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Seven Days in June por Tia Williams
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Seven Days in June (edição 2021)

por Tia Williams (Autor)

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1094201,235 (4.33)Nenhum(a)
Título:Seven Days in June
Autores:Tia Williams (Autor)
Informação:Grand Central Publishing (2021), 336 pages

Informação Sobre a Obra

Seven Days in June por Tia Williams

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Seven Days in June is everything in a book. It’s such a painful, wonderful, happy story of love, loss and identity that is brilliantly written. It was almost painful to finish this book as I didn’t want to leave the world of Shane, Eva and Audre. Where has Tia Williams been all my life? I need her backlist (which seems to be coming soon according to all the bookselling sites, but it’s not fast enough!)

The story is about Eva. Eva writes vampire/witch erotic fiction which has a devoted, if small, fanbase. There are 14 books in the series and her fans are hungry for more. But the latest book just isn’t flying out of the keys for Eva. She wants to write in another genre about her family’s history but its just not financially possible for the single mum. Her daughter, Audre (who definitely deserves her own book when she grows up), has had a super stable, privileged upbringing and Eva wants to keep it that way. Eva also suffers from chronic, 100-out-of-10 migraines that can hit at any time. It doesn’t make her life easy. Then the man she had one crazy in love week with as a teenager suddenly appears at the Black author panel Eva is speaking at. Shane is back in her life, and it’s great, but there are many unresolved issues from the past. Can both of them work through it or are they better left in the past?

Seven Days in June is not ‘just’ a romance. Sure, the chemistry between Eva and Shane both past and present crackles and sparks off the page but it’s a story of pain too. Physical pain like Eva’s disability and teenage Shane’s rebreaking of his arm as punishment. Both Eva and Shane had broken, disruptive childhoods that left them scarred and at times broken. The parts of the story set in the past ooze pain for these kids that lack care, attention and love; for those who had to grow up too fast. Both Eva and Shane have (or are trying to) get past the ‘being bad’ parts of their past. Eva has built up strong walls to hold herself in and to focus on Audre. Shane is trying to replace his demons with the kids he mentors, clean eating and a lot of running. These characters are deeply flawed but desperately trying to right their wrongs for the future. Eva will do anything for Audre (which Audre knows, and the scene where she jumps to extreme conclusions about how Eva solved her suspension from school is comical). Shane will do anything for Eva, but Eva won’t do the same. She’s got Audre and herself to think about.

Audre was my favourite character. A therapist in the making, she offers her advice to anyone (and also manages to make a profit through Snapchat counselling). She’s sassy and bold, as well and practical and mature. She’s also fearless, offering her advice to Shane and anyone else who is willing to listen. She’s very comfortable with who she is, in contrast to Eva, who rewrites history to give Audre a more positive spin on her family. But Eva and Shane are just as lovable, as are the supporting characters. Any of them could lead their own story too. The chemistry is powerful, as are the emotions of these Black characters. I just want to read anything Tia Williams writes; she knows how to infuse a book with memorable characters and emotions!

http://samstillreading.wordpress.com ( )
  birdsam0610 | Oct 30, 2021 |
So. Damn. Good. ( )
1 vote gossamerchild88 | Aug 22, 2021 |
4.5 stars

This is a completely refreshing romance. I was totally caught up in their lives. I love how Eva was real with herself. Sometimes the female romance leads are in denial or doormats too much. She wasn't. I appreciate that. And Shane is a good guy. And they're so sexy together. I definitely recommend. This was my first read from this author. I will be checking out more. ( )
  ToniFGMAMTC | Jul 19, 2021 |
Tia's best novel yet, as she moves out of the beauty world into characters, Eva and Shane, who are successful writers reliving a fraught, weeklong encounter from their initial meeting in high school. Her trademark romantic tension and sensual loving now have a powerful addition: Eva's savvy daughter Audre, who acts as shrink to her high school friends and bestie to her mom. As usual, the highlight of the novel is the author's ability to integrate quips that induce bursts of laughter amid passages of drama and emotion. Her skill at capturing the loving support of sister-friends and the overall Black joy and success demonstrate that people are able to create peace and beauty in their lives, despite a country that lends little encouragement.

Quotes: " Girls are given the weight of the world, with nowhere to put it down." ( )
  froxgirl | May 29, 2021 |
Mostrando 4 de 4
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