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Forever Blue

por Suzanne Brockmann

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4491156,161 (3.73)6
Fiction. Romance. Suspense. HTML:

Forever Blue by Suzanne Brockmann released on Aug 1, 2007 is available now for purchase.

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Lucy Tait llevaba soñando con Blue McCoy desde la adolescencia. Ahora que el guapo integrante de la Marina estadounidense estaba de vuelta en la ciudad, Lucy se daba cuenta de que nada había cambiado, sólo que ella se había convertido en agente de policía y Blue estaba acusado de asesinato. A medida que la investigación se iba haciendo más profunda, lo mismo ocurría con su relación. Tenían que luchar juntos por el futuro de Blue antes de que ambos perdieran el corazón en el intento.
  Natt90 | Jun 23, 2022 |
It actually wouldn't be a bad book if the author had left all the lust out. (Note: This is the first book by this author that I've read.)

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! (Read on at your own discretion)

Carter "Blue" McCoy, a Navy Seal, returns to his hometown for his stepbrother's wedding. Since his stepbrother is marrying Blue's high school sweetheart, you'd think Blue would have her on his mind, but instead, he's thinking about Lucy Tait, a scrappy girl several years younger than he is (who just happens to be a police officer now). For her part, Lucy has had a crush on Blue since her high school days.

Blue invites Lucy to the rehearsal dinner (until lust overtakes them and they plan to leave) but before they can leave Blue and his stepbrother have words and later that night the stepbrother is murdered in a way that leaves Blue as the prime suspect.

While I love the friendship and romance that develops between Lucy and Blue (lust parts excluded in my like), I do think that Lucy's feelings for Blue lead her to make poor professional decisions. I do agree with her decision to stand up for the not yet arrested Blue when he's refused service at the diner and tossed out of the only hotel in town. However, she takes Blue to her own home and then stays in the house with him (which she should know would start tongues wagging in a small town). It seems she could have either gotten a room at the hotel for herself or failing that, stayed with a friend in town (Sara perhaps), or maybe even asked Sara and her husband to take Blue in. She also fails to secure any weapons Blue might have until she's ordered to by her boss. All this because she just "knows" he couldn't have done it.

If we're ever in trouble, we all need a friend like Lucy who believes in us no matter what (well, almost no matter what), who will fight for us, and who will even sacrifice her investments to bail us out.

Blue thought from the beginning that someone in law enforcement was in on the murder--and it turns out he was right. Doesn't seem like it left many of the police out--which makes me wonder who is protecting the town after all this goes down--because Lucy leaves.

There's a part about your dreams vs. those of your parents (particularly mothers). Both Blue and Lucy had mothers whose dreams were in Hatboro, South Carolina. Blue seems to have realized sooner that those were his mother's dreams and did not have to be his own.

Forever Blue--Blue became Carter's nickname because he was a fast runner and was short for "Blue Streak". Blue is also a color associated with police officers. Both Blue and Lucy want a forever love. ( )
  JenniferRobb | Jul 28, 2019 |
Overall Rating: 4.85
Action: 3.6 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 4.9 / Sensuous: 1.8 / Suspense: 4.1 // Laughter: 0 / Giggles: 0 // Tears: 1 / Teary: 0

Forever Blue: 4.85:
A difficult-to-put-down, entertaining, really enjoyable re-read. It was impossible not to be thrilled with Brockmann's skill when it came to creating memorable characters, writing witty and endearing dialogue, and telling a thoroughly romantic, somewhat suspenseful story while inserting a bit of action and a lot of detail about those wonderful Navy SEALs.

Hero: 4.8:
Lieutenant Carter "Blue" McCoy: a gorgeous, muscled SEAL who revealed his compassionate nature underneath his bad-boy veneer. A well-developed, multi-faceted hero, who easily won hearts.

Heroine: 4.3:
Lucy Tait: although not quiet as richly detailed as Blue, Lucy is the kind of heroine that readers can love. Lucy had such a strong-willed, determined, and earnest personality that it was impossible not to admire her. Lucy was like the proverbial 'bull in a china shop' when she believed in someone or something.

Story Line: 4.0:
An original idea. The small town bad boy returns home to attend the wedding of his stepbrother to his former girlfriend and finds himself being framed for murder. It was impossible not to enjoy the slightly unrealistic, creative, unfolding story that put Blue, a hero who closed himself off emotionally, with Lucy, a heroine who was bound and determined to stand by Blue's side as the entire town turned against him.

Action: 3.6:
The action is this book is not the exciting, adventurous kind that one might expect from a book about a Navy SEAL. Rather, Brockmann features the laid-back, ordinary, everyday kind of action that a small town police officer and the framed suspect might encounter when trying to find the real killer.

Emotion: 3.5:
While it was easy to become emotionally invested in Blue's and Lucy's story to a degree that brought forth a teary moment, that serious, soul-deep connection between the reader and the protagonists was not quite present.

Romance: 4.9:
This book was all about the relationship, the romance, and the friendship that built between Blue and Lucy.

Sensuous: 1.8:
As expected in a Harlequin Romance published in 1996, the sensuality in the lovemaking between Blue and Lucy was minimized.

Suspense: 4.1:
An aura of suspense permeated this story. Not only were Blue and Lucy trying to find out who the actual killer was (while the whole town was in a mob mentality mode), but also the underlying question of why frame Blue in the first place remained front and center.

Secondary Characters: 2.7:
The depth of personality development was missing when it came to the secondary characters found in this book. Enjoyed the inclusion of details about Blue's injured teammate, Alan "Frisco" Francisco, which prompts readers to pick up the next book of the series. The incorporation of some details about several of Blue's SEAL teammates hiding in the background of the story: {1} Joe "Cat" Catalanotto, {2} Harlan "Cowboy" Jones, {3} Daryl "Harvard" Becker, {4} Bobby "Bob" Taylor, {5} Wesley "Wes" Skelly, and {6} Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon, added to the storyline. There were several other under-developed secondary characters that were necessary to make the story come alive: {1} Gerry McCoy, {2} Jenny Lee Beaumont, {3} Annabella Sawyer, {4} Frank Redfield, {5} Chief Sheldon Bradley, and {6} Travis Southeby.

A more in-depth, detailed, spoiler-ridden review of Forever Blue appears at Wolf Bear Does Books (http://goo.gl/8zsGIe). ( )
  Vonda_M_Reid | Jun 9, 2015 |
My favorite book so far in this series. I just adore Blue! I loved their burgeoning romance--and I liked how they knew each other at least a little in the past. This is my third book in the city, and I really like them despite the insta love which I usually dislike but Don't mind at all in these books. I do hate that HEA so far means marriage in all these books--surely they could just say their i love you's and shack up right? ( )
  mullgirl | Jun 8, 2015 |
Typical SEALs book from Brockmann. While the Tall, Dark, & Dangerous books are definitely formula books, the characters kinda suck you in. ( )
  lesmel | Jul 13, 2013 |
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For Jodie Kuhlman and Patricia McMahon, for their amazing brainstorming power and naming skill, and for Sarah Telford, for lending Lucy her little black dress.
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Lieutenant Blue McCoy was the point man, leading the six other men of SEAL Team Ten's Alpha Squad across the marshlike ground.
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Fiction. Romance. Suspense. HTML:

Forever Blue by Suzanne Brockmann released on Aug 1, 2007 is available now for purchase.


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