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Matt Ransom: The Early Years por Bobby…
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Matt Ransom: The Early Years (edição 2022)

por Bobby Underwood (Autor)

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Título:Matt Ransom: The Early Years
Autores:Bobby Underwood (Autor)
Informação:Independently published (2022), 548 pages
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Matt Ransom: The Early Years por Bobby Underwood

Adicionado recentemente porMickeyMole, Matt_Ransom

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Collected here are the first three novels in Underwood’s magnificent Matt Ransom series.


I’m generally not a reader of science fiction or stories that take place in the future, but having read and loved many other books written by Bobby Underwood, I had to try this first one in his Matt Ransom series. Boy, Howdy, this great story opened up a whole new world for me!
It takes place in the 22nd century, on an earth that still resembles the one in our time, yet has plenty of differences that are totally conceivable, and Underwood vividly creates believable. The sci/fi aspect is on the softer side, which was really agreeable with my tastes of that genre. I fell in love with the characters right away, and the story was fantastic. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down, and read the fast moving, smoothly written, 138 page narrative in one day.
Underwood does such a masterful job of combining a sensual love story with a murder mystery in a futuristic world, I felt at times I was actually there, rooting for Ransom, his wonderful wife, and loyal friends as they lived and loved in the not so distant future. Love plays a huge role here, and its display goes way beyond the sensual, intimate moments between husband and wife. The big theme here concerns the value of individuals and how they can connect by overlooking their perceived or real differences, and see into the hearts of each other. On the surface, this is a tale of a detective trying to solve a murder. But, it is much more than that. It’s a story full of love, hope, and faith, all of which transcend time and circumstance.


“For even deep in the throes of battle with evil, love and romance can never be cast aside, because they are our shield and armor against the darkness.”

This quote from the beginning of chapter 29 sums up this fabulous second book of the Matt Ransom series much better than anything I could write here. As in Bobby Underwood’s other great books, love and romance play such a prominent role in the plot, they are like an extra super hero character, fighting for truth and justice in a darkened world where most people just want to live in peace and enjoy life with their loved ones.
Matt Ransom cares about such things, too, and he has the ability and willingness to fight the evil that’s constantly trying to take away freedom and joy. If he has a super power, it’s in the love he shares with his wife, LeAnn.

“One of the many remarkable things about the woman I loved was her ability to find wonder and romance in new places and situations. She was bright, intelligent, and fully aware of why we were here, and the danger that entailed. But she always had the ability to see the good, even in the face of ugliness. She was my camera lens to everything wonderful. The little romantic things which excited her were invariably those things which made life worth living, and made it worth fighting for.”

Matt has a lot to be fighting for; Not only to protect those he cares about, but possibly for earth’s survival. THE TENDER SHORE is a smooth cruise through stormy waters, laced with sensual moments between lovers amidst a 22nd century mystery. It’s a fun and romantic journey into one possible future for mankind that often takes your breath away. Seldom will you see a sci-fi mystery with such beautiful writing.

“Home for me wasn’t a location, but a person. LeAnn’s love had always been a lighthouse during a storm, guiding me safely back to her tender shore.”

“For the plant which has been scorched by fire yet returns anew to stretch its arms once again towards the sun, can teach us all we need to know of life and living.”

Not only is Matt a great detective, but he has a passion for history, particularly for that of great music and films from the 20th century, which he reminisces about at opportune times throughout the narrative. I love these tidbits of nostalgia that Underwood includes here and in his other works. It’s a nice added bonus when he mentions baseball, too!


“For when his waters are dark and in turmoil, the gentle tide of her love will sooth his restless sea.”

Matt Ransom is back in this third installment of Bobby Underwood’s sexy and emotionally resonating series. Underwood is a master of character development. I thought I had a good handle of who Ransom was from reading THE VELVET SEA and THE TENDER SHORE, but I learned even more in this fantastic tale of the 22nd century. Matt is a highly intelligent Civil Regulator with a passion for history and an enormous capacity for love. Dealing with his own supposed flaws and the evils he has to face in his work, he still has enough awareness to realize he is missing something in his relationship with others, and resolves to do something about it. With the help of his wonderful wife, LeAnn, he finds a way to open his heart a little wider, and at the same time returns to the muck in an attempt to solve a mystery that turns out to involve a particularly nasty and extremely evil crime.

One of the things I love about this series is witnessing the love between a husband and wife, even after many years together. The way Matt speaks of LeAnn is such a beautiful and refreshing thing in these books.

“She was wearing a white undershirt; the kind Clark Gable had made famous in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT well over two centuries ago. She wore a black leather jacket over it, and black pants. She had simply brushed her long black hair straight. We could have been on our way to get an ice cream rather than on our way to Paris. She always excited me, even after all this time. We loved each other, and maybe it was simply knowing she was crazy about me and up for anything spontaneous as long as it was with me that made her so sexy. She wasn’t frivolous, she was just wonderful, and I worshiped the ground she walked on. I thanked God every day that the ground she walked on was always next to me.”

Matt is also surrounded with an array of friends whose trust he’s earned with his uncommon ability to reach the hearts of everyone he meets. He will need all the help he can get in this fast-paced, highly stylized narrative. Underwood uses a unique style with this futuristic thriller. It reads like an old-fashioned pulp mystery from yesteryear, yet reaches levels far above that style with its descriptive, moving atmosphere and flawless dialogue. It’s much more than the sum of its parts; there’s a theme running throughout, championing the importance of friendship, love, and faith that raises it above anything else in the genre.

“For perhaps the greatest gift is simply to love, and to be loved by someone, for it is that gift which heals all wounds.”

The three novels presented here make this beautiful volume worth its weight in gold. ( )
1 vote | MickeyMole | Nov 23, 2023 |
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