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Bookseller of Florence
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Bookseller of Florence (2021)

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1726124,956 (4.13)18
Título:Bookseller of Florence
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:bibliology: books about books, history

Pormenores da obra

The Bookseller of Florence: The Story of the Manuscripts That Illuminated the Renaissance por Ross King (2021)

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Ross King heeft intussen al een indrukwekkende reeks geschreven waarin hij telkens een hoogtepunt in de kunst of architectuur in al zijn facetten belicht. Dit recente boek van zijn hand focust via de figuur van Vespasino de Bisticci op de opkomst van manuscripten die de auteurs uit de oudheid terug in de aandacht brengen maar ook op de neergang van Vespasiano's ambacht door de boekdrukkunst. King is erg nauwgezet en uitvoerig om niet te zeggen soms wat wijdloperig. Als lezer kom je van alles te weten over de belangrijkste werken uit de oudheid, over de spanningsboog tussen Plato en Aristoteles en hun respectievelijke aanhangers tijdens de renaissance en invloed op de westerse filosofie. Maar ook over het maken van perkament en inkt, over boekbinden en -drukken, de eerste publiciteitscampagne, met daarbij heel wat interessante weetjes rond de etymologie van woorden als manuscript, pen, vignet, colofon, perkament, enz... Tussendoor krijgen we ook nog een deel geschiedenis van de Italiaanse oorlogen en de opkomst van het Ottomaanse rijk voorgeschoteld. Kortom een veelheid aan informatie. Teveel? Dat zal aan de lezer zelf liggen om te beoordelen. Ik zelf hou wel van de manier van schrijven van Ross King.
Vespasiano had zelf geen hoge pet op van de nieuwe boekdrukkunst. Maar hij was niet enkel boekhandelaar. In zijn nadagen schreef hij ook zelf over de illustere figuren die hij doorheen zijn leven heeft gekend. King citeert een boeiende regel uit Vespasiano's werk:: " 'Al het slechte komt voort uit onwetendheid", schreef hij. 'Toch zijn er schrijvers die de wereld hebben verlicht en de duisternis hebben verdreven, vooral auteurs uit de klassieke oudheid' Het ging Vespasiano om deze lessen, deze heldere lichtstralen - dat was wat hij met zijn manuscripten in zijn geplaagde tijdsgewricht hoopte te verspreiden." (p. 200). ( )
  rvdm61 | Sep 11, 2021 |
GIven its subject of how a Florence bookseller helped bring about the Renaissance, I was looking forward to reading The Bookseller of Florence by Ross King. I'd even liked previous books by him, like Brunelleschi's Dome, Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling, and The Judgment of Paris. What a disappointment this was. I was fine with learning about how classics from the Greek and Roman eras were found, often in monasteries, and then recopied with illumination by hand and sold by the bookseller, and how Gutenberg's printing press affected cost, dissemination and access (only the rich could afford the hand-copied ones), but King ot way off track with feuds and wars and the Medicis. There was way too much tedious detail to wade through to get to the promised story. He fell in love with his research and seemed to give us everything he came across. Frustrating. He never does really explain how artists and others in the Renaissance obtained and were inspired by these classics. ( )
  jnwelch | Aug 4, 2021 |
This book is as much a history of book making and the rediscovery of ancient texts during the Italian Renaissance as it was the story of Vespasiano, a notable bookseller in fifteenth-century Florence. At times this book does get bogged down in the details - the author recounts much about how parchment was made and the printing process for manuscripts - but overall, I still found the content interesting and I appreciated the insight into these aspects of the Italian Renaissance. If you're interested in learning more about this period of history, this book makes for a great read. ( )
  wagner.sarah35 | Jul 10, 2021 |
Bibliophilia, European-history, bookseller, historical-places-events, historical-research, history-and-culture, nonfiction, obsession*****

I recognize that this is a personal interest Publish or Perish for Dr Ross King, but I really enjoyed it anyway. This is despite a few pages that I felt I was slogging through. This is because there was so much interesting stuff that was new to me or explained so much better than what I'd learned before. And I did learn a lot from his meticulous research and easy presentation. Just learning more about the development of the written and/or printed word made the whole zillion pages (of which 14% is acknowledgements and credits).
I requested and received a free temporary ebook copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
Too bad that I missed the Zoom at the Cuyahoga Library yesterday! ( )
  jetangen4571 | May 19, 2021 |
The Bookseller of Florence by Ross King is an excellent example of how a history book can both inform and, broadly speaking, entertain. If you like learning about people, places, cultures and technology of the past, there is a lot of information presented in these pages. If you enjoy the narrative of history, how things can progress (or digress) from moment to moment and person to person, there are several narrative arcs here to keep you turning pages. The wonderful part is that whichever of those readers you happen to be, you will be experiencing the other almost without knowing it. I love the story aspect of history and it was amazing how much I learned here, about an era and place I have read a fair bit about, without really realizing it. For those who sometimes find the facts of history tedious, this will be a painless way to learn facts and observe life at that time.

I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy history and want to read it in an engaging and thoughtful form.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley. ( )
  pomo58 | Apr 13, 2021 |
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