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Little Black Book (Bibliophile Mystery) por…
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Little Black Book (Bibliophile Mystery) (edição 2021)

por Kate Carlisle (Autor)

Séries: A Bibliophile Mystery (15)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
407509,616 (4.16)1
Título:Little Black Book (Bibliophile Mystery)
Autores:Kate Carlisle (Autor)
Informação:Berkley (2021), 384 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:mys hc

Informação Sobre a Obra

Little Black Book por Kate Carlisle

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Little Black Book is the next book in the popular Bibliophile Mystery series, and while I really think that cover is beautiful and was excited to have Brooklyn and Derek visit Scotland, I was a bit disappointed in this book overall. Brooklyn is starting to really get on my nerves and I am getting a bit bored with the fact that everyone seems to be an 'expert' in everything. Derek can just about call up anyone and voilà, problem solved. You need a private plane? No problem. You need a decoder? No problem. You need this? No problem. For me, this aspect is getting a bit out of hand and I am having difficulty just focusing on the story.

Let's start with Brooklyn. I normally love her character and in the earlier books, loved how eccentric she was. She was also smart and while she did jump into situations, it wasn't because she was silly. I get that she is married and is worried about Derek, but being married doesn't mean you lose your brain or your common sense. She constantly ignores good advice from Derek and follows him into dangerous situations when she knows that he is quite capable of dealing with them and is only putting herself, and him, into danger by doing so. I rolled my eyes a few times in this book over Brooklyn. Derek however, I still love as a character. He was a lot more fun though, when he was mysterious and we didn't know a lot about him.

The writing style is usually crisp, with a lot of twists and turns, and while I enjoyed the mystery, I did find it a bit muddled at times, as if the author wasn't sure where she wanted to go with an idea. I loved the fact that part of the story took place in Scotland, but am also concerned that people are going to expect Brooklyn and Derek to have to go to all these places to make things more exciting. I don't mind a trip here and there, but this is a cozy mystery novel, not a spy novel, you know? And I feel like some of the elements I really enjoyed in the earlier books are missing from the past couple of novels. And there were some things that both Brooklyn, and Derek, missed that were so obvious which didn't really ring true to their personalities.

Little Black Book is one of those books that I liked, but didn't love. Something has been off these past couple of books where both character and story development has been lacking. I used to really enjoy Brooklyn's personality and her bookbinding experiences, but now feel they are overshadowed by other things happening around her, but those things are starting to slowly turn me off from these books. Everyone is so perfect, everyone has money, everyone is paring off together, and it is starting to get cloying. When done well, the writing is really, really good though, so I will probably read one more in this series to see what happens next. I really miss the feel of the earlier books in this series. ( )
  StephanieBN | Oct 10, 2021 |
Derek has received a rare first edition of REBECCA but the sender is unknown. Brooklyn assumes that it was really meant for her because the book needs some TLC, however when Claire Quinn arrives at their door asking about the package, matters take a different turn. Claire , an expert on antique weapons that Brooklyn worked with on THIS OLD ATTIC, is concerned about her missing aunt and the only clue she has is the receipt for the package sent to Derek. Claire becomes a target of several burly men (who later turn up dead) and she has no idea why. Derek and Brooklyn believe that a code found in the book could be the answer but the code has to be broken. Enlisting not just Brooklyn's family in Dharma but Derek's in UK, the three head to Scotland to try to find the missing aunt and solve the mystery.

Great mystery with characters coming back from previous adventures and more reveals of Derek's past. GREAT! ( )
  cyderry | Sep 13, 2021 |
This being my first introduction to author Kate Carlisle's delightful, "A Bibliophile Mystery" series, I was surprised to discover that this was the sixteenth book in this series. As cozy mysteries go, this had a bit more gravitas and less silliness than many, which I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Plus, the protagonist and her posse head off to Scotland to dig deeper into the mystery - a destination I hope someday to explore.

The premise of the story is Derek Stone, husband of bibliophile Brooklyn Wainwright, receives in the post a first edition of du Maurier's, "Rebecca" from a shop in Scotland. The sender is not identified in the return address nor within the book itself. Then Claire, a former colleague of Brooklyn, shows up on their San Francisco doorstep fretting that her Aunt Gwyneth has disappeared without a trace back in Scotland. Attempts are made on Claire's life and the group heads off to Scotland to get to the bottom of the goings on.

This was a fun, richly descriptive mystery with a number of red herrings and quirky characters. The writing is very good and the tension remains taut throughout the story. Thankfully, I was not at a loss in spite of how far into the series I had started. But at some point, I'll head back to the beginning to get myself caught up. It's just that much of an enjoyable and fun series. ( )
  KateBaxter | Aug 18, 2021 |
Although it felt a wee bit rushed at the end, with a few loose threads never resolved, this entry is arguably one of the better plotted volumes in the series.

For once, it is Derek that initiates the adventure when he receives a book in the mail, from what turns out to be from an old spy colleague. Brooklyn's presence is entirely accidental, but proves fortuitous. But that sequence gave a sense of naturalness to the chain of events. I mean, face it, given their respective professions who is the more likely to be drawn into a murder mystery, the former spy or the bookbinder? With luck, it will be a good while before we have Brooklyn stumbling over a random dead corpse to kick off the action (just off hand, for those who remember the series, does anyone know how often Mrs. King was the one who found the corpse, as opposed being sucked into an adventure brought to her by the Scarecrow?).

For the most part, very little in this story felt forced or too accidental to be credible. If I have a criticism, though, it is that Carlisle's women are still too prone to begin weeping at the slightest provocation, be it shock, sadness, joy, or perhaps even boredom. Is it a coincidence that the few women not liable to this excess (e.g., Alex), are less likely to be promoted to the center of attention?

One final note: This book included a lot of casual mentions of previous adventures, which I heartily approve. I also appreciate when we're given enough details to know how much time has passed since we last saw the characters. (From their perspective, how long has Brooklyn been finding bodies?) I'd probably like to have a timeline more than the concluding recipes, if I'm being honest. In any event, it would be helpful if, when the text makes these references, if it dropped a quick note to tell us which book is being referred to. We can't be expected to remember everything! ( )
  dono421846 | Aug 15, 2021 |
This was another fantastic, absorbing read in a great series. A new setting for Brooklyn and Derek bring a lot of new characters to the story. I found myself remembering how much my mom loved those gothic mysteries--I can remember those dark and stormy covers, all so similar and eerie. When Derek receives a book from an old friend, Brooklyn jumps in to see what it is about. When Claire, an old friend and niece of the book owner arrives in town, chaos ensues. With dead bodies piling up in San Francisco, the trio retreat to quiet Dharma. Trouble follows and the three head to Scotland, where Claire's aunt went missing, there's a new laird at the castle and many secrets to unravel. I do hope they return to this castle overlooking Loch Ness someday. ( )
  ethel55 | Jul 9, 2021 |
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