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Greenwich Park por Katherine Faulkner
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Greenwich Park (edição 2021)

por Katherine Faulkner

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Título:Greenwich Park
Autores:Katherine Faulkner
Informação:New York : Gallery Books, 2021.
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Greenwich Park por Katherine Faulkner

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Review of eBook

After four heartbreaking miscarriages, Helen Thorpe’s pregnancy is progressing as it should and, in just a few short months, she and her husband, Daniel, will finally become parents. Adding to their happiness, Helen’s brother, Rory, and his wife, Serena, are also expecting, their child due to be born just a few weeks after the Thorpe baby.

When Helen meets single mother-to-be Rachel at a prenatal class, the two women strike up a fragile friendship. To Helen’s dismay, Rachel is not particularly maternal; however, her friendship fills a lonely void in Helen’s life. Rachel makes her laugh and serves as a distraction from Helen’s ever-present worries.

But there’s something disconcerting about the young woman; it’s not long before other people begin to notice. And, although Helen is oblivious, Rachel’s connection to her family may lead them to a tragedy that could destroy them all.

Told from three points of view . . . expectant mother Helen, Helen’s sister-in-law, Serena, and Helen’s journalist friend, Katie . . . the unfolding story begins with a cryptic letter sent to Helen from someone in prison, then backtracks to follow the last stages of Helen’s pregnancy. A couple of chapters look further into the past, providing the necessary backstory for the narrative; the ending is the conclusion of the stupendous letter that opened the narrative.

Filled with unforeseen revelations, surprising plot twists, and a stunning, unexpected ending they simply won’t see coming, readers will find it difficult to set this captivating narrative aside. An underlying sense of dread keeps the suspense building and the pages turning toward the electrifying denouement.

With believable characters [although Helen’s naiveté is, at times, enough for readers to commence serious eye-rolling] and a cleverly tangled plot that ultimately questions whether or not the mistakes of the past can be corrected, readers will find much to appreciate in this story of family, secrets, and lies.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this eBook from Gallery Books and NetGalley
#GreenwichPark #NetGalley ( )
  jfe16 | Jul 1, 2021 |
This is a slow-burn psychological thriller with an undercurrent of suspense that makes it hard to put down. I think anyone familiar with the genre will figure out who's the bad guy (or gal) and what’s really going on. But getting there is a dark and twisty ride with so many unreliable players doing so much deflecting and deceiving it's never a sure thing. I liked that this was told from three points of view because of all the possibilities they brought to an already complex storyline. What I didn’t like was the way several disclosures near the end were presented as long-winded info-dumps that lead me to expect a let down of an ending. So I was pleased when this had one more surprise to reveal that completely satisfied my taste for just desserts.
This review is based on an arc I received from the publisher through goodreads giveaways. ( )
  wandaly | Jun 11, 2021 |
This is one of those books that just keeps the reader guessing. There are dark secrets to be unearthed, and just when I thought I had them all sussed out, then something else popped up.

As seems to be the fashion with the recent crime fiction novel, there are several narrators and their names head the various chapters. The "hook" is a letter written after the action is complete by an inmate of HMP Bowood to Helen saying that she needs to hear the truth, and here it is. There is no indication who the writer might be. The next chapters regress to when the pregnancy is at 24 weeks, and with Helen who is waiting at the antenatal class for her husband, brother, and sister in law to join her. Her sister in law Serena is also pregnant, more or less due at the same time. They don't arrive and Helen is joined by Rachel who is similarly pregnant and also on her own.

The novel then counts down each week, and new narrators pop up. Helen and Rachel become closer, until eventually Rachel moves in with Helen and Daniel. There are also scenes from Greenwich Park involving characters who remain unnamed.

So there is plenty of mystery for the reader to unravel, there are references to things that have happened in the past, as well as strange events occurring now. We are never quite sure about the relationship between various characters, but we tend to see things mainly from Helen's point of view. ( )
  smik | Apr 20, 2021 |
I would like to thank the publishers (Simon & Schuster) and the author for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review. When I was reading this, I found it hard to believe that this was Katherine Faulkner's first book. It is very well-crafted and meticulously plotted. It is a first-rate thriller and I couldn't put it down. I was engaged with the characters throughout, even though I had difficulty liking Helen. She is truly a damaged heroine and Ms. Faulkner plays her off so well against her more astute and devious friends and family. The setting is in and around Greenwich Park in London. The time is late fall 2018. The premise behind the story is a familiar one, but it is the rich cast of characters that takes this book to the next level. This book will be out sometime this spring, and I recommend that if you like well-written thrillers that you get your hands on a copy. It keeps you guessing until the very end. ( )
  Romonko | Apr 13, 2021 |
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