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Of Wicked Blood: A Slow Burn Romantic Urban…
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Of Wicked Blood: A Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy (The Quatrefoil… (edição 2021)

por Olivia Wildenstein (Autor)

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1341,251,569 (3.7)Nenhum(a)
Título:Of Wicked Blood: A Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy (The Quatrefoil Chronicles Book 1)
Autores:Olivia Wildenstein (Autor)
Informação:(2021), 420 pages
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Of Wicked Blood (The Quatrefoil Chronicles) por Katie Hayoz

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by Olivia Wildenstein and Katie Hayoz
Narrated by Holly Fielding and Thomas Locklear
I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this book.
This is for the audio book.
I had a hard time getting into this book. I started and restarted it about four times because it wasn't holding my interest. Once it got past a few bumpy parts it got better, some. I liked the supernatural aspects and the overall plot theme. The development of the characters not so much. The main guy and girl characters were annoying and I found myself hoping they didn't make it. There is a fantasy theme with a soft romance thrown in. Teenage angst (annoying), and a know it all attitude covers the main characters.
The male narration was fairly good but the female narration was annoying as the character.
This kind of book is usually right down my alley but it ended up being an okay book. I really wanted to like it. ( )
  MontzaleeW | Feb 21, 2021 |
OF WICKED BLOOD is the first in the Quatrefoil Chronicles by Olivia Wildenstein.

What a great urban fantasy! I would have given it 10 starts if I could. Urban fantasy/mystery/and a pinch of romance . All wrapped up in a really good read. I am totally hooked on the series just after finishing this. I do like the humor that comes out of the rough tough mr know it all Slate. He has a cactus named Spike and buried under that touch man is a guy that protects he "brother" who busts his butt and risks his life to protect his girl. Good mix of characters. Good mix of plot. My only con to this book was it tended to drag in a few places but overall well worth the listen.

I recieved this audiobook free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  DDJTJ1 | Feb 19, 2021 |
This is my first book by Wildenstein and Hayoz and I am not disappointed. I had the pleasure of snagging this on audio from NetGalley. Mind you I also pre-ordered the ebook but why wait when the opportunity arises!

The atmosphere set around Brume and the magical history of the area was exquisite. I love when authors can breathe life into a place and give it a spirit of its own. The characters were up and down for me. I really enjoyed Slate as a morally grey individual and loved his adoptive brother even more. Cadence took a little getting used too. I think her aura of naivety held me back at first. It could also be that I didn’t truly consider her as much as an MC in comparison to Slate. Slate just had much more growth and presence in this book and I am so not complaining. What really hooked me was the depth of all of the characters that come in. The authors really made the presence of each of their personas realistic.

I liked the build-up of the romance not being too aggressively insta-love-ish. I know books only have so much time to build connections so it’s nice when authors make it feel more genuine and not rushed. The depth of the magic system was what I really enjoyed and each challenge the characters faced was vividly penned. I do think that I will read the next book instead of listen. Occasionally some books have more imaginative weight being read by the reader and this is one of those for me. I do want to say that this is mentioned as young adult and while I personally don’t have qualms with foul language, I do feel this may be more appropriate for the older side of the YA spectrum.

If you are into Urban Fantasy, magic and atmospheric reads with romance than I would recommend this one to you. Thank you to NetGalley and Twig Publishing for the audio in exchange for an honest review.

True rating 3.5/5, rounded. ( )
  provencal73 | Feb 1, 2021 |
Holy magical relic hunting this book was good! I tore through it with wild abandon and loved every second of it.

Of Wicked Blood captured my attention from the very first page and it didn't let go... it still hasn't. I truly enjoyed this read with its delightfully quaint, small town witchy lore to its well crafted characters that were decidedly, deliciously gray. I relished each moment I spent in Brume. I even fell for the insta-love that was one brash leg of a short lived love triangle. That's not usually something I can tolerate let alone cheer for but Cadance was a strong willed, intelligent, capable female... that alone sparked my interest BUT couple her with our other MC, Slate (Remy)... a complex, justifiably pessimistic hottie thief... a tortured soul that miraculously found his hardened Adamantium heart cracked wide open by our pillar of a woman MC. The result being a coupling even a jaded heart could get behind. Then there were the rest of the supporting cast. The secondary characters were also extremely likable especially Alma and Bastian (Cadence and Slate's respective best friends).

The writing was gritty and authentic feeling, the kind that convinces you that the characters are mid conversation and you're just covertly eavesdropping. The world building was solid and the characters were both corporeal and rich. They were overflowing with a subtle charm and I, for one, fell victim to it.


I devoured this quick read in one sitting and enjoyed every moment in this quaint town with these dynamic characters populating this wonderfully bewitching world. Was it a masterpiece? No. Will it make you ponder great big philosophical ideas? Also no BUT you will enjoy yourself for a few hours and really, isn't that one reason we choose to get lost in books to begin with?

~ Enjoy

*** I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *** ( )
  BethYacoub | Sep 27, 2020 |
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