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The Holy Bible: King James Version por…
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The Holy Bible: King James Version (edição 2008)

por Anonymous Anonymous (Bible Version)

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Título:The Holy Bible: King James Version
Autores:Anonymous Anonymous
Informação:Publisher Unknown, Hardcover, 1590 pages
Coleções:A sua biblioteca

Informação Sobre a Obra

The Holy Bible: King James Version por KJV (Bible Version)

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The most banned book in history was not what I expected. It has history, philosophy, war, sex, crime, the supernatural, prophesy, and more. It changes lives for eternity. ( )
  JoniMFisher | Oct 26, 2023 |
very cool, anyways heres my ranking of all the books

s tier
1. Ecclesiastes (emo existentialism for the win)
2. 1 Samuel (ghosts and witches and homoeroticism and actual character arcs and other cool things)
3. Revelation (this is some tolkien shit)
4. Job (my favorite paul schrader movie)
5.John (john said i’m not like the other evangelists)
6. Genesis (jacob was a terrible person lol but slay for fathering all of israel ig)

a tier
7. Acts (aka paul gives us a tour of the roman empire)
8. Luke (if this isn’t your favorite synoptic gospel you’re wrong)
9. Matthew (watered down luke still slaps ig)
10. 2 Samuel (daddy issues)
11. Judges (lots and lots of violence)
12. Mark (watered down matthew still slaps ig)
13. Exodus (it's no prince of egypt but i mean what is)
14. Psalms (actually pretty beautiful idk if we needed 150 of them tho)
15. Song of Solomon (when will i find love)

b tier
16. Esther (all these characters are psychopaths and need therapy)
17. 1 Kings (sick handel reference)
18. Jeremiah (jeremiah: predicts the destruction of the king and his people
the king: gets mad
jeremiah: surprised pikachu gif)
19. Ruth (short and sweet)
20. 2 Kings (you have to lie on top of a guy to heal him seems a bit gay to me)
21. Lamentations (oh boo hoo your city was destroyed your people were enslaved and your own god turned on you, cry about it)
22. Hebrews (embraces the world and god in a beautiful - if sometimes - boring way. choosing not to believe that paul wrote this)
23. Jonah (damn this book is trippy in more ways than one)
24. Isaiah (i like a good prophecy but didn’t need 66 chapters of this)
25. 2 Corinthians (paul has rights just this once)
26. Proverbs (very cool but this felt longer than psalms even tho its 3 times shorter)
27. James (hate the idea of patience in suffering but this books hates rich people so W)
28. 1 John (sick lars von trier reference)

c tier
29. Daniel (it's pretty bleh imo, i understand why some people love it tho)
30. Ezekiel (the last couple chapters start sounding suspiciously like *those* 3 books of the torah, ezekiel bestie you’re better than that)
31. Galatians (obsessed with an entire bible book being about why people shouldn’t have to be circumsised)
32. Nehemiah (honestly after the misery of the previous like 5 books this was a welcome change)
33. Joshua (ahaha so many people die in this book)
34. Romans (in which paul explains that free will doesn’t exist but you can still go to hell)
35. Joel (trying to think of something interesting to say but its such a nothing book)
36. Ezra (at least its short)
37. 1 Timothy (some interesting lines from paul for once)
38. Zechariah (see joel)
39. 1 Corinthians (ok paul thats enough misogyny for today)
40. 2 Peter (k)

d tier
41. Ephesians (ok paul thats enough misogyny for today pt 2)
42. Haggai (yall need to stop building new temples and start freeing your slaves, helping the poor, etc)
43. 1 Peter (everything after acts is just all the same i dont get how someone was like yeah these are all necessary)
44. Hosea (umm interesting choice of allegory)
45. Micah (ok that's good, yeah that's good, ok alright, ok. okay. alright. okAY ITS ENOUGH PROPHETS)
46. Colossians (we only needed 2 paul letters tops to get the gist instead of 15 change my mind)
47. Amos (just imagine the wonders god could work if he spent his days helping the people he created instead of threatening and abusing them constantly lmao just a thought!)
48. 2 Timothy (guys umm guys i think paul might love jesus and hate women idk tho)
49. Phillippians (more paul bs dont need to say anything else)
50. Zephaniah (we’ve read this exact same schtick at least 15 times @ god)
51. 2 Thessalonians (dont care not listening)
52. 1 Thessalonians (dont care not listening ur longer than 2)
53. 2 Chronicles (deja vu pt 1)
54. Nahum (nahum to the tune of sufjan singing “don't do to me what you did to nineveh”)
55. Malachi (aaand the old testament goes out with a whimper)
56. 1 Chronicles (deja vu pt 2)
57. Jude (he made it bad and let me down :/)
58. Philemon (short books my beloved but paul wrote you)
59. Titus (short books my beloved but paul wrote you youre longer)
60. Habakkuk (habakkuk wyd stop inciting god to mass murder he's already violent enough)
61. Obadiah (oh yeah one time i read an entire book in under a minute hbu)
62. 2 John (^ but 45 seconds this time)
63. 3 John (^ but 30 seconds this time)

shit tier
64. Numbers (they do be counting people)
65. Deuteronomy (i’d cry if i had to listen to hours of moses giving a speech about which seafood you can eat and the correct way to sacrifice lambs)
66. Leviticus (gay people are the devil) ( )
5 vote ahwell | Dec 20, 2022 |
Great ( )
  Azmir_Fakir | Oct 10, 2022 |
It took me almost two years to finish the KJV Bible, but I finally did it! Now my wife and I are reading it together with a commentary study book. Lifelong reading. ( )
  JosephVanBuren | May 17, 2022 |
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