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I Asked For Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology…
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I Asked For Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology (edição 1983)

por Abraham Joshua Heschel (Autor), Samuel H. Dresner (Editor)

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218594,247 (4.5)8
Considered by many to be one of the most significant Jewish theologians of the 20th century, Abraham Heschel finds just the right words to startle the mind and delight the heart. He addresses and challenges the whole person, portraying that rarest of human phenomena--the holy man.
Título:I Asked For Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology
Autores:Abraham Joshua Heschel (Autor)
Outros autores:Samuel H. Dresner (Editor)
Informação:The Crossroad Publishing Company (1983), 160 pages
Colecções:Books 4 Sale

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I asked for wonder : a spiritual anthology por Samuel H. Dresner (Editor)

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Remarkable ( )
  leebill | Apr 30, 2020 |
Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907—1972), Jewish theologian and rabbi, gets into the "imago-free" territory of God with this book of prayers and reflections. I love the Jewish faith for its simplicity and ancientness, and this book reminds the reader of the universality of religious experience. Because of his erudition and forthright, simple language, this book can assist the reader in reconnecting with the most basic instincts to connect with a "higher power."

Audience: Jewish persons of faith will especially like this book, but Heschel's perspectives are beautiful, simple, and refreshing. ( )
  rlf06153 | Mar 20, 2020 |
Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote on many of topics of interest to rabbinic scholars and Christian theologians, including the relationship of God and man, prophecy in the Old Testament, and Jewish life. Rabbi Samuel Dresner has taken short sections from many of Dr. Heschel’s scholarly writings and poetry, arranging them by themes in the fourteen chapters of I asked for wonder. In these chapters, Dr. Heschel expresses basic truths about God, prayer and the Bible, and the place of the Jewish faith in the life. The words are as fresh and profound today as they were when written. I found myself reading a few short sentences, then meditating on the words and meanings.

The editor has included citations to each quote in the back of the book, coded to the source materials. However there was no bibliographic information other than title to accompany the codes. Since I wanted to know the source of the writings and where I could read more, I was constantly flipping to the list of sources. It would have been more efficient and user friendly to have printed this information on the same page as the quoted material. Also the book does not contain a bibliography of works. Even though this is not a scholarly work, this list would have been invaluable.

For a wonderful introduction to the work of this most remarkable and religious man, as well as a spiritual experience, pick up I asked for wonder. Wonder is what you will receive! ( )
  fdholt | Sep 27, 2013 |
NO OF PAGES: 123 SUB CAT I: Theology SUB CAT II: Philosophy SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: "Heschel, like his Hasidic forebears, had the gift of combining profundity with simplicity. He found just the right word not only to express what he thought but to evoke what he felt, startling the mind and delighting the heart as well as addressing and challenging the whole person. There are passages in this collection which, once encountered, will be taken up again and again, until they are absorbed into one's inner life. Reading Heschel is to peer into the heart that rarest of human phenomena, the holy man." With these words, Rabbi Samuel H. Dresner, an early student and longtime personal friend, introduces his collection of the aphorisms and spiritual wisdom of Abraham Joshua Heschel. Drawing upon virtually all of Heschel's published work, Rabbi Dresner has an unerring eye for the heart of the matter: brief, gemlike statements that have both the universal appeal and the element of surprise of all great wisdom literature. The excerpts have been grouped around the major themes of Heschel's spiritual vision--God, Prayer, Sabbath, Religion, and so on--and form the perfect introduction to this great Jewish mystic, philosopher, historian, and social reformer.NOTES: Purchased from Amazon.com. SUBTITLE: A Spiritual Anthology
  BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Awakening, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is much more than the title implies. After reading Heschel’s book entitled The Sabbath, I wanted to read more of his work. I Asked for Wonder did not disappoint me in any aspect.

I asked for wonder, and received it through Rabbi Heschel’s writings, which are masterful, magnificent and filled with wonder within his wise words. I Asked for Wonder, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, is an anthology of his works that I highly recommend to everyone, no matter your faith. ( )
  LorriMilli | May 5, 2010 |
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Heschel, Abraham JoshuaAutorautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
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Considered by many to be one of the most significant Jewish theologians of the 20th century, Abraham Heschel finds just the right words to startle the mind and delight the heart. He addresses and challenges the whole person, portraying that rarest of human phenomena--the holy man.

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