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Hummingbird Salamander: A Novel por Jeff…
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Hummingbird Salamander: A Novel (edição 2021)

por Jeff VanderMeer (Autor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
1627129,259 (3.79)6
Título:Hummingbird Salamander: A Novel
Autores:Jeff VanderMeer (Autor)
Informação:MCD (2021), 368 pages
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Hummingbird Salamander por Jeff VanderMeer

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What do you get when you combine equal parts noir with eco thriller? This book.

Let's start with what I liked. The writing was fantastic. The noir tone was so well crafted that I almost heard Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett calling from between the lines. And what a great character, the tough-as-nails Jane (Smith?, really?) leading us through her descent into some kind of controlled madness as she traces the clues backwards to figure out who, or what, Silvina was, starting with the titular Hummingbird. And the fact that as she followed these clues, pulled on these threads, she also gave us insights into her own life story and how inevitable her story and Silvina's overlapped. That was awesome. Parts of this story were edge-of-my-seat exciting.

Minor spoilers ahead, just be forewarned.

The inevitable downside to reading about a descent into madness, is you have to let go of any hope that her life, her normalcy as it was when the story began, can return. And the sooner you do that, the better off you're going to be. I spent the first half of the book hoping that she would work things out in such a way that a return to her home and her family would be possible. It would have been better (for me) if I'd let that go earlier on. The clues where there. For reasons that never get properly explained, Jane's insistence in pulling on those threads, causing the unraveling of her own life, left a scorched earth landscape behind her such that there was no going back. My advice to readers is to pay attention to the eco thriller aspects of the novel. The writing is clear on the proverbial walls. The landscape that Vandermeer is painting for us is bleak. Jane's story is a mirror of that.

Once I let go of those hopes, I realized how all the narrative paths lead to the same logical conclusion. And when Vandermeer took me there, I wasn't surprised, but I also wasn't disappointed. The ending is a little fantastic, but just a bit. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief and cling to the glimmer of optimism embedded in the finale.

Final thought: after struggling mightily (as I did) with Dead Astronauts, Vandermeer has completely redeemed himself. This book is another excellent example of his powers as a great writer. ( )
  invisiblelizard | May 12, 2021 |
I’m still trying to wrap my head around this book as I finished reading it three days ago. It is the story of a woman who calls herself Jane as is an analyst for a tech security company. One day while getting her coffee, she is given an envelope with a note and key. It was from someone she didn’t know ad finds out it is from a dead eco-terrorists. And the more she investigates the more dangerous the mission becomes. Is it a game or is it more? The way the story is written, “Jane” doesn’t share with the reader the names of people as if it is some secret. She gives up her life, family, and her job to go on a perilous wild goose chase. This story was a roller coaster ride that I didn’t care for. We are left with a dystopian ending which I didn’t really care for. ( )
  grumpydan | Apr 21, 2021 |
In Hummingbird Salamander by Jeff Vandermeer, the world is at stake. In the noir mystery novel, the world is becoming more ecologically unstable as time goes on. “Jane Smith”, a security consultant is mysteriously sent a note and key from a known eco-terrorist, Silvina. This leads to a storage locker that contains a taxidermied hummingbird and clues that lead to a taxidermied salamander. As it becomes apparent that she is in danger, events spin out of control and lead her into the dark corners of Silvina’s world. By the author that brought us the Southern Reach Series, and Borne, this new novel centers around what our world could look like as things begin to unravel. Read the rest of my review - https://bythecoverreview.com/2021/04/12/review-hummingbird-salamander-by-jeff-va... ( )
  bythecoverreview | Apr 12, 2021 |
Hummingbird Salamander by Jeff VanderMeer is a highly recommended biotech speculative conspiracy thriller.

An unnamed security consultant “Jane Smith” is the narrator who states that is telling us the story of how the world ends. Jane receives an envelope with a note and a key to a storage unit. Inside the storage unit is a taxidermied hummingbird and a note from someone named Silvina with the words hummingbird ... salamander. Jane takes the hummingbird and begins to surreptitiously look into who Silvina is. Jane discovers the note was from Silvina Vilcacampa, a reputed ecoterrorist and the daughter of an Argentine industrialist. Her research, even though it was carefully undertaken, sets into motion a series of events that result in surveillance and danger from unseen and unknown enemies. Jane, though, is a strong, capable woman, physically and mentally, and she continues looking into Silvina's life even as the danger increases.

Hummingbird Salamander is an absolutely unique twisty thriller with a noir vibe. We have antagonists who are destroying the natural world and involved in exotic wildlife smuggling, but they aren't absolutely bad. We have protagonists who mean well, but are also running on the wrong side of the law. There are also endangered species, climate change, the approaching end of the world, a dark global conspiracy, and a host of unseen foes who want to stop anyone looking into any knowledge of whatever it is that Silvina was doing - but why? And the attacks are directed at everyone even remotely connected with Jane.

The thriller is extremely well written and carefully plotted to allow an increase of tension as the action carefully unfolds and the danger is ever present, ever increasing. The world described is certainly similar to the one we live in, although not entirely realistic, but in a future transmutation of the world. It is not a created new world/new reality. It does, at times have a sort of cinematic dream-like feeling. As if we are being shown the reality of what is behind the curtain, what could be a future.

Jane is a well-developed character, although not particularly likeable. She wouldn't care if you liked her either. She was a body builder, she is tall, strong, and already prepared with a go-bag to escape some threat. She is not afraid of defending her self. She does the unexpected in physical fights which put the men attacking her off-balance. She's in many ways a very good role model for women to be physically strong and mentally smart. On the other hand, she continues to call the large bag she carries "shovel pig" after her boss gave it that moniker. That's a little odd. But you will also follow Jane's actions with rapt attention right to the ultimate final revelations.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux via Netgalley
https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3851817341 ( )
  SheTreadsSoftly | Feb 21, 2021 |
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