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The Stepsisters: A Novel por Susan Mallery
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The Stepsisters: A Novel (edição 2021)

por Susan Mallery (Autor)

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Título:The Stepsisters: A Novel
Autores:Susan Mallery (Autor)
Informação:MIRA (2021), Edition: Original, 368 pages

Pormenores da obra

The Stepsisters: A Novel por Susan Mallery

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Strong Character Study With Maybe Not Quite Enough Introspection. This is one of those strong women-bonding-as-character-study type books where we get to see three very different women thrown together as a result of a family that blended and then dissolved years ago, and how that blending and dissolution affected all of them and even their common parents (one step father, one stepmother, both of whom combine to be the natural parents of the third sister). As someone who has a cousin that is actually in the exact position of the third sister - both parents having been previously divorced and having kids from those marriages - this was particularly interesting. As with the other Mallery book I've read so far, she does excellent work keeping things mostly realistic, and really my only fault here - potentially intentional, as it is still a realistic scenario - is that one of the three sisters perhaps doesn't look into herself as deeply as the other two do. Ultimately an engaging and satisfying book, this is thus very much recommended. ( )
  BookAnonJeff | Jul 11, 2021 |
The Stepsisters

By Susan Mallery

The term disfunctional family is loosely used when you describe the three sisters, Daisy a mother of two, the husband has just recently moved out of the family mansion that was left to her. Sage the stepsister who has just arrived home from abroad living a fabulous life, married and divorced three times. And Cassidy the half-sister, a travel writer who’s recently had a terrible accident and needs the help of Krissa to heal.
Cassidy is a nightmare. Sage is trying to be a good person but her past follows her everywhere. She can’t catch a break.
Daisy is barely hanging on by strings through it all. These sisters come together and help each other when they all least expect it.
They say grieving and healing go hand in hand And this book is exactly that
ι ℓσѵɛ∂ ιт ❤️
( )
  amandasgoodbooks | Jul 3, 2021 |
I am surprised the direction in which the drama of The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery goes. It is unexpected, and the fact that it is quickly resolved after is even more surprising. I don't know many (or any!) people who could be as forgiving as some characters in the book were. Perhaps, though, that is the lesson of the book. Forgiveness is as important, if not more so, for the one giving it as the one receiving it.

Read my complete review at http://www.memoriesfrombooks.com/2021/06/the-stepsisters.html

Reviewed for NetGalley and a publisher's blog tour free of cost in exchange for an honest review. ( )
1 vote njmom3 | Jun 20, 2021 |
Daisy’s marriage is falling apart. She is struggling to keep it together when her dad calls and wants her to take in her injured half sister. Cassidy has fallen off a mountain and has multiple injuries and needs constant care. But, along with Cassidy comes Sage. Sage is Daisy’s ex-stepsister. They didn’t get along years ago and it looks like they are falling back into the old pattern.

There is so much about this story that I loved. Each character has good and bad qualities. This makes them so real and adorable. I enjoyed reading about their growth and when they begin to trust each other, their interactions had me laughing out loud!

Now, Daisy’s husband, Jordan, is not someone I enjoyed at all. I found him whiny and down right selfish. But the way the sisters come together to support Daisy just made my day!

Need a good book about over coming the past and learning to love and trust…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review. ( )
  fredreeca | Jun 18, 2021 |
I love a good story about sisters, even if they are stepsisters…and a half-sister. When Daisy’s mother died, her dad married Joanne who had a daughter named Sage. Then Joanne and Daisy’s father had a daughter they named Cassidy. Sage was mean to Daisy at school, and Cassidy idolized Sage. The sisters have been estranged since their parents divorced and had no desire to reconnect. But now the three women are thrown together as adults. Can they get beyond the past hurts and develop a good relationship as adults? Oh, did I mention that Joanne, the evil stepmother, is the instigator of much of the drama? With Joanne as the “mother figure”, no wonder the sisters have relationship and trust issues.

I really enjoyed this book. It was full of heart and made me really care about the three women. The characters are very believable, flaws and all. I felt sad for them as they dealt with their wounded hearts; I laughed and rejoiced with them as they had real “sister moments”. My heart broke for them as they continued to mess up and then dealt with the guilt of their actions. Their behaviors shifted as they came to see each other as adults rather than as children.

I give it a 4-stars rating because I loved the interaction of the sisters, but it was predictable. This is a perfect light beach read. ( )
  BettyTaylor56 | Jun 15, 2021 |
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