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Divergence (Foreigner) por C. J. Cherryh
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Divergence (Foreigner) (edição 2020)

por C. J. Cherryh (Autor)

Séries: Foreigner (21)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
494407,432 (4.22)4
Título:Divergence (Foreigner)
Autores:C. J. Cherryh (Autor)
Informação:DAW (2020), 352 pages
Colecções:Science Fiction

Pormenores da obra

Divergence por C. J. Cherryh

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Just beneath the surface, something else is going on. I catch something wafting in, but I cannot quite say what. "It was just so much more complicated than that. The Marid was a maze of connections and foreignness." (p.130)
"War complicated a diplomatic effort."p.173
Perhaps this series is about diplomacy. "There was nowhere left to run." ( )
  MaryHeleneMele | Oct 5, 2020 |
All the usual stuff for which we read these books. But this one is more than usually claustrophobic. Bren spends almost all of Divergence in a windowless train car or a windowless room with a crowd of others. Likewise Cajeiri scenes are all deep within the Bujavid. But things do happen, as usual in the latter portion of the book after the tensions have been turned up tight enough. ( )
1 vote quondame | Sep 22, 2020 |
Cherryh, C. J. Divergence. Foreigner No. 21. DAW, 2020.
If you are foolish enough to read No. 21 in a C. J. Cherryh series without knowing a few of the basics about it beforehand, you deserve your bafflement. It will be difficult to help you out without creating unwanted spoilers. The Foreigner series is written as a sequence of trilogies, but all the books are close sequels. If you are thinking George R. R. Martin, you are not far wrong. Dial down the dragons and swords, dial up the politics, economics and technology, then complicate and round out all the characters but one (the Dowager is, after all, an inscrutable constant)—and you may have some idea. Bren Cameron is a linguist and translator who gradually becomes the most important diplomat on the distant planet on which a small group of castaway humans have taken refuge. Humans have been gradually introducing technology into the conservative, yet volatile and dangerous, Atevi culture. Even in this latest novel, Bren is still learning how unlike humans the Atevi think and feel. Cherryh is an SFWA grandmaster, and as much as I love her company war books, there is no doubt that Foreigner is her masterpiece. ( )
  Tom-e | Sep 19, 2020 |
Bren Cameron and the Aiji-dowager, Ilisidi --in the thick of Atevi politics!

In this, the 21st in the Foreigner series, I find myself still as fascinated with the Atevi and their world, their culture and politics as ever! Including the space station inhabitants. (Given the new space race we seem to be in, the space station seems all too real.) There are three distinct groups the Atevi, the humans from the Mospheiran enclave, and the Space Station humans--all the humans being foreigners (indeed the humans are distinct foreign groups to each other) to this Atevi world.
The aiji-dowager, Ilisidi , in her own inimitable way, has decided the time is ripe to settle once and for all the fermentation in the South supported by Lord Tiajo in the Dojisigin Marid—and the outlawed Assassins Guild splinter group, the Ghost Guild. She has taken the Red Train south along with some key players she sees as important to that outcome.
Bren Cameron, paidhi-aiji, the ambassador interpreter and the chief negotiator for Tabini-aiji accompanies her with the Aiji's words ringing in his ears, "Keep her safe. Tabini’s final order to him, hours before he boarded the train."
As always the feisty Atevi Dowager is five moves ahead and six sideways of everyone else. She is one of my favorite characters.
Bren does reminiscence about his first meeting and testing with the dowager. I do think that was one of my favorite tales.
The entourage move towards the troubled areas with important relevant lords, Lord Bregani, his wife and daughter; Lord Machigi of the Taisigin. A new treaty has been proposed. Felicitous Three for the agreement including nand’ Bren. (Numbers have a religious imprimatur for the Atavi)
Lord Geigi on the space station, friend and ally to the Duchess manages to surprise even her.
On board the Red Train is "Nomari, a railway worker, favored candidate to take on the lordship of Ajuri. This brings the important personnel to felicitous seven. The aiji-dowager has decided to test Nomari's mettle.
Meanwhile Cajeiri, Tabini-Aiji's son has turned fortunate nine and finds himself a keeper of knowledge and given greater understandings about his parents relationship and reasons for their actions. He gives us a brief outline of much that has occurred up to now.
A lot of political jockeying is at the forefront. Man’chi (commitment and loyalty) is tested.
Nomari reveals more of himself. Bren manages to bring some plans to fruition but not without his Atevi priectors becoming somewhat disturbed.
As the aiji-dowager and the Assasins Guild look to root out the renegade and entrenched Shadow Guild, Bren finds himself facing a direction that will take nerve and strength.
I am constantly amazed by Cherryh. It continually dazzles me as to how she's able to maintain this world so cleverly and how the series continues to engage my interest right from the very first novel to the latest. I'm never disappointed!

A DAW ARC via NetGalley
Please note: Quotes taken from an advanced reading copy maybe subject to change
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.) ( )
  eyes.2c | Sep 7, 2020 |
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