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The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice,…
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The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2) (original 2005; edição 2007)

por John Flanagan (Autor)

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3,038793,316 (4.18)128
Will is forced to overcome his fear of Wargals, the foot soldiers of rebel warlord Morgarath, as Araluen's army prepares to battle Morgarath's forces.
Título:The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2)
Autores:John Flanagan (Autor)
Informação:Puffin Books (2007), Edition: Reprint, 304 pages
Colecções:Library Book
Etiquetas:2021-04, fiction, fantasy, ya, young adult, teen, adventure, kingdom, medieval, knights, sword, sword fights, growing up, orphan, training, learning, ranger, scout, bushcraft, survival, war, battle, fight, fighting, magic, coming of age, archery, friendship, army, armies, ranger's apprentice

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The Burning Bridge por John Flanagan (2005)

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These books seem so much shorter than when I first read them in Junior High. Horace plays a much bigger part here, especially at the end with the epic battle. Will is so cool as a main character. I think the landscape described in these books is intricate and the pacing is well-planned. Time to read the next one again! ( )
  Emma.June.Lyon | Feb 23, 2021 |
{Second of 11 (or 12); Ranger’s Apprentice series. Fantasy, children’s, YA} (2005)
Group read.

Although his preliminary manoeuvres have been stymied, Morgarath is continuing his preparations for war against the kingdom of Araluen. Will, the Ranger’s apprentice of the title, and his mentor Halt are involved in getting the kingdom and their home of Redmont fief ready for defence. Gilan, Halt’s former apprentice who is now a Ranger himself, comes to them to request that Will join him on a mission to the kingdom of Celtica to invoke the mutual defence treaty. A third member will be needed for the mission since the Celts live by the motto “One man may be deceit. Two can be conspiracy. Three is the number I trust.” so Halt suggests that Will’s old nemesis, Horace, would be a good candidate.

Once they cross the border, however, the three realise that something is very wrong in the land of the Celts and discover that Morgarath’s plans run deeper than anyone had realised and, in fact, have been in motion for some time already. And so a desperate race is on to warn the Araluen army before Morgarath’s forces are fully deployed.

This is a good sequel to [The Ruins of Gorlan]. It is well written, flows smoothly and the characters are likeable. Although the story revolves around Will, I like the way we are shown different points of view so we can see the bigger picture and it has been crafted so the change between points of view of different characters is logical and not confusing.

I liked being shown the training that Gilan gives both Horace and Will. The action scenes are compelling; I’m no Ranger or Battleschool apprentice but they seemed believable to me. And I still like the humour.

“Horace eagerly urged his horse forward, to ride level with the two Rangers.

‘Thank you, sir,’ he said gratefully. Gilan cocked an eyebrow at Will.

‘Polite, isn’t he?’ he mused. ‘Obviously manners are well taught in the Battleschool these days. Nice to be called “sir” all the time.’

Will grinned at the kindly meant jibe. Then the smile faded from his face as Gilan continued thoughtfully.

‘Not a bad idea to have a bit of respect shown. Perhaps you could call me sir as well,’ he said, turning his face away to study the treeline to one side, so that Will couldn’t see the faint trace of a grin that insisted on breaking through.

Aghast, Will choked over his answer. He couldn’t believe his ears.

‘Sir?’ he said finally. ‘You really want me to call you sir, Gilan?’ Then, as Gilan frowned slightly at him, he amended hurriedly and in great confusion: ‘I mean, sir! You want me to call you sir ... sir?’

Gilan shook his head. ‘No, I don’t think “sir-sir” is suitable. Nor “Sir Gilan”. I think just the one sir would do nicely, don’t you?’

Will couldn’t think of a polite way of phrasing what was in his mind

The two slight criticisms I have are that Will and his friends are still somewhat paragons of excellence and that unfortunately, the blurb on the back (of my edition) jumps right to the middle of the book which is a bit annoying (but hardly the author’s fault) because I spent the first half of reading the book anticipating those events.

The book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger - but, hey, there are ten more books to go in this series so it’s no big surprise.

4-4.5 stars ( )
  humouress | Apr 29, 2020 |
A friend and her children read this series in the past. I only recently started it. I did like the first book better than this book, though I am glad to see that the skills of Horace and Will are maturing.

One thing I didn't see mentioned in other reviews is that in Chapter 1 there is a whole section that is almost word for word the same as a scene in book 1 of the series. In fact, I thought perhaps I'd missed that there was a recap of the previous book--right up until the end when the battle plans they'd captured are mentioned (which is different than the previous book).

Gilian's character doesn't seem stupid to me, yet that is how this repeated scene made me think of him. He comes to Halt's home in the night and is surprised that Halt knows who is coming even before he knocks and asks how Halt does it. Well, in the previous book, Halt explains these same things to Gilian--even down to Gilian being his apprentice at one time and Halt hearing Gilian's steps all those years and being able to remember them--So Gilian doesn't remember this same conversation from a few months before?? I don't buy it.

WARNING: REMAINDER OF REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Choose to read more at your own discretion.


I liked more the parts where Horace, Gilian, and Will go on their messenger mission and Alyss and Halt go on a diplomatic mission. I even liked the former group meeting Evalyn and her becoming part of the trio with Horace and Will while Gilian rides ahead to take news to the king and commanders.

I liked that Gilian helped Horace with his sword work and showed both Horace and Will ways to use swords and blades in combat--something that later becomes important in battle.

I like that the Rangers are willing to put their lives on the line for the kingdom.

I less liked the battle scenes. I find them hard to follow--hard to picture when they go on for pages at a time.Maybe it was just because I was tired when I read them, but I was too intrigued to put the book down so I pushed through to find out what happened to Will.

I'm not sure if I think Horace was foolish to challenge Morgarath or brave to do so. Did he feel guilty because Will had been captured? Did he feel Halt had the better chance of tracking Will down once they heard Will was still alive and so did not want Halt to engage in a duel?

The ending was highly unsatisfying to me (though I already know part of what the next book will be about just from reading the back cover blurb of book 3. ( )
  JenniferRobb | Sep 26, 2019 |
When Gilan comes with Horace for a scouting mission, it turns out to be more than expected, halfway through their journey they meet a lost young girl who turns out to be the princess's maid named Evanlyn, or so they think. When they find out something disturbing Gilan goes back to report it to Crowley, Horace and Will find a troop of wargals heading toward their base with slaves. Will, Horace and Evanlyn follow the wargals to their base and they decide to follow them, there they find out Morgrath is building a bridge for a surprise attack on the Araluens, they send Horace as another messenger to Halt, Will and Evanlyn succeed in bringing down the bridge, but in doing so are captured by Skandians.

I love the book because I love the way John Flannagan tells it, because I like the characters and the sudden change of events is keeping me on my toes.

5 stars
(on behalf of Firelion (age 10)) ( )
  firelion | Apr 3, 2019 |
The series started fairly strong, but I felt the odds were high that it would falter in the second installment. Braced for disappointment, I dove in. This book was better than the first.
There are loads of derivative tropes everywhere - but the writing and pacing make up for it, and the surprises are well executed.
Definitely a candy serial - but one I'm on board with! ( )
  Ron18 | Feb 17, 2019 |
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Halt and Will had been trailing the Wargals for three days.
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Will is forced to overcome his fear of Wargals, the foot soldiers of rebel warlord Morgarath, as Araluen's army prepares to battle Morgarath's forces.

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