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Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology por Eloisa…
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Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology (edição 2021)

por Eloisa James (Autor), Christi Caldwell (Autor), Janna MacGregor (Autor), Erica Ridley (Autor)

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Título:Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology
Autores:Eloisa James (Autor)
Outros autores:Christi Caldwell (Autor), Janna MacGregor (Autor), Erica Ridley (Autor)
Informação:Avon (2021)
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Mistletoe Christmas por Eloisa James (Author)

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I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an advance reader copy of this story.

Mistletoe Christmas is a holiday anthology with 4 stories all taking place at the same house party. This kind of cooperation between the four authors must have been time consuming and hair pulling. To their credit it works. The Duke of Greystoke is throwing what may be his last Christmas gala house party. No one has a clue that his poor overworked, overlooked daughter is the mastermind behind the event of the season. Cressie's story is heartbreaking, he own father refuses to see her worth and it's warped her sense of self. Thank goodness she gets her HEA, though it's a rough journey. My favorite is the last in the quartet, Louisa lives in her head like so many of us do. She manages to get through social situations by bringing out her "automaton", the polite façade that follows all the rules and never puts a foot out of line. Gosh it sounded familiar. The Duke's amazing party turns out to be the setting for four lovely HEA's that are well deserved. I found the all to be a delightful way to spend the day.
#MistletoeChristmas #EloisaJames #ChristiCaldwell #JannaMacGregor #EricaRidley #Christmas #romance HarperCollins ( )
  FDarlene491 | Oct 10, 2021 |
Mistletoe Christmas
An Anthology

Manipulation in the extreme by a difficult dying older man sees four rather unhappy women achieve unexpected happiness in this holiday romance anthology.

A MISTLETOE KISS by Eloisa James
Cressida has been kept back and kept down by her father but manages to come into her own as she manages the Revelry and is “seen” as she truly is by Elias. I liked watching Cressida emerge from her cocoon and Elias become aware of her and what he truly wanted for his future.

Isabelle and Cyrus have spent ten years apart after a broken betrothal in this scrooge-like holiday second chance romance. Both were in the wrong ten years before but thankfully it all comes right at the end of the story.

Caroline and Stephen have been apart for a year when it becomes imperative for them to appear to be happily wedded. I liked the chemistry between this couple, wished they had been able to better communicate earlier, and was happy with how they managed things in the end.

Louisa and Ewan are an unlikely couple though there is attraction between them. The trouble all who read it seem to have is “the secret” Ewan carries around with him – one that is rather unpleasant, actually. I am not sure I would be as forgiving as Louisa was but did enjoy the story.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by these authors? Yes

NOTE: I really REALLY did not like Greystoke…the manipulative dying older man pulling the strings. I am curious about Val and wonder if HE might show up in a book of his own and if so…which author will write it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4-5 Stars ( )
  CathyGeha | Sep 28, 2021 |
I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+. All opinions are my own. Mistletoe Christmas is an anthology of four holiday novellas connected by location and some shared characters. The stories all occur at the Duke of Greystoke’s annual Revelry, the most sought-after Christmas house party. A Mistletoe Kiss by Eloisa James features Lady Cressida, the duke's youngest daughter, who is secretly the creator of all the magic at the house party. It’s her imagination and creativity that make the event the source of delight that it is, and it’s also the reason she’s never really had a chance to be anything but a wallflower as her father is not about to give up any of the credit or allow her to have a life of her own. Lord Darcy de Royleston, upon whom Cressida has a secret crush, never really noticed her until her cousin suggests that he marry her, and so he looks at her, and she’s exactly who he’s been looking for if only he can convince her of the same.
Wishing Under the Mistletoe by Christi Caldwell is the story of one of Cressida’s cousins Lady Isabelle Wilkshire who many years ago was engaged to Cyrus Hill, the son of the stable master and now a well respected financial advisor, but he was so busy chasing his fortune that she ended the engagement because there was never any time for her in his life. They meet again at the revelry, older and wiser; perhaps they can find their way back to what they once had.
Compromise Under The Mistletoe by Janna MacGregor is the story of Caroline Witmore (another Greystoke cousin) and Lord Stephen Witmore, her estranged husband. In order to receive a trust from her uncle she must convince his solicitor that the marriage has been repaired and they are a couple again. So a bit of fake relationship, second chance at love and only one bed. Mischief and Mistletoe by Erica Ridley is the story of Louisa Harcourt who grew up next door to the Greystokes and is a close family friend and Ewan Reid supposed poet who’s hiding a secret that when revealed may end any chance of a Happy Ever After for the couple. I enjoyed these stories very much and do recommend reading them. They will definitely put you in the holiday mood. Steam Level: Medium Publishing Date: September 28, 2021.
#MistletoeChristmas #HolidayAnthology #HistoricalRomanceAnthology #RomanceAnthology #RomanceReader #HistoricalRomanceReader #EloisaJames #ChristiCaldwell #EricaRidley #JannaMacGregor #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #AvonRomance #HarperCollinsCanada ( )
  nmgski | Sep 27, 2021 |
This. Was. Amazing. If I could rate it higher, I would. I love that all the stories revolve around the same party, with a different set of characters taking the spotlight each time. I got so wrapped up in the stories I felt like I was transported back in time, watching it all unfold. Although I loved all 4, if I had to pick one favorite, I would have to go with Wishing Under the Mistletoe. A second chance romance, there was just something about it that hit right. Normally I wouldn't be into reading holiday stories so early in the fall, but this definitely lifted my spirits and brought some cheer to my life. You won't want to pass this one up! ( )
  LilyRoseShadowlyn | Sep 23, 2021 |
A scrumptious delight of Christmas Revels!

