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The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse…
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The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3 (Volume 3) (edição 2021)

por Wanda E. Brunstetter (Autor)

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219835,740 (4.67)5
Título:The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3 (Volume 3)
Autores:Wanda E. Brunstetter (Autor)
Informação:Barbour Espanol (2021), 320 pages
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The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3 (Volume 3) por Wanda E. Brunstetter

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What a beautiful ending to a charming series. I loved reading about the greenhouse and all the work it takes to run it. Belinda has seen her share of heartache, but it looks like she has two suitors vying for her attention. I loved the intrigue in the book about the vandalism going on at the greenhouse. Who would do such horrible things and cause a family to lose their business?

I loved the part about the elderly lady who seemed to have no way of taking care of herself. The family befriends her and finds that she is in need of love and people who care for her. It is a good reminder of taking care of your neighbor.

Speaking of neighbors, we find Virginia once again spying on her Amish neighbors. She is a very lonely woman who is bitter and a little judgmental. She spends more time complaining about her neighbors then making her home a happy place.

I loved the romance in the book and wasn’t sure who Belinda would choose to marry. Her son Henry isn’t happy that his mother is courting. Losing his father has been hard on him. He still has some grieving to do. I know Henry is still hurting but maybe someone can help him overcome his bitterness. He loves his family and it is hard for him to accept his mother remarrying. This was a great storyline because it is never easy for a child who has lost a parent to deal with someone new coming into their home.

I was extremely surprised at who the person was who had been vandalizing the greenhouse and trying to scare Belinda into moving. I understand why this person did it, but the best part was seeing how several people gave their heart to Jesus. The scripture of, “what the enemy wanted for evil God turned it for good,” fits perfectly in this part of the story. God does work everything out for good. There is much joy and happiness as the series ends. I will miss the characters I’ve grown to love.

I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. The review is my own opinion. ( )
  Harley0326 | Mar 30, 2021 |
The Robin's Greeting is another beautiful story. It continues the King Family's story and how they get past the loss of their three love ones. This book focuses on Belinda and her two suitors. But there seems that there is more to the mystery of who is vandalizing the greenhouse.

There are quite some events that happen for Belinda's two grown daughters. Henry still seems to be grieving the loss of this father and older brother and brother-in-law Toby. But will he find some happiness in this life?

Michelle and her husband seem to come down to spend time with his family. Will Michelle find her mother? There seem to be complete surprises at every turn. Virginia seems pretty upset with her neighbors that live across the street. Will the Martin's ever warm up to the Kings or the Amish?

Virginia seems lonely and upset to be still living in the Amish country. Is there a reason for the Martins to have gotten the house next door and close the greenhouse? Who could be the one that is vandalizing the greenhouse and making Henry go looking for the person responsible for all the attacks on the King's greenhouse? Oh, how this ends and surprises at the end.

Suppose you want to find out how Michelle becomes Belinda King's daughter-in-law. How she became Amish, you should read "The Prayer Jars" series. Its first book is called "The Hope Jar." I have reviewed each one of these books.

Wanda does it again with this book. This series is just as good as "The Prayer Jars." I enjoyed each one of these books in this series, "Amish Greenhouse Mystery." Will they solve the mystery that is going on at their greenhouse? What up with Maude coming to the greenhouse and up to the King's place? I enjoyed the titles of each of these books as well. ( )
  Lindz2012 | Mar 19, 2021 |
"The Robin's Greeting" is the third book in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series. In this novel, Belinda's daughters have married, and she and her son now run the greenhouse. In addition, two suitors vie for Belinda's attention, each of them different and attractive in their own way. How will she choose between them? Belinda must also contend with her son's discontent with her beginning to date. She must also come to terms with her Englischer neighbors, as well as the ongoing vandalism to the greenhouse. There are a few surprises in store at the ending of the story.

Readers who have read the previous two books in the series will find familiar characters in this one, although it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Characters from the "Healing Jars" series also make an appearance to connect the two series. The settings and characters in this clean and sweet novel are realistic. The Christian message is overt but not preachy.

I received this book from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. ( )
  LadyoftheLodge | Mar 17, 2021 |
The Robins Greeting by Wanda E. Brunstetter is book three in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series. This is an amazing story that brings the characters from the previous stories back together and fills in areas I have been wondering about.

After losing her husband, son and son-in-law in a tragic accident just two years earlier, Belinda is unsure of moving forward with her life. She has two men seeking a relationship with her. Not only is she struggling with how she feels about a second marriage, how her children will feel but also what will happen with her business.

I have really enjoyed this series. It’s enjoyable to see the family grow and change. The writing is so clear and good it feels like you are going back to visit good friends. I appreciate the struggles Belinda’s youngest child is going through with trying to find out who is stealing from them and who is leaving threatening notes as he deals with his feeling of his mother moving forward with her life. I like how the story pulled in the English neighbor and how they changed through out this book and eventually asked Jesus into their lives.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. ( )
  eccl | Mar 12, 2021 |
This is the third book in Mrs. Wanda's Greenhouse Mystery series. And boy is it a good one. I have read all 3 now and by far this was a great ending to the series.

Although I did feel like shake the mom somewhat because of her ways of treating the things happening. I did enjoy all the characters. Monroe sure got on my nervous that is for sure. But I was happy to see Herschel being happy, a character from the previous series.

I liked the way Mrs. Wanda worked each character around the mysteries. And the ending amazing.

I read it in a day because I just needed to know who it was. And behold I was not surprised to see it was that person. But surprised enough the way the story unfold. I really liked Dennis's and Henry's characters. Although I do wish we knew more about the Maude's life.

You will enjoy this series. And I hope Mrs. Wanda has more series like this again.

I received a complimentary ARC for my Personal thought. All is my own. ( )
  KHLyles | Mar 9, 2021 |
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