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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega por Crystal…
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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega (edição 2021)

por Crystal Maldonado (Autor)

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Título:Fat Chance, Charlie Vega
Autores:Crystal Maldonado (Autor)
Informação:Holiday House (2021), 352 pages
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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega por Crystal Maldonado

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“I want to be Charlie — unapologetically Charlie. Shoulders back. Head held up high. Fat, beautiful body and all.”

Crystal Maldonado’s debut YA novel FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA is going to be a very important book to a lot of people. A contemporary YA romance novel that explores the complexities of the relationships between friends, first loves, mothers and daughters, our bodies, and ourselves, FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA is a must-read that belongs on every bookshelf.

Charlie Vega is a lot of things: a high school junior, an aspiring writer, a great friend to her BFF Amelia, Puerto Rican in a very white New England town, and fat. She spends almost all of her spare time in her perfectly crafted Instagram-photo-worthy bedroom reading, writing, and browsing body-positivity and fat fashion blogs. But, between her formerly-fat mother trying to force-feed her meal replacement shakes and a society constantly reminding her that “thin is in,” Charlie struggles to bridge the gap between knowing she deserves to love and celebrate herself and actually being able to.

When Charlie strikes up a tentative relationship with Brian, a cute, sweet boy at school, she is giddy with all of the experiences that comes with first love. Everything finally feels perfect for Charlie, until she learns that gut-punching, heart-sinking fact that Brian may have asked Amelia out first. FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA does a fantastic job exploring the intricacies of female friendship and the jealousies that can be borne from insecurity and comparison. Charlie’s journey toward self-love and self-acceptance was a joy to read and will hold deep meaning for anyone who has ever struggled to feel worthy in a larger body.

An important final note: the representation in this novel really is spectacular. Charlie is Puerto Rican and fat, Amelia is Black and pansexual and Brian is Asian-American with two moms. They are all presented with deep care and affection, never tokenizing or diminishing their authenticities. FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA is a coming-of-age story that I know will make a lot of people feel very seen.

CW: fat shaming, fatphobia, death of a parent (non-spoiler) ( )
  SamBortle | Jul 23, 2021 |
Content Note: (critical treatment of) fatmisia, diet culture, racism

Charlie and her parents used to be a good team, but since her dad died, her mom has gotten obsessed with her own weight – and with Charlie’s. Constantly leaving her diet suggestions, Charlie feels that her mother is never happy with her. It feels like the only person who is firmly in her corner is Amelia – who is everything that Charlie is not: beautiful. Athletic. Popular. In a relationship with a cute boy. When Brian takes an interest in Charlie, instead of easier, things get even more complicated for her.

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega is an absolutely lovely, wonderful and cute book that I wished I could have read when I was a (fat) teenager. But better now than never!

Read more on my blog: https://kalafudra.com/2021/07/20/fat-chance-charlie-vega-crystal-maldonado/ ( )
  kalafudra | Jul 20, 2021 |
Charlie had plenty going on in this book, crushing on someone, embarking on a romance, conflict with a friend and her mom, yet despite that it felt like maybe there wasn’t enough of a plot for the length of the book. Or maybe it’s just that I tend prefer more of an overarching plot whereas this book bordered on episodic at times?

With the exception of the mom drama carrying on throughout, the other plot threads felt sort of sectioned off, more like mini-arcs, one section with the crush, a section with her first romance, a section with the friendship, etc. It’s not that these things don’t cross over one another, like for instance, Charlie does start in early on with the resentment towards her friend, it’s just that for the most part, the story threads aren’t woven together as much as I would have liked. Most of the things that happen in the book felt like they happened somewhat separately rather than Charlie simultaneously juggling the various aspects of her life and having all of those story threads naturally intertwined together. Clearly from the ratings here, plenty of readers don’t have an issue with the flow of the storytelling, for me, it’s just a personal preference thing.

I was also a little disappointed that this didn’t feature more of the Puerto Rican half of Charlie’s heritage, though at the same time it did feel realistic that following the death of her father, she and her mom might end up drifting from his side of the family.

It was those realistic touches that I most appreciated in this novel, like Charlie’s struggle to be body positive when her mom, society, and clothing stores don’t exactly make it easy. And as unpleasant as it may be to see a mother and daughter relationship like the one in this book, I thought the author was at her most impressive in those toxic arguments, there was a real raw intensity to them. ( )
  SJGirl | Feb 15, 2021 |
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