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The Survivors: A Novel por Jane Harper
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The Survivors: A Novel (edição 2021)

por Jane Harper (Autor)

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4783938,421 (3.73)23
Título:The Survivors: A Novel
Autores:Jane Harper (Autor)
Informação:Flatiron Books (2021), Edition: 1st, 384 pages
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The Survivors: A Novel por Jane Harper

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I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I’ve read all three of Jane Harper’s earlier novels and The Survivors is definitely my favorite.

Kieran and his girlfriend, Mia, have returned to Evelyn Bay to help his parents. This return is difficult for Kieran since it brings back painful memories and loss. Soon a tragedy occurs which seems to be connected to the tragedy twelve years earlier.

I found the writing to be beautiful and transported me to Tasmania. I knew nothing about Tasmania but felt the cool sea, cave walls, and isolated setting by the end of this novel. As far as the mystery goes I was pretty focused on a couple of people but the resolution took me completely by surprise but wasn’t illogical. ( )
  Nancyjcbs | May 6, 2021 |
In one small Tasmanian beach town: three formerly teenage buddies, now grown men. Two older brothers, drowned. A famous author, a lying police chief. And two dead girls and one missing body, twelve years apart. The author, a genius at simultaneously unraveling clues and ratcheting up suspense, keeps her streak of four winners going in this gripping story of guilt and lies. The setting, with its dangerous underwater caves, is beautifully rendered. There's one tiny useless red herring, but Harper's reliable skills at creating a strong narrator and a population of memorable characters makes this the best of them all.

Quote: "I only take criticism from people I'd go to for advice." ( )
  froxgirl | May 1, 2021 |
Jane Harper, who has taken her readers on a crime fiction tour of Australia, takes us to a small coastal town in Tasmania, a place where a ship once sank, taking over fifty people with it. The wreck remains a destination for divers, and a sculpture of three figures that stand above the waves, known as “The Survivors,” is both a memorial and a constant reminder that the sea, which gives the tourist town its livelihood, is both beautiful and cruel.

Kerian Elliot has returned to Evelyn Bay with his girlfriend and infant daughter to help his mother pack up the house he grew up in. His father’s dementia has gotten so severe she can no longer care for him. Kerian rarely visits and is shocked by how advanced his father’s condition has become. Visits have always been fraught, given the shadow hanging over the family. Kerian’s popular older brother drowned in a ferocious storm a dozen years earlier. Kerian is dogged by guilt about the drowning, and the attitude of townsfolk doesn’t help. They blame him for the death of three young men who set out to sea trying to rescue him from a storm-engulfed sea cave before the storm swamped their boat. Both Kerian and his wife Mia survived the storm, but each lost someone close to them: Kerian’s brother Finn and Mia’s friend Gabby, who disappeared on the beach, but whose body was never found.

The packing isn’t going well – the baby is making sleep elusive and the father’s confused efforts to help just make things harder. Then the body of a young artist is found on the beach, and the rumors of the past return to swirl around the investigation.

Harper takes her time developing the story, unfolding the close relationships that knit the town together, relationships that are becoming unraveled as the police struggle to solve the murder with few clues. A popular novelist who knows the town from summer visits has moved in permanently and has launched an investigation of his own. Everyone has a suspect, and Kerian is increasingly feeling the weight of his guilt bearing down.

The deliberate pacing gives Harper time to develop rich characters and fill in the town’s past, bit by bit. Always interested in the distinctive landscapes of her setting, Harper makes the people who live in the small town part of the landscape, people shaped by the sea and by their relative isolation, which means everyone has ties to each other, ties that are increasingly strained as the investigation drags on without a breakthrough. Though it wouldn’t be accurate to call this novel a thriller, it’s a compelling and deep examination of themes Harper has explored before: the long term scars of the past in small community, the tensions in families who have suffered a loss, and the corrosive effect that blame and guilt have on survivors of tragedy.
  bfister | Apr 30, 2021 |
All our book club members enjoyed the book however not as much as the author's other works (The Dry, The Lost Man, and Force of Nature). All members enjoyed the characterisations of the townsfolk, saying it was realistic, however they found there were too many characters to follow in the story making it difficult to truly empathise with anyone. The initial tension build up such as with the aftereffects of the storm was well liked by the book club members, however the ending felt a little rushed. All in all, the average book club rating is 6.5/10.
  Tofey | Apr 26, 2021 |
This held my interest well, but ultimately felt a bit underwhelming. It is one of those books where everyone is constantly harking back to 'that storm' (here 12 years ago) and where events then turn out to be connected to a murder in the present. I never quite understood why everyone blamed Kieran so much for what happened during 'that storm' and why another character (trying not to give anything away) didn't share his sense of guilt. The identity of the baddie was not particularly satisfactory, as I don't think we could have deduced it. Well-written though. ( )
  pgchuis | Apr 22, 2021 |
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For Charlotte and Ted
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from the prologue: She could-almost-have been one of The Survivors.
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