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My Buddy (Rise and Shine) (An Owlet Book)…
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My Buddy (Rise and Shine) (An Owlet Book) (edição 1994)

por Audrey Osofsky (Autor), Ted Rand (Ilustrador)

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A young boy with muscular dystrophy tells how he is teamed up with a dog trained to do things for him that he can't do for himself.
Título:My Buddy (Rise and Shine) (An Owlet Book)
Autores:Audrey Osofsky (Autor)
Outros autores:Ted Rand (Ilustrador)
Informação:Square Fish (1994), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:k-2, disability, service dog, health

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My Buddy por Audrey Osofsky

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Great to read to understand what a service animal is and how some people use them. Helps educate non-disabled students.
  jthodesen01 | Sep 9, 2018 |
In this book we are given a chance to explore the different disabilities that people can have. Young readers who are curious are given many explanations and answers any concerns they may have about certain disabilities. This book shows the different equipment used to help the disabled and how disabled people can still live their lives to the fullest. I really love how this book exposes young readers to ask questions and to confront the topic of disabilities. So many children have disabilities and so many children are unsure of how to go about befriending someone who may seem "different" from them. This book shows that even if a child has a disability they are no different from their peers. Very informative and easily understandable for young readers. I know there are better stories out there about assistant dogs, but this book does a fine job at introducing the topic. ( )
  aquinn | Apr 2, 2018 |
This is the story of a little boy with muscular dystrophy and his service dog, Buddy. The boy tells readers about all of the amazing things Buddy does to help him every single day. Throughout the book we see the boy working hard to train Buddy, and by the end they're the perfect team. ( )
  T.Spears | Dec 1, 2017 |
Buddy is a service dog to a young boy with muscular dystrophy. The young boy adores Buddy and says that they are best friends. Buddy helps the young boy go to school, pick up things, and opens doors. The boy explains that life before Buddy was difficult, but now he feels much better and enjoys Buddy's company.
I liked that the author placed the character in an environment of a young boy's setting. He goes to school, the park, and plays video games with his friends. I also liked that the author included bits and pieces of the boy's past before he got Buddy. She did an excellent job illustrating the character and his adaptive equipment accurately. She also touched on the important subject of service dogs and how it is not appropriate to touch or feed them while they are on the job. ( )
  rmwinter | Apr 2, 2017 |
I really enjoyed this book because I am a huge dog lover and this book is about a young boy whose best friend is a dog. But, his dog is the one who looks after him everyday because he's diagnosed with the disease muscular dystrophy and has to be in a wheel chair. Buddy learned commands to be able to help the young boy with simple things we take for granted we can do. Buddy helps him pay for the groceries at a grocery store, turning lights on/off, pushing elevator buttons, getting things from high shelves, etc. The young boy feels lucky to have such a wonderful dog to help him do things other kids can do, but he can't. The book does focus on things that the young boy can't do but it shows his relationship with Buddy and how he is there to help him. The book grabs my attention because I start to feel sorry for the young boy because he can't do so many little things that I take for granted. I can't imagine being confined to a wheel chair, not being able to reach for things, push a button, turn on lights, etc. But, luckily for this boy, his buddy is there for him. I believe the books shows: Promote empathy and an overall feeling of understanding for people with disabilities, as well as provide accurate information about a specific disability. I really liked this book and would definitely share this with my students. Also, the illustrations were great. ( )
  cmsmit12 | Mar 23, 2017 |
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... The book is not about muscular dystrophy, but about the boy's desire to be independent and treated like everyone else. Even more important, it is about the team's wonderful friendship. It is realistic about the seriousness of what working dogs do and how important they are. ... [From "Voices from the Margins: An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction of Disabilities and Differences for Young People," 2002.]
adicionada por CourtyardSchool | editarVoices from the Margins, Marilyn Ward (Jan 1, 2002)
... Buddy is a service dog. ... This book describes Buddy's training and his life with the boy who needs his help.... [From "The New Books Kids Like," 2001. For this book, the authors "surveyed children's librarians from around the country, bringing together the wisdom and experiences of librarians from both school and public library settings for one collection of expert picks."]
adicionada por CourtyardSchool | editarNew Books Kids Like, Sharon Deeds (Jan 1, 2001)
This is a interesting story of a young boy's special relationship with his buddy - who is a Service Dog. The story also describes how the dog helps the boy who is in a wheelchair because of his struggle with muscular dystrophy. [From "Using literature to enhance inclusion," Vol. 70, Issue 2.]
adicionada por CourtyardSchool | editarContemporary Education, Pamela A. Kramer (Jan 1, 1999)
A young boy with muscular dystrophy tells about being teamed up with his best friend, Buddy, a golden retriever service dog.... This is a rather generic account of a service dog and his partner (the boy's name is never given nor is the dog ever less than perfect). Still, the work is generously illustrated with descriptive watercolors and will serve to acquaint children with the work of service dogs....
adicionada por CourtyardSchool | editarBooklist, Annie Ayres (Feb 1, 1993)
Gr 1-3 -- A young boy with muscular dystrophy... is paired with an intelligent golden retriever who performs everyday tasks that are too difficult for the physically challenged. ... Readers will benefit from this easy-to-read, first-person narrative of an unusual friendship that also demonstrates the desires of the handicapped to be independent and to be treated like everyone else. Graceful watercolor illustrations that emphasize the closeness between boy and dog are a perfect accompaniment to this entertaining and informative book.
adicionada por CourtyardSchool | editarSchool Library Journal, Valerie F. Patterson (Nov 1, 1992)

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A young boy with muscular dystrophy tells how he is teamed up with a dog trained to do things for him that he can't do for himself.

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