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Anne Frank : The Biography por Melissa…
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Anne Frank : The Biography (edição 1998)

por Melissa Müller (Autor), Rita Kimber (Tradutor), Robert Kimber (Tradutor)

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5542133,795 (4.32)5
Biographical version of Anne Frank's life between 1939 when Holland was occupied, until her death at Auschwitz in 1945.
Título:Anne Frank : The Biography
Autores:Melissa Müller (Autor)
Outros autores:Rita Kimber (Tradutor), Robert Kimber (Tradutor)
Informação:Metropolitan Books (1998), Edition: 1st, 352 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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Anne Frank: The Biography por Melissa Müller

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A great biography of Anne Frank; its style is simple and selfless, entirely in service of the subject.

I'm a slow reader, but it took me less than two days to finish.

Actually I felt as if I read three books here.

The first of these consists of the years before the Franks went into hiding. Ms. Muller tells us vividly about what was going on in Germany in the eyes of ordinary people like Anne's father, Otto. It is gripping to read about people's decisions in those days to leave or not to leave Germany. Their growing fear is palpable, and if you've only read Anne's diary, it may be especially interesting for you to read about the impact on the Franks of Hitler's occupation of Holland, which took place two years before Anne began her diary.

Then come the years in hiding, which is a very different part of the biography -- the second of three "books" or distinct experiences that I had. The prelude to the hiding consists of a portrait of the "external" world, in which Anne herself appears as an extroverted child, one with a personality more difficult than I had imagined, and one who was not yet aware of the larger history taking place around her; I dare say she can be the least interesting element of the first part of the biography. But once we come to the years in hiding, Anne is forced to become more introspective, and her inner life comes to the fore.

This part of the biography actually becomes something of a meditation on family life and human intimacy. My reading slowed down, but the content was actually more interesting than the large-scale historical portrait. This was really more than I had expected from a biography of one girl -- it turned into a sympathetic account of Anne's whole family and its individual members. The discussion of a formerly unpublished diary entry concerning the Franks' marriage, which delves as well into the issue of censorship, is, I think, the highlight of the book. It is obvious that Ms. Muller is both sympathetic to the protagonists and committed to the truth, which makes the subsequent turn to other well-trod subjects, like Anne's own love life, appear like an anticlimax.

Still, the story does not flag, and we arrive finally at the "third" section of the biography, the account of the betrayal and the concentration camps. To say that this material is gripping is to say nothing. Yet I was newly disturbed by the details here. From a historical point of view, what Ms. Muller has highlighted to great effect is how everything the Nazis did was intended not just to destroy, but also to humiliate. This had already been clear in Ms. Muller's chronicling of the sequence of restrictions placed upon the lives of Dutch Jews, which are rightly described as "malevolent." Here at the close of the book we see it repeatedly, as when Ms. Muller describes the disorientation that Jewish prisoners must have felt upon disembarking from trains at Auschwitz and being greeted with high floodlights and whippings. This is large-scale history from the personal vantage point, as with any biography -- but it enhances the history around it. Often what the Nazis did, because it is analyzed in an attempt to understand how it came about and how it functioned, is remembered in the abstract, so that, for instance, the restrictions on Dutch Jews can seem merely like the necessary steps to genocide rather than the malevolent expressions of hatred that they also were.

In the end the biography, though impossible to put down, becomes hard to read. The one negative thing I can say about the last part of the book is that it is so horrifying, it overwhelms a reader's reception of the gifts in the earlier sections; those have to be taken in again under a second reading. ( )
  krosero | Jul 10, 2021 |
All'indomani della sua pubblicazione, la biografia scritta da Melissa Müller ha fatto scalpore. Il motivo: il ricorso a un documento scottante, ovvero a cinque pagine dello stesso "Diario" di Anne Frank, rimaste a lungo inedite per la volontà di Otto Frank, il padre di Anne (fonte: Google Books)
  MemorialeSardoShoah | Apr 22, 2020 |
Most of have read about Anne Frank, or at least heard of this young girl. Bright , vivacious , and insightful Anne, along with her mother and sister, is murdered by the cruel Nazi regime of WW2.
THIS particular book by Marcia Muller is most likely the most informative and well-researched bio of the the girl that was, and the young woman she was becoming. ( )
  linda.marsheells | Sep 2, 2018 |
Oculta con su familia y otra familia judía (los Van Daan), en una buhardilla de unos almacenes de Ámsterdam durante la ocupación nazi de Holanda. Ana Frankcon trece años, cuenta en su diario, al que llamó Kitty, la vida del grupo. Ayudados por varios empleados de la oficina, permanecieron durante más de dos años en el acht erhuis (conocido como el anexo secreto) hasta que, finalmente, fueron delatados y detenidos. Ana escribió un diario entre el 12 de junio de 1942 y el 1 de agosto de 1944. El 4 de agosto de 1944, unos vecinos (se desconocen los nombres) delatan a los ocho escondidos en "la casa de atrás". ( )
  BibliotecaUNED | Nov 30, 2017 |
Very readable.. compulsively so.. Here is a personal tragedy;
A well-written account, with a strong narrative and a seamless meshing of biographical and historical detail. ( )
  RobinRowlesAuthor | Oct 7, 2014 |
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One of the things that made the diary so poignant and one of the things that lend this biography such power is the awful juxtaposition of the ordinary and the horrific, the mundane and the unimaginable. Seeing Anne and her friend Hanneli jumping rope and playing hide-and-seek in an Amsterdam park one moment; then seeing them meet again several years later, in a Nazi camp, trying to speak to each other through a straw-packed fence. Picturing Anne's collection of favorite photos (Greta Garbo, Ray Milland and the future Queen Elizabeth) on the attic wall by her bed; then picturing the arrival of the German security officer and the Dutch henchmen who have come to arrest the Franks and take them away.
adicionada por ozzer | editarNew York Times, MICHIKO KAKUTANI (Sep 29, 1998)

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Kimber, RobertTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
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Biographical version of Anne Frank's life between 1939 when Holland was occupied, until her death at Auschwitz in 1945.

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