Four novellas about high society’s forgotten women, or those who wanted more, centered around the fabulous annual Duke of Greystoke’s Revelry of 1815
The Revelry is described as, “ a magnificent Christmastide house party featuring every amusement and wonder…there are plays, dancing, a magical grotto . . . His Grace has a genius for bringing together the finest in England: the aristocracy mingles with artists, politicians, commoners—even journalists and opera dancers!“ It occasionally gives rise to “scandalous behavior”. It’s also known to be a place where a young woman who didn’t shine during the Season might find a partner, given the more informal situation.
Each story gives us a combination of Christmas festivities and a chance at romance either long given up or given away.

A Mistletoe Kiss by Eloisa James
Lady Cressida, the Duke of Greystoke’s daughter, is the force behind her father’s annual revelries. An invitation to the Revely is something the ton lusts for. The invitees list is published annually. Make the list and you’ve arrived. Marriages and fortunes are made here. The occasion is a wonderland of delight. Not for Cressida though. Her selfish, dying father does everything he can to keep her chained to his side, both now and after his death. He relishes kudos of power at play. And so we come to Cressida’s future. In an instance the bandaid of filial devotion is shattered. Where to for Cressida from here? Tightly written, with the Duke of Greyford such a controlling, dislikeable character, that I throbbed with indignation.

Wishing Under the Mistletoe by Christi Caldwell
A fairytale of love lost. The past pulls on the present in this second chance Christmas romance. Ten years ago Lady Isabelle Wilkshire left her fiancé and walked off into a future of playwriting. She’s been called back to her grandfather’s Revelry (yes, the Duke of Greystoke) to produce a pantomime for the annual celebrations. Cyrus Hill, the man she was to marry is also present. Let the games begin! A touching story of love regained, of lost chances and misunderstandings. Once again the detestable duke is a hovering presence even if it’s from his deathbed.

Compromise Under the Mistletoe by Janna MacGregor
Lady Caroline Whitmore had left her husband Lord Stephen exactly one year ago. Not because she didn’t love him, but because he didn’t truly see her. Having started an art gallery for women she needs her inheritance from her uncle, the Duke of Greystoke. That comes with conditions. Caroline and her husband are required to attend the Duke’s Revely and prove that they are still together as man and wife, obliging the cantankerous (my words) old curmudgeon and what he wanted. I love the acknowledgement Caroline gives her cousin Cressida. “ It was Cressie’s work that made the event spectacular.”
An enjoyable story of love regained, but once more we see the ugly power the Duke keeps trying to impose. He is a malignant presence for those caught in his machinations.

Mischief & Mistletoe by Erica Ridley
Miss Louisa Harcourt was damaged by the scandal sheets in her season. A column, “compared her to Almack’s insipid lemonade, and led to her being denied a voucher. The column responsible for the loss of a young man whom she might one day have wed.”
The season just past was to be her last. To please her mother Louisa has acquiesced to her demands to endeavour to attain the hand of a rich and titled husband by the end of the Duke of Greystoke’s Revels. The thing is Louisa just wants to be left alone to write poetry. That has become her world. When she realises society’s darling poet Mr. Ewan Reid is present Louisa dreams of how she might talk to him about her writing. The thing is Ewan is not all that she thinks he is. He’s a cad even if his reasons for being so might appear honorable. A testy tale that tends towards tragedy, but fortunately is resolved.

An Avon and Harper Voyager ARC via NetGalley
Please note: Quotes taken from an advanced reading copy maybe subject to change ( )
  eyes.2c | Sep 22, 2021 |
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