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An Amish Quilting Bee: Three Stories por Amy…
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An Amish Quilting Bee: Three Stories (edição 2021)

por Amy Clipston (Autor), Kathleen Fuller (Autor), Shelley Shepard Gray (Autor)

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542,502,277 (4.5)Nenhum(a)
Título:An Amish Quilting Bee: Three Stories
Autores:Amy Clipston (Autor)
Outros autores:Kathleen Fuller (Autor), Shelley Shepard Gray (Autor)
Informação:Zondervan (2021), 336 pages
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An Amish Quilting Bee: Three Stories por Amy Clipston

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If you want sweet Amish romances this is the book for you. I love all three of the authors that wrote stories for this book. They have never disappointed me with any of their stories. Each of these stories are based around Christmas and quilts. These stories will make you laugh and cry. I did not want to put the book down until I had read all three stories. These stories are very inspirational. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will. ( )
  Virginia51 | Dec 8, 2021 |
An Amish Quilting Bee by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Shelley Shepard Gray contains three charming Amish tales. I enjoyed all three tales of these sweet novellas. Patchwork Promises by Amy Clipston has Colin Zook taking care of his dairy farm and his grandmother on his own. They have endured a great deal of loss recently including a fire that destroyed their home and belonging. His grandmother particularly feels the loss of a beloved quilt. Joanne Lapp learns about the quilt and sets out to recreate it. Joanne wants to make sure to get it right which results in spending time with Colin. Colin finds himself falling in love with Joanne, but he is sure that she could not care for him because of his responsibilities. What does God have in store for Joanne and Colin? A Common Thread by Kathleen Fuller has Susie Glick thrilled to discover that Alex Lehman has returned to town after two years. Susie was a teenager when Alex left, but now he notices that she is a lovely woman. They just begin dating when Alex must leave town. Alex is shocked when he gets a letter from Susie calling off their courtship. He does not understand Susie’s change of heart. Will Alex accept her decision or fight for the woman he loves? Stitched Together by Shelley Shepard Gray has Rosie working on an intricate quilt for the annual Pinecraft Mennonite Quilt Sale. The proceeds help mission efforts, and the top quilt gets special recognition. Rosie is worried she will not get the quilt done in time. Then she meets Tim Christner, her sister’s brother-in-law. Rosie wants to spend time with Tim while he is in town, but she has other obligations. Everything is spiraling out of control for Rosie. Can Rosie get her priorities in order before it is too late? I thought the three stories were well-written with realistic, developed characters. I liked the life lessons we get from these novellas. The importance of faith and what we are willing to do for those we love, everyone deserves a second chance and people can change, and as love develops, we must grow with it. We also see the importance of communication in a relationship and to always follow God’s lead. I like how the quilt theme ties the three stories together. I enjoy stories that touch my heart and leave me smiling. An Amish Quilting Bee has three sweet tales that are perfect for reading on a cold afternoon while snuggling under a cozy quilt. ( )
  Kris_Anderson | Dec 8, 2021 |
When was the last time you read a story that made you smile and just feel good at the end? That's what this book did for me. The book contains three unique and different stories that revolve around a quilting theme. The stories were of different characters, different locations and all were sweet romances. These were written by some very talented Amish writers that I have been familiar with for many years. They have kept me reading and enjoying Amish fiction for a very long while.
After I finished the last story, I felt happy and I realized that in each of the stories, there was no super amazing thing that happened, they were all stories of ordinary people doing ordinary things, but written so that the stories were interesting and captivating and made me smile. It was a very pleasing book and if you want to read an enjoyable and relaxing book, this book is for you.

I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own. ( )
  Sonja.Hoeke.Nish7358 | Nov 29, 2021 |
Three novella's to get lost in, you can read one or more as the pages fly, and before you know it the last page is turned.

We are given three different stories, and there is a bit of romance, and each has a significant quilt involved. Your heart will go out to these folks, the road is not easy to find what their heart desires, but we get to enjoy the journey.

This book did not disappoint, except when I ran out of pages!

I received this book though Net Galley and the Publisher Zondervan, and was not required to give a positive review. ( )
  alekee | Nov 25, 2021 |
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