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The Change (2022)

por Kirsten Miller

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5672442,559 (3.95)10
"Big Little Lies meets The Witches of Eastwick--a gloriously entertaining and knife-sharp feminist revenge fantasy about three women whose midlife crisis brings unexpected new powers-putting them on a collision course with the evil that lurks in their wealthy beach town"--
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  BurlingtonComLibrary | Apr 20, 2024 |
I thought this book was a complete waste of time and disliked the protagonists' assumption that murder is an appropriate way to change the world. ( )
  maryelisa | Jan 16, 2024 |
  NicoleScuderi | Sep 14, 2023 |

Loved it!
How much? Paired it with audio over a seven hour road trip and stayed up till 2 a.m. to finish reading! I just could not put it down!


First and foremost, I wouldn’t have picked up this book if it hadn’t been for the amazing reviews written by some of my GR friends! Thank you for recommending such an amazing book!

Nessa James, a former nurse and mother of two daughters who are away at college, is gifted with the power of sight – a gift passed down through generations in her family. She can hear the voices of the dead and can also see them. She is a kind-hearted woman who will do everything in her power to help those calling for her help from the other side.
“There’s a dead girl down by the ocean who needs our help. She’s been calling to me, and she won’t be found unless I go look for her.”

Harriett Osborne, once a successful advertising executive has since been sidelined by her male counterparts. Divorced from her husband, she now lives alone in her home with its wild garden (the HOA has major issues, but Harriet knows how to handle them), and has gained repute as the resident “witch“ of the community with her herbs and seeds and weird concoctions causing trouble for some but also proving helpful for others.
“‘Witch’ is the label society slaps on women it can’t understand or control.”

Jo Levison, former hotel manager, presently owns and operates a gym catering to female clientele. She is married and is the mother of eleven-year-old Lucy. Her hot flashes manifest into fierce energy and strength.
“Nessa was the light in the darkness. Harriett was the punishment that fit the crime. She was the rage that would burn it all to the ground.”

When the three friends, guided by Nessa’a power of sight find the body of a young girl discarded in a garbage bag in a secluded area on Danskammer Beach, the local police lean towards writing the victim off as a drug-addicted sex worker. But this is just the beginning of a series of events that leads to the uncovering of a complex web of secrets, corruption and criminal activity in the affluent community of Mattauk. Together, Nessa, Jo and Harriet make a formidable trio and anyone guilty of these atrocious crimes against women and young girls better beware!

With its fluid narrative, interesting characters, absorbing suspense and a healthy dose of humor, fantasy and magical realism thrown into the mix I found Kirsten Miller’s The Change to be UNPUTDOWNABLE! The author does a brilliant job in characterizing these three women each with distinctive personalities and backgrounds. Each of these characters are well fleshed out and their backstories are diligently developed. Touching 470 pages (on my Kindle), this is one of those rare books that never loses its pace or feels long-drawn. The author touches upon many important themes such as the glass ceiling and discrimination in the workplace, gender-related stereotyping, misogyny, sexism, ageism and sexual abuse of minors. The author highlights multiple instances of women being treated disrespectfully - at home, in the workplace and in general. Needless to say, most of the male characters in this story are not very likable. Some descriptions (and language) are graphic and might be disturbing for some readers. You might find similarities between the crimes and criminals depicted in this work of fiction with actual events that we have come across in the news in recent times.

I was hesitant about picking up this book because I was wary of how women going through this phase in life would be depicted. It was so refreshing to see women in their late 40s being represented as perceptive and willful individuals who not only support one another but empower one another. The author creates characters whose life experiences have contributed to their strength, capabilities and sharp-wit in a positive way . Are they perfect? No. But they are interesting and inspiring. Overall, this was an engaging and enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend! I switched between the Kindle version and the audiobook with this one and I must commend January LaVoy for her superb narration of this story. She was able to voice all three of these characters perfectly! I thoroughly enjoyed both listening to the audio and reading the book! ( )
  srms.reads | Sep 4, 2023 |
"There have always been those who want to deny women power. And there are also women who refuse to accept it."

I instantly fell in love with this book because it had this perfect balance of suspense, magic, and friendship. Each of the three women is incredibly different but they all have an underlying gift that they have come into now that they have gotten older. I loved that the author made the gifts appear when the women are technically considered middle age (and in the words of some characters in the book, basically useless to society). Jo and Harriett have both confronted the injustices of a male dominated career and are a little more willing to see the worst than Nessa is. Yet together the three of them are like this unstoppable force determined to learn what happened to this girl that nobody seems to care about. As the story unfolds, the three learn that things are more complex than they originally expected. They soon find themselves in danger and must work together to stop the murder of other young girls.

I really loved this book because it addresses a lot of societal issues in a beautiful way. I am always a fan of powerful female characters and this book had them for sure. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the magical element at first, but actually it was really interesting. The powers the women had just felt like an extention of who they were as a person. I think the suspense of this story was fantastic and I have to admit the last few chapters caught me a little bit off guard, because though I began to suspect, I thought I had to be wrong. I loved the way the author looped in this huge conspiracy type element to the story. I think this book was a beautiful story which addressed injustices in the world we currently inhabit. ( )
  BookReviewsbyTaylor | Aug 28, 2023 |
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"Big Little Lies meets The Witches of Eastwick--a gloriously entertaining and knife-sharp feminist revenge fantasy about three women whose midlife crisis brings unexpected new powers-putting them on a collision course with the evil that lurks in their wealthy beach town"--

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