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The Anthropocene Reviewed por John Green
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The Anthropocene Reviewed (edição 2021)

por John Green (Autor)

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4242046,194 (4.46)23
Título:The Anthropocene Reviewed
Autores:John Green (Autor)
Informação:Penguin (2021), Edition: Signed, 304 pages
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Pormenores da obra

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet por John Green

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5/5 as per usual for John Green. Such a fantastic writer, whether he's doing fiction or nonfiction. I love the podcast, and I adored this extension. ( )
  KaffinatedWitch | Oct 15, 2021 |
The first time I heard of John Green was through his podcast: Dear Hank & John, I think it got suggested to me based on the podcast: Answer Me This or 99% Invisible. The thing is I missed all of the hype with his novels. And even though I have seen some of the Crash Course videos on YouTube before listening to the podcast, I just didn't know they were the same person. In fact for the first few episodes of Dear Hank & John I got the voices and persons mixed up. A lot.

So the only things I 'knew' about John Green was through his podcast and I thought he was a lovely human being. Even when I disagree with him I can see where he comes from and unlike other podcasts I feel 'safe' listening to him. For the longest time I didn't knew I did this. That I tried to find stuff that wouldn't remind me that not everyone include all kinds of people in their worldview. Or if they don't, aren't an arsehole about it. Still I had zero interest in reading his fiction books.

This book I bought directly after coming out. I hadn't listened to a lot of the episodes of: The Anthropocene Reviewed but I enjoyed those I had.

I think I prefer the book? Which is kind of shocking to me. It's like everything about it is made for my brain. The lay-out, the jokes, the writing style, the notes, the topics etc.
Sure not every essay caught my interest but Green's writing sure did. I was super engaged with the text and I think my most made 'notes' were: *snort*, HAH, ( )
  Jonesy_now | Sep 24, 2021 |
I liked the idea of getting to know what another human thinks about things. It's like reading insightful reviews written by someone who has a way with words and getting an honest opinion while also discovering things I didn't know existed (like where the largest ball of paint is located and the best hot dog to eat in Iceland). Wait, that is exactly what this book is.
I give The Anthropocene Reviewed four stars. ( )
  _Marcia_94_ | Sep 21, 2021 |
I rate therefore I am.

John Green fuses Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader with a Roger Ebert movie guide to create a delightful indirect autobiography. I’ve only seen a handful of Green’s YouTube vlogs, but the short essays here seem to follow the same format, tackling a bit of historical trivia then turning it into a contemporary issue or personal experience. Indeed, some of these essays originally appeared as vlogs or entries on a podcast that shares the book's title.

The current pandemic is mentioned multiple times, as are heavy topics like depression and various serious illnesses, but the tone is generally light, positive and hopeful. My only reservations are the many mentions of soccer and what the author recognizes in the Postscript as an excessive number of quotations (Save me from the Bartlett's barrage!).

Overall, a great book to have on hand to fill ten-minute holes in your days. (Just remember to flush!) ( )
  villemezbrown | Sep 7, 2021 |
The anthropocene is defined as the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. John Green focuses on the foibles and challenges of the dominant species - humans.

This is a series of very clever essays on the oddities of the human race – ranging through such diverse topics as scratch and sniff stickers, why the velociraptors in Jurassic Park don’t look anything like their namesake, and of course the challenges of Corona virus.

I found these highly entertaining – a great distraction from everyday events and some of the heavier books that I have been reading.

I’ll definitely check out his podcast, which is the basis for many of these essays.

5 stars for sheer entertainment in an extremely stressful time. ( )
  streamsong | Aug 30, 2021 |
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To my friends, colleagues, and fellow travelers
Rosianna Halse Rojas and Stan Muller
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My novel Turtles All The Way Down was published in October of 2017, and after spending a month on tour for the book, I came home to Indianapolis and blazed a trail between my children's tree house and the little room where my wife and I often work, a room that depending on your worldview is either an office or a shed.

"You'll Never Walk Alone"
It is May of 2020, and I do not have a brain well suited to this.
The German Translation of this book is called Wie hat Ihnen das Antropozan bis jetzt gefallen?
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Despair isn't very productive. That's the problem with it. Like a replicating virus, all despair can make is more of itself.
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Contents: Introduction -- “You’ll Never Walk Alone” -- Humanity’s Temporal Range -- Halley’s Comet -- Our Capacity for Wonder -- Lascaux Cave Paintings -- Scratch ’n’ Sniff Stickers -- Diet Dr Pepper -- Velociraptors -- Canada Geese -- Teddy Bears -- The Hall of President -- Air-Conditioning -- Staphylococcus aureus -- The Internet -- Academic Decathlon -- Sunsets -- Jerzy Dudek’s Performance on May 25, 2005 -- Penguins of Madagascar -- Piggly Wiggly -- The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest -- CNN -- Harvey -- The Yips -- Auld Lang Syne -- Googling Strangers -- Indianapolis -- Kentucky Bluegrass -- The Indianapolis 500 -- Monopoly -- Super Mario Kart -- Bonneville Salt Flats -- Hiroyuki Doi’s Circle Drawings -- Whispering -- Viral Meningitis -- Plague -- Wintry Mix -- The Hot Dogs of Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur -- The Notes App -- The Mountain Goats -- The QWERTY Keyboard -- The World’s Largest Ball of Paint -- Sycamore Trees -- “New Partner” -- Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance -- Postscript -- Notes
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