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Troy por Stephen Fry
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Troy (edição 2021)

por Stephen Fry (Autor)

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3971050,275 (4.27)9
Autores:Stephen Fry (Autor)
Informação:Penguin (2021), Edition: 01, 432 pages
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Troy por Stephen Fry (Author)

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Much like "Mythos" and "Heroes" before it, "Troy" sees Stephen Fry's charmingly pseudo-present narrator style retell the beloved, ancient Greek myths. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of this book is spent on events before (and indeed, even during) the Trojan War in general and the Iliad in particular. Well over a third of the pages are spent on foundation myths, stories of the ancestors of the various primary players in the Iliad, setting up curses and prophecies that play a role, and generally including a lot of smaller myths and stories that have nowhere near the fame of the war looming on the horizon. In that regard, a large portion of the book actually feels like part 2 of "Heroes", being stories of demigods and city foundings, wars, major betrayals and petty grievances quickly spinning out of control.

The rest of the book deals with the Trojan War itself, and this gives the book a focus that the first two volumes didn't quite manage. It is a single story this, for all its tangents, and it makes it a more coherent reading experience, which I enjoyed. The lack of a direction and cohesive structure was a slight problem for me with the end of "Mythos" (the beginning, with the creation myths, had a solid framework with a clear chronology that made the later stories' lack of the same feel jarring), and to a lesser extent also with "Heroes", and with the change from adapting a hundred tiny stories to one major one, this is avoided here.

Fry's constant concern there will be too many names -- which, by all means, there absolutely is -- does get a little bit grating (do we need the eight reminder that Aias is how he has decided to spell Ajax the Lesser?), but he so often does them with his usual charm and wit, I almost don't mind.

All in all I'm quite looking forward to seeing him give the Odyssee the same treatment (indeed, Odysseus clearly shines through as being one of his, if not the, favourite character here), and even crossing my fingers for the slight chance Aeneas might one day get the same. Even if not technically part of the _Greek_ canon, Fry spends a lot of time on him in this book, which gives me hope ... ( )
  Lucky-Loki | Sep 28, 2021 |
Incredible, Bloodlust and Mythical Tale..............................
Troy by Stephen Fry is a fantastic mythological tale of a once prosperous city of Troy. I have read about Troy before but not in such an amazing and detailed way. The author has traced the lineage of Greek gods and their sons, kings and queens extensively. And, the description of war is so detailed and extensive that I felt like I was standing amidst the fight. Also, the author has annexed a list of all the characters at the end of the book.

I would give 5 stars to the book for its extraordinary imagery of a tale so old and wonderful. Although, the climax was a little bit disturbing. ( )
  Sucharita1986 | Sep 25, 2021 |
As usual when it comes to Stephen Fry, entertaining, educating, fun and the audio book is sooooo good to listen to
Thanks you Stephen ( )
  Douna1980 | Sep 3, 2021 |
I had been looking forward to this one since I finished Heroes. This installment in Stephen Fry's mythology series was as engaging and enjoyable as the first two. Fry has a distinctive voice and makes the mythology accessible and easy to understand. It has made me want to reread the Iliad (although when I'll have the time for that, I don't know), and I'm really looking forward to the next installment about the Odyssey. ( )
  crimsonraider | Sep 2, 2021 |
While I’m a fan of mythology and retellings of them in general, I don’t usually pick up Greek mythology stuff because there are too many names and I have such trouble keeping track of them. While I did enjoy listening to the audios of Mythos and Heroes, it was more for the experience rather than actually trying to grasp and memorize the stories. But the story of the fall of Troy seems to be the only one I know a bit, virtue of some movies and shows I’ve seen as well as loving The Song of Achilles.

So this was actually fun to listen coz not everything was unfamiliar. It was also interesting to get to know the backstories of some of the major players of the Trojan War and how they came to be. But after deeply connecting with Achilles and Patroclus as a couple in TSoA, it was hard to see them not have a similar relationship in here. But overall, Stephen Fry’s narration brings so much life to the story. He also seemed to be less sarcastic in this one compared to the previous two, but it seems to have suited this particular story, making it an enjoyable listen for someone like me, who is not well versed in the Iliad. ( )
  ksahitya1987 | Aug 20, 2021 |
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Fry, StephenAutorautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Corver, HennyTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Elskamp, Ineke van denTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Fry, StephenNarradorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Ruiter, PonTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Waa, Frits van derTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
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