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By Word Of Mouse por Kate Spohn
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By Word Of Mouse (edição 2004)

por Kate Spohn (Autor)

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A field mouse decides to live in the big blue house with two sisters who are artists, and is so happy with what she finds there that soon all of her relatives join her. Based on the true story of Caldecott Award winner Dorothy Lathrop's inspiration for her first book, The Littlest Mouse.
Título:By Word Of Mouse
Autores:Kate Spohn (Autor)
Informação:Bloomsbury USA Childrens (2004), Edition: 1st Edition, 32 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:White, animals, picture book, K-gr.3

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By Word Of Mouse por Kate Spohn

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Shows the power of speech. One mouse finds a home inside a house and quickly all of her mouse friends have made the house their dwelling place as well. ( )
  cblanco | Apr 28, 2020 |
Lucy was a very persistent mouse who ultimately was able to achieve her goal of finding a forever home. It wasn't easy. She didn't quite understand why the owners of the house, two sisters, kept bringing her back into the woods. Lucy kept coming back, and she even brought company with her, other mice. The two sisters eventually welcomed Lucy and her friends to live in their home, and they enjoyed their company so much that one of the sisters decided to write stories about her pleasant experience living with mice. Her stories were so loving that people who hated mice had them in their household as just another family member. This book is about persistence and why having an open mind and being different is so important. By being different and trying new things and then sharing those experiences, you can influence others and change the perception of something that may have seemed unimaginable at one time. This book did a great job of communicating those points in a way that isn't too serious, yet more welcoming for a child. ( )
  KaylaCrescioni | Jan 24, 2020 |
By Word of Mouse is an adorable book about a little mouse that finds a home. Living is the beautiful blue house are two kind sisters. The mouse Lucy visits the house often. The sisters always bring Lucy back to the woods, and tell her to not come back because she belongs in the woods. Lucy always returns with her mouse friends, in the house they enjoy cookies. The sisters finally give up on sending the mice friends away and let them live there. Since my family loves all animals big and small we loved this story about a family of mice that move in with two sweet sisters. My son thought it was cute that they baked the mice cookies and made them tiny beds. ( )
  SarahTrenticosta | Feb 11, 2018 |
Two sisters who were artist, lived in the woods. There was a family of mice who also lived in the woods. Lucy, the youngest mouse heard about the sisters and all of the beautiful creations they made and wanted to live with them. Lucy tried three times to move into their house, but each time the sisters did not want anything to do with the family of mice. Finally, the sisters accepted the mice into their home because of their kind and caring spirits and they all lived happily ever after eating sugar lace cookies.
I think the fact that two artist live in the house and this book won a Caldecott award is a great way of foreshadowing the life of the actual author of the book. Spohn had the honor to meet the first recipient of the Caldecott Medal in 1938 and the recipients sister. When Spohn was a teenager she actually got to garden for the elderly sisters and the three of them shared their love for art and animals. The artwork showed Spohn's passion and dedication to art in this book. The pictures looked like they were painted with finger paint and paint brushes. One major thing that interested me was the fact that she drew all of the mice the exact same way, but changed some of the colors. These slight color changes did not occur often. However, because of her slightly changing those colors, each mouse had its own personality even though they all looked the same. I found that amusing as the reader. Also, to draw the same exact mouse, the same exact way, multiple times cannot be an easy task. Overall, the artwork in this book brought out the theme of enjoying the presence of animals and allowing them to have a special place in our hearts. ( )
  cbattistella19 | Feb 10, 2018 |
"By Word Of Mouse," is a story about a mouse named Lucy who was the youngest and most adventuresome. Lucy decided that she wanted to live in a beautiful blue house which bordered the woods where her family lived. In this blue house lived two sisters who were artists. When the sisters saw Lucy in their big house, they carried her back to her old home in a safetrap. One of the sisters, Gertrude, told Lucy, "This is where you belong, free in the woods. Now don't you come back!" But, Lucy didn't understand a word the sisters said and she thought the sisters brought her out to visit her family. The next time Lucy went back to the house, she brought friends along with her. The mice had fun watching the sisters make clay sculptures. The mice thought the sisters were going to let them stay, until they ate all of the sugar lace cookies right off the cooling rack. The sisters immediately caught the mice and carried them back into the woods, where they again told them, "Now don't you come back!" As the word got out to the other mice about the cookies, they all wanted to taste, and the sisters got tired of sending the mice away. Therefore, the mice were welcomed with matchbox beds lined with soft flannel. One sister wrote books about the mice, which were told so lovingly that even homes which mice were not welcome suddenly become faithful mouse lovers. This book won the Caldecott Award for its beautiful yet simple illustration. This is a book that I will definitely read to my daughter in the near future, and can only wish that she enjoys it as much as I did. ( )
  baucoin | Sep 12, 2017 |
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A field mouse decides to live in the big blue house with two sisters who are artists, and is so happy with what she finds there that soon all of her relatives join her. Based on the true story of Caldecott Award winner Dorothy Lathrop's inspiration for her first book, The Littlest Mouse.

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