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The Soulmate Equation por Christina Lauren
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The Soulmate Equation (edição 2021)

por Christina Lauren (Autor)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
14415148,250 (4.07)1
Título:The Soulmate Equation
Autores:Christina Lauren (Autor)
Informação:Gallery Books (2021), 368 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca, Para ler
Etiquetas:contemporary fiction, romance, 2021

Pormenores da obra

The Soulmate Equation por Christina Lauren

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Quick and adorable - no one writes romantic fluff like Christina Lauren. When two polar opposites are matched together using DNA technology they can't believe it. Is the science wrong? Unfortunately for them it's not, GeneticAlly gave them the highest recorded score EVER - a 98! In the history of the company they've only gotten three other matches over 90 - and to think that the founder and lead scientist of the company is one the matches. What are the odds? River is willing to go on a few dates to experience first hand if the science is true, but single mom, Jess, is less sure. The company offers to give her a stipend each month to go on dates with River and give a relationship a shot - but she's not even sure if she even wants a relationship. Jess has her kid to think about, but really she's just a chicken. Will the science prove true - are they a match? Or is this all just a publicity stunt. Charming, steamy, and funny. A great romcom! ( )
  ecataldi | Jul 20, 2021 |
Can you find your soulmate based on genetics? Lauren thinks so in this slow to build, engaging and fun romance. Her characters are hilarious, flawed and looking for love in all the unorthodox places. Family, friendships and adventure pepper this story with magic and I could not put it down until it was finished. Another Christina Lauren success!
*I received an arc from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review ( )
  KimMcReads | Jul 2, 2021 |
Jess Davis is trying to make it work as a freelance statistician. She's a single mom who lives across the courtyard from her grandparents, who help make the village to raise her whip smart daughter Juno. Her best friend Fizzy is always game for something--being a romance writer, she's curious about a lot of things, many of which make it into her books. When the handsome, brooding stranger at the coffee shop is revealed to be a partner in a new DNA based dating program, Fizzy signs them up at once. Naturally, Jess matches at an unheard of 98 percent with that same stranger, Dr. River Pena. The story plays out as the two get to know each other. There were some fun moments involving Juno, the local restaurant and the publicity they navigate for the company. However, I thought there was an awful lot of science-y explanations that I kind of skimmed over as I read. But it was definitely a fun read. ( )
  ethel55 | Jun 28, 2021 |
Jess Davis has a full plate between her freelance statistician jobs and single parenting her 7-year-old daughter, Juno, along with the help of her grandparents and her best friend, Fizzy. Jess does not have time for the trash fire that is online dating. But when Fizzy convinces Jess to try a new service that creates your matches based on DNA, Jess ends up with an unprecedentedly high match with one of the company's founders, Dr. River Pea. While there's no denying the attraction, neither of them are sure they actually like each other but as they explore a relationship they'll find a bond that not even science can explain.

Another really charming and occasionally steamy contemporary romance from Christina Lauren. I love the world they create for Jess and how well they explore the challenges of single parenting, even when she does have a supportive "village" behind her. While the idea of DNA-based matchmaking services is undeniably farfetched, they make it seem realistic and the real draw here is the undeniable chemistry between Jess and River. Jess's best friend, Fizzy, is also a highlight and many of her lines had me cracking up. Recommended for fans of the genre. ( )
  MickyFine | Jun 27, 2021 |
I work in a tech program where we have an incubator of sorts. Back in September one of the students suggested a dating app where people were matched based on DNA. After a slew of tasteless eugenics jokes and some laughs we all moved on. So imagine my surprise when just such an app found its way to the center of the newest Christina Lauren book. Here though there are some briefly raised eyebrows over the whole ubermensch breeding program the issue is dropped without much discussion and then everyone treats it like it is the best idea since agricultural hybridization or the polio vaccine, or at very least the Nespresso. A similar "we will mention it so people know we were aware and then just ignore it" treatment is given to the act of ginning up a romance to inflate the IPO value. I can't say much without spoilers, but I will say that something happens where the issue of SEC regulations is mentioned, but it ends up just being sweet romantic point rather than an opportunity to ask some questions about this meet-cute that would be of great interest to regulators.

So, now that I have gotten that off my chest, the book was pretty adorable. It is exactly what I am hoping for when I dive into a Christina Lauren book. Jess is a single mother dedicated to her child, her grandparents, her best friend, and her work as a statistician. She is smart, and cautious, and aware that she does not have a lot of space to make mistakes with all the people who depend upon her. River needs some social skills tutoring, but he is hot and his forbidding demeanor hides a a brain and a heart of gold and a real desire for happily-ever-after. Their road to togetherness is appealingly swoony, and includes the needs and intersts of their beloved families and freinds, who are all charming. I assume there will be a follow-up where Jessica's wonderful best friend, Fizzy, gets her man, and I am here for it. ( )
  Narshkite | Jun 11, 2021 |
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