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Dead Money: A Novel por Jakob Kerr
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Dead Money: A Novel (edição 2025)

por Jakob Kerr (Autor)

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522,994,381 (4.5)Nenhum(a)
Título:Dead Money: A Novel
Autores:Jakob Kerr (Autor)
Informação:Bantam (2025), 416 pages
Coleções:A sua biblioteca

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Dead Money: A Novel por Jakob Kerr

Adicionado recentemente porjfe16, Razinha, tottman, kmartin802

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Review of Uncorrected eBook File

Tony’s work at Journy’s offices was explicit, and he handled it exactly as was expected of him . . . and then he found the body of Trevor Canon.

Who killed Journy’s founder and CEO? And why?

That’s precisely what lawyer Mackenzie Clyde intends to find out. As a problem-solver for Roger Hammersmith, she’s used to high stakes. Then FBI Agent Jameson Danner becomes part of the investigation, and Mackenzie seems to be in over her head.

But Mackenzie is used to being underestimated . . . and she sees an impossible-to-ignore opportunity.


From the outset, the fast pace of this high-stakes adventure is a relentless thrill ride hurtling the narrative forward and keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The plot is complex, filled with intrigue and surprises. Strong, believable characters . . . with close-held secrets . . . populate this tale of the high-tech world of the Silicon Valley and the cutthroat offices of the rich and powerful.

The unfolding narrative slowly peels away the layers of secrets, lies, and conspiracies with its unexpected, mind-boggling revelations. The corporate technology twist keeps the mystery feeling fresh; this electrifying tale is both compelling and unputdownable.

Readers who enjoy technological thrillers or mysteries will find much to appreciate here. as it races toward a denouement the reader simply won’t see coming.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this book from Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine / Bantam and NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
#DeadMoney #NetGalley ( )
  jfe16 | May 30, 2024 |
I got an email from NetGalley two days ago recommending this book and being pre-approved to read it. For a genre I don't normally turn to, it seems I do enjoy them when I do. I would have read this in one sitting if it weren't for other things like life and all and it being really late (I finished the last 30 or so pages after sleep.) It's a page-turner and has more than a few clever twists. Astute readers will see some things coming a mile away... and then find that, while right, "but wait! there's more!"

Disclosure: I rarely summarize fiction plots, mainly because I think it unfair to the author - there are plenty of people who do for those on the hunt, and there is almost always an extra teaser blurb somewhere - and I think it unfair to the reader who, like me, dislikes spoilers.

So, we've got an engaging debut novel, reminding me a little of Crichton (but better). Recommended.

This made me laugh:
“How about you?”
“I started
Black Swan but couldn’t get through it.”
“Why?” Mackenzie shrugged. “Taleb’s an insufferable prick.”
Brady’s face froze with surprise, then burst into an explosion of laughter.

I am not a fan of Taleb or Black Swan (I noted: "Some people have the skill to make a complicated topic understandable. Some have the talent of making a simple topic complicated. Some can convolute the hell out of simple or complex… and think highly of themselves. Talib is one of those some people.")

I found this an interesting perspective:
“It taught me something important. There’s no such thing as closure.”
Danner raised his eyebrows. “Closure?”
“It’s a bullshit concept,” Mackenzie said. “Invented by psychologists to indulge people who can’t move on. Everybody’s got shit in their past.”
“Isn’t that the point, though? To confront the past, so you can move on from it?”
“You can’t confront the past. It already happened. ‘Seeking closure’ is just an excuse to wallow in it.”

I am exposed:
He texted like a Boomer—sporadically, with unnecessary punctuation.
Huh. {raises hand when reading “Boomer”} When is punctuation not necessary?

And sometimes vernacular doesn't fit:
Punching the gas, she peeled a track across the desert, bearing for Yoo and Kovalev. Mackenzie had been in many Journy Buggies. They drove like any other golf cart: top heavy, jerky steering, electric motor.

Gas? electric motor? ( )
  Razinha | May 13, 2024 |
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