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Defy the Night: Brigid Kemmerer por Brigid…
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Defy the Night: Brigid Kemmerer (edição 2021)

por Brigid Kemmerer (Autor)

Séries: Defy the Night (1)

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Título:Defy the Night: Brigid Kemmerer
Autores:Brigid Kemmerer (Autor)
Informação:Bloomsbury YA (2021), Edition: 01, 496 pages
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Informação Sobre a Obra

Defy the Night por Brigid Kemmerer

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This book was sooo goood! I was hopelessly hooked from the very first chapter. With dueling POVs, it could have easily become confusing or muddled but it was written very well and very clearly. Not only was it easy to follow but it was also extremely difficult to put down at bedtime... bedtime, HA! I laugh in its sleepy face! This book caused me to (happily... groggily), lose MUCH sleep, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

There is a sickness spreading amongst the populace. The air is also rife with political intrigue, insurrection, betrayl and quite possibly, an all out assault on the crown. Who's in the right? Are reparations due? Who is being demonized? Is that description deserved? Well, this book shows that those answers are not always as cut and dry as one might think.

The book did an amazing job showing the whole cast's POVs, each from their unique, varying angles. We got to witness and appreciate the woes and drama of ruling a (sick and desperate) country. We saw that it wasn't as black and white as one might think and that what appeared to be brutality and indifference was usually the character's only (begrudging) recourse in order to keep a powder keg at bay and avoid a tenuous situation from devolving into total anarchy (achieved with varying degrees of success). What do you do when Chaos is nipping at your kingdom's heels? Find yourself a Robin hood-like Tessa, that's what. Tessa was a diverse, intelligent, pivotal player in the story and I am SO here for her. One main parameter for me to love a book is that the MCs must be evocative. I loved Tessa's kickass side but her butt-kickery was also tempered with her softer/kinder/more cerebral side. I also adore how she brought out the best in everyone she interacted with.

Most of the characters (and their plights) were tangible and easy to commiserate with. The characters were loveable/loathsome and every shade in between... they were complex, multihued shades of mottled gray just like the complex, beautifully marred humans that we are and just how I like my characters. They were 100% the stars of this show. I'm in love with Tessa & Wes... but I am also rooting for... hear me out... Quint and the King to find happiness together. I don't know, it's just a feeling I got while reading the sections they're in together.

(Slightly) unfortunate was that the big plot twists were a bit easy to suss out ahead of their reveals BUT it was done in a way that made it enjoyable to watch unfurl so there was no real harm done. The pacing, on the other hand, was perfect... it resided firmly in the Goldilocks Zone, a factor I truly appreciate in my YA Fantasy reads. What I will say might be a negative, depending on the reader, is that this book is LOADED... nay RIDDLED with tropey clichés. I, for one, was okay with the tropes in this book... they are well worn/lovable constants for a reason... but if you are allergic to such plot devices then you'll be extremely frustrated with this book. BUT if you are like me and find that you can't help but love these tried and true tropes then I highly recommend this read... it is an excellent start to what I hope will be an even better series.

~ Enjoy ( )
  BethYacoub | Nov 8, 2021 |
Defy the Night is Brigid Kemmerer is definitely a highlight of the September releases. I truly loved this exploration of what a government owes its citizens when it comes to healthcare. While Ms. Kemmerer insists it is not a book about the pandemic, it definitely has relevancy as it talks about government-issued cures and the costs associated with it. I adored Emma’s compassion and commitment; when the world feels like it is collapsing, it does a person good to read about someone who isn’t willing to back down when things get tough. Emma’s and Corrick’s emotions are utterly real, making them highly sympathetic, blurring that line between fiction and reality. Plus, they make the cutest couple, earnest in their desires to help those less fortunate. I particularly love the fact that their relationship has its basis in a long friendship and not the insta-love that so many other YA novels contain. I cannot wait to get more of them! ( )
  jmchshannon | Sep 13, 2021 |
Series Info/Source: This is the first book in the Defy the Night trilogy. I got an eGalley of this book through NetGalley to review.

Thoughts: This was a well done fantasy that I really enjoyed. It goes back and forth between two characters; Tessa who works as an apothecary and Prince Corrick who is the King's Justice.

The kingdom of Kandala is suffering a terrible sickness and only Moonflowers can cure it. Of course, the rich have better access to the Moonflowers than the poor. Tessa works with a mysterious man named Wes to steal Moonflowers from the rich and distribute them to the poor to prevent illness. Yes, there is a strong Robin Hood vibe here.

However, a series of events ends up with Tessa trying to breach the castle and getting caught. Suddenly she's deeply entrenched in the complicated politics of a kingdom dying from fever.

This was very easy to read and decently written. The characters are very likable and easy to engage with and the world is well built out. My only complaint is that the plot is fairly predictable and the story is fairly simple (despite the politics woven in). The story feels decently tied up so I am curious to see what happens in the next book.

My Summary (4/5): Overall this is a well done YA fantasy; it has characters that are easy to relate to, is set in a well built fantasy world, and has some decent plot twists. It is fairly predictable and by the end of the story I felt the book was a bit long considering how little actually happened. However, it was a quick read and I enjoyed it overall. ( )
  krau0098 | Aug 18, 2021 |
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