London society after being dropped by the denizens of the ton. She's even been given the cut direct by her awful fiancé when her father was proven to be caught up in acts of treason. From a ton 'princess' to Cinderella was a huge fall from grace for her, and her two brothers. Althea decides that power is the key to survival. How does a woman like her find power? By attaching herself to a powerful man. To do that she needs to become practiced in the art of seduction.
Althea turns to Benedict Trewlove, owner of a brothel, and known as the Beast. She chooses this man who walks on the dark side of life in the underbelly of Whitechaple London to be her teacher. What a shock for him! Don't we just love his soft heart!
As matters proceed we see how fiercely he is torn between his desire for this startling woman and the need to protect her. The tale hastens towards its climax, with Benedict's secret past and lost antecedents being revealed, adding yet another layer of fascination and mystery.
Lorraine Heath has once again produced a well tuned read set in the 1870's! I loved it and my sloppy grin grew even more pronounced, punctuated with the occasional Ooh and Aah!
I'm must add that I'm pleased to see Althea's brothers will have their own stories. Yay!

A HarperCollins ARC via NetGalley ( )
  eyes.2c | Sep 27, 2020 |
I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+. All opinions are my own. Beauty Tempts The Beast by Lorraine Heath is the sixth book in her delightful Sins for All Seasons series. It’s a great series, and I highly recommend reading them all, but yes, you could, if you wished read this one as a standalone. Althea Stanwick has gone from top of the trees down to the lowest basement. When her father, the Duke Wollfford, was found guilty of treason and hanged, Althea and her brothers were forced to vacate their home with little more than the clothes on their backs. Althea found employment at the Mermaid and Unicorn, a tavern owned by Benedict Trewlove’s sister. When Benedict, aka Beast, sees Althea working in the tavern, he instantly knows that she doesn’t belong and concerned for her safety, he offers her a position teaching the women in a brothel he owns, skills that they can use to find alternative employment. Althea thrives in her new role and she and Benedict become lovers but secrets from his past when revealed may mean that they cannot be together. I enjoyed reading this book very much and look forward to reading the stories of Althea’s brothers. Medium Steam. Publishing Date: September 29, 2020. #BeautyTemptsTheBeast #LorraineHeath #HistoricalRomance #FriendsToLovers #AvonRomance #HarperCollinsCanada #bookstagram #bookstagrammer ( )
  nmgski | Sep 21, 2020 |
It is poignant and bittersweet to bid farewell to the Trewlove clan in this, the final book in the series. This world needs more Ettie Trewloves in it. She took in six children in the stews of London – cast-off children, by-blows of the aristocrats – and she raised those children as her own. She loved them, taught them love and respect, and saw that they were educated, even though that meant teaching themselves. I’ve loved each of Ettie’s children – Mick, Gillie, Finn, Aiden, Fancy, and now Beast (Ben). I have been anxiously awaiting Beast’s story because he’s always like a shadow – secretive and in the background of each story – and he has intrigued me. All I can say is that I think it is the best story of the series. Not only is the story steamy and romantic with a hero who is one of the most generous and honorable men you’ll ever meet, but the Epilogue is absolutely to die for. It may be one of the best Epilogues I’ve ever read.

Benedict Trewlove began protecting people when he was just a young lad. He was big and gangly at the time, but he still had the nickname of Beast. That caring and protectiveness are how he came to be the owner of a brothel. He hates owning the brothel. He assures the ladies are protected. He takes no money from the ladies. He also does not partake of the ladies themselves. He has found other occupations for most of the ladies, but he still has a few for whom finding other employment has been more difficult. If he could just do something for them, he could close the place down. What he needs is someone to teach them proper ways of doing things so they can become seamstresses or whatever else they’d like to be.

Just the person he needed dropped right into his lap when he went to his sister’s pub for a drink. She was riveting and she definitely didn’t belong in this place. He was sure she had Mayfair written all over her – but she very firmly rebuffed his questions. That, of course, only piqued his interest more. When he told her that he had a proposition for her, she went ballistic and made assumptions that weren’t true, but he could see where she might leap to that conclusion since she didn’t know him.

Lady Althea Stanwick, daughter of a duke, once the darling of the ton, had her world turned upside down. Everything was stripped from her and her brothers when her father was caught and hanged for treason. They were turned out of their home with little more than the clothes on their backs. She was now just plain Miss Althea Stanwick and she and her younger brother, Griffin were living in a cold, unfurnished shack in Whitechapel. Nobody would hire her as a governess or companion, so she’d tried other jobs – like a seamstress, but she was soon dismissed because her stitching just wasn’t fine enough for quality clothing. Now, she’s working at the Mermaid and Unicorn serving drinks to customers. She tries to keep her head down in order to escape being noticed by the men, but that doesn’t always work. She’ll just have to do her best because she cannot afford to lose her position.

After overhearing a conversation between her brothers, Althea makes a life-changing decision. She will take the Beast up on his proposition and become his mistress. OH! MY! However, when she tells him she’ll be his mistress – he tells her that wasn’t his proposition. Sharp and quick thinker that she is, she makes an alternate proposal.

I absolutely loved how resolute Beast was – how protective. Althea was determined to get some ‘lessons’ for herself and Beast was determined not to give them. I loved watching them fight their attraction. When Beast loves, it is totally, deeply, and forever. He is a wonderfully sigh-worthy hero.

I hope you’ll read and enjoy this book as much as I did. Just be prepared – you’ll run the gamut of emotions right along with Beast and Althea. Joy, heartbreak, anger, shock, triumph, revenge – you’ll experience it all. Then, you’ll get to the Epilogue and OMGoodness. It is wonderful and perfectly wraps up the series.

BTW – although we’ve sadly said farewell to the Trewloves, there is a two-book series (duology?) coming and it will feature Althea’s two brothers who are trying to redeem the family name by identifying the co-conspirators in their father’s treachery. Maybe we’ll get some cameo appearances by a Trewlove or two in those.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ( )
  BarbaraRogers | Sep 15, 2020 |
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