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Furia por Yamile Saied Méndez
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Furia (edição 2020)

por Yamile Saied Méndez (Autor)

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Autores:Yamile Saied Méndez (Autor)
Informação:Algonquin Young Readers (2020), 368 pages
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Furia por Yamile Saied Méndez

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A sports romance with a twist: Camila loves the boy but she loves her futbol dreams more. Especially as she faces opposition from her own family and is secretly playing girls' soccer while nurturing her dream of someday playing for a U.S. professional team. It would be easy for a girl to get swept up by Diego, the local boy turned handsome, rich, international soccer star. But Camila stays grounded and true to self even when her heart breaks. The author's own passion for soccer informs Camila's story but there are also moments of swoon over Diego, making an unexpectedly solid balance of sports and romance that could appeal to a broader audience. ( )
  Salsabrarian | Apr 10, 2021 |
I can see why this book won the Pura Belpré Young Adult Award this year. Furia who is known to most as Camila, is just another girl in Argentia with dreams of making it big. For her, big is playing professional football (i.e. US Soccer). Her brother is a local semi pro player, her dad was once a player, and the boy she loves is big leagues professional player. But things where she lives are not great. Dad is abusive, mother is submissive, and girls are expected to live a traditional life. Go to school. Become a doctor. No play football. Football is for men. This is a character driven novel, and it was excellent, just not my thing. I’m an action reader and this moved much to slow for me. However, I can think of the perfect hands to place this book into when they come into the library. It totally deserves every award it receives. But for me personally, it was okay.
#BBRC - Latino in a non-issue book
#Booked2021 Latinx author
#ReadHarder - ( )
  LibrarianRyan | Feb 17, 2021 |
  BeckyatAPL | Jan 29, 2021 |
It’s been a while since I’ve stayed up to read a book – ok so I usually sleep at 1030 and staying to finish this book just meant that I slept closer to 11 last night. But I just really wanted to finish reading it! It was such a great read full of heart, full of energy, full of dreams.

Camila Hassan is 17, she lives in Rosario, Argentina, and hides her passion for football from her family. Her brother is a professional player but that world is not a place for girls, or so her family thinks. But Camila is not just good, she has talent. On the field she becomes La Furia. If she were a boy, football clubs would be snapping her up. But her only way to succeed in this game is to hope someone will take a chance on her and let her make her way to the US.

Camila is such an awesome character. I love her passion for the sport. She will not back down, and is determined to stay on the right path that will take her there. And the focus is on her dreams, her terms, not by following a boy.

FURIA doesn’t shy away from the expectations and realities that Argentinian culture has on women. But we also sense the love that Méndez has for Argentina in all the immersive details of everyday life there.

Highly recommended! ( )
  RealLifeReading | Jan 7, 2021 |
Furia by Yamile Saied Mendez is realistic fiction, set in Argentina. I feel that Americans tend to believe the United States centers the world--everything revolves around us and we have little cares for others. Often people only travel in the United States and might not even absorb the different cultures here much less cultures from a foreign land. Take a trip to life in Argentina and see what you can learn.

In this novel Camila Hassan descends from several different cultures. She lives in Argentina where futbol (soccer) rules. Her brother plays for a national team and their father feels that he will save the whole family. He fails to realize that Camila has more talent.

Camila lives two lives. At home, she creates the image of an obedient daughter. She may not always come home on time, but she isn't like other girls, getting pregnant and becoming a wife, expecting a man to provide while she raises kids and takes care of a house with hardly any money. Her family believes that she will become a doctor and expect her to study. She does study and do well in school. She's worked very hard to speak English fluently and be able to teach English. Camila is close to her brother even though his destiny is supposedly to become a famous futbol star. Camila's mother gave up on happiness years ago. She loves her kids, but life hasn't treated her well. Her husband, Camila's father, lacks the ability to love. The world revolves about him and what he wants. He feels life has treated him badly and his family is partly to blame, so his son will save them all. Camila fears her father to an extent, keeping her from telling him--even her mother--about her real life and her real dreams.

Camila plays futbol with girls and they are really good. Camila hopes to get seen and become a player in the United States. She secretly competes, but the news does pick up on her furious playing and uses her new nickname: Furia. Camila has to hide her uniform, lie about where she is, and practice in secret in order to attempt to achieve her dreams. Her best friend is a great help because her family comes to all of the games and helps.

One day her brother's friend, Diego, returns home. He plays for a team in Italy and makes the town proud, for he is an amazing player. He has always had a soft spot for Camila. Now she has a third secret to keep: Diego. The media follows him everywhere, so people assume Camila is just one of his women. The thing is, Diego isn't a bad guy like everyone wants to say that he is. He cares for his hometown and he truly cares for Camila. The question is--do you follow your heart or do you follow your dreams? Camila wants out; the way out is to play futbol and she loves it--she's better than her brother; she wants away from her selfish father and the narrow expectations of her mother; she wants to be seen by American teams; and, she wants Diego. How? She's poor and lives in a town in Argentina. Can she do it?

I really liked this novel a lot. I like that Camila stays focused on her dreams. She makes a plan. She practices. She studies. She doesn't expect fate to take care of her. The plot isn't about luck; it's about skill. I also like Diego. His personality is opposite of how Camila's brother describes him, which shows jealousy. Diego actually cares for people and doesn't let fame alter who he is. I like that he learns to believe in Camila instead of force her into a stereotype. Girls--read this to read about making good choices and how actions can lead you to the future you want. You may even have a different opinion about people from other countries and how life is more dangerous and difficult than you thought. The United States can be a sanctuary for people and they will strive to contribute to this country. Diego and Camila have a chance. Their tenacity, skill, courage, and leadership skills lead them to their futures. ( )
  acargile | Oct 13, 2020 |
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