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Sweetblood por Pete Hautman
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Sweetblood (edição 2010)

por Pete Hautman

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3931850,166 (3.65)8
After a lifetime of being a model student, sixteen-year-old Lucy Szabo is suddenly in trouble at school, at home, with the "proto-vampires" she has met online and in person, and most of all with her uncontrolled diabetes.
Autores:Pete Hautman
Informação:Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (2010), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 208 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:young adult

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Sweetblood por Pete Hautman

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- Lucy is undead. Well, she’s not really a vampire, but as a diabetic, modern medicine has saved her life, so centuries ago, she would have been long dead by now. This year, high school is boring her to tears, and she’s close to failing, which is freaking her parents and teachers out, since she did so well last year, but the only thing that interests Lucy is black clothing, the vampire chat rooms she frequents, and one fellow chatter, whose chat name is ‘Draco’. Draco is unlike the others who occupy the online chat rooms in that he actually seems to know what he’s talking about—he might actually be a vampire. And when Lucy meets Draco in person, she must decide how much her health, and life, are worth to her… ( )
  kayceel | Aug 15, 2013 |
This is probably one of the most interesting vampire books I've ever read. It's the first one that gives a reasonable, logical - and even historical - explanation for the existence of vampires, and that gave it a whole new level of realism that I really enjoyed. For those who like the traditional, mysterious, supernatural vampire, this is not a book for you. If you like the idea of unmedicated diabetics as vampires, you'll love this. ( )
  frozenplums | May 4, 2013 |
I really loved this book when I read it. I loved how I was able to relate to the main character. This is a book think I could read over and over. It also seem's like a perfect book for those of us coming of age. ( )
  KatrinaDuvall1992 | May 1, 2012 |
Lucy Szabo, a diabetic, is into the goth/vampire scene. She frequently haunts a vampire chatroom, and is engrossed in one Draco, a member who claims to be an actual vampire. She begins to let her life crumble as she goes deeper into the vampiric rabbithole, with her grades falling and her relationship with her parents failing—to say nothing of her (in)ability to regulate her blood sugar. Things don’t look good for the young miss—can she climb back up before it’s too late?

Personal Opine
This book is more apropos for teens, and in that regard it is spectacular. It deals with the strain one’s relationship with their parents can go through, the alluring call of sketchier sides of life (not a metaphor for drugs, honest!), and despite the subtitle and one Draco, it all stays within the real world and doesn’t get crazy. And plus, it informs and teaches about life with Diabetes. I highly recommend this book for the fresh teens, or those wanting to get into fresh teen’s heads. And hey, with the twilight craze, it’d be easy to get them to read about vampires!

Class extension ideas
1. For fun, discuss Lucy’s “Diabetics were the original Vampires” essay and see what they think.
2. Have the students write a paper about times their parental relationships have been strained and how they dealt with it. ( )
1 vote CrossEyedClown | Mar 27, 2011 |
Somewhat dark though enjoyable. I read it in one sitting in about an hour because it was interesting enough that I didn’t want to stop. I'd recommend it to others. ( )
  joyfiction | Feb 8, 2011 |
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After a lifetime of being a model student, sixteen-year-old Lucy Szabo is suddenly in trouble at school, at home, with the "proto-vampires" she has met online and in person, and most of all with her uncontrolled diabetes.

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