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Lovers' Tide

por Bobby Underwood

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Adicionado recentemente porMickeyMole, Matt_Ransom
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Four great stories collected in one fine book.


“She was maybe seventeen or eighteen, pretty in a way that came from the inside-out. She had that trusting look a lot of girls too nice for this world have; a look that takes for granted you’re as sweet as they are, a look that says they can never imagine you being any other way.”

This wonderful story is just the kind for anyone who loves a romantic adventure with an intriguing touch of the supernatural. I grew up loving such stories. I must have been hungry for another such adventure, because I devoured every word of this one. When I finished, this warm glow came over me, and I knew I’d just read something special.
Bobby Underwood just doesn’t tug at your heart strings here, but gives you a great big bear hug. Don’t miss it!


“Everything’s worth fixing if you care about it. Even people.”

In this wonderful short story we find a man and a woman, both alone, and carrying mental scars from the past. Is it coincidence that these two broken people meet on a lonely stretch of road near Galveston? Or, could it be fate? Or, is there some supernatural cause that brings them together?
No matter the cause of their meeting, I’m glad Buford and Candace met. Underwood gives the reader a gritty, fast-paced story of redemption, healing, and love that is much more than the sum of its 11 chapters. Few can write with such conciseness and sharp observation as this author, leaving us a reminder of what it means to be human and loved.


Reading this short story is like watching Bryce Harper hit a home run, or Muhammad Ali throw a jab, or Pele perform one of his classic bicycle kicks for a goal. An all-the-way beautiful thing to behold. Joy Island, the story, is like the actual place that Bobby Underwood so lovingly and vividly creates. It’s a story of life and love that transcends our world that oftentimes throws some hard things at us that can become too tough to handle. Underwood beautifully and magically reminds us that hope and love can overcome even the worst things.


This romantic/noir is 41 pages of pure reading delight. As in his other work, Underwood is a master of taking the reader with his well-developed characters (even in a short story) to exotic locales that come alive through his vivid descriptions. The romance, so finely interwoven within the feeling of the noir of yesteryear, gives this story a life and genre all its own.
I loved it!

These four stories in one volume is a must read for anyone who loves a great story written with exacting passion. Each one will lift you to a higher, better plane of existence. Wonderful stuff! ( )
1 vote | MickeyMole | Nov 23, 2023 |
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