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Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new Books (Gilbert…
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Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new Books (Gilbert and Friends (Paperback)) (edição 2007)

por Diane deGroat (Autor), Diane deGroat (Ilustrador)

Séries: Gilbert

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
519635,472 (3.29)1
Gilbert's excitement over starting first grade turns to worry that the teacher will be mean, the work too hard, and his classmates too unfriendly, but throughout the day there are pleasant surprises.
Título:Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new Books (Gilbert and Friends (Paperback))
Autores:Diane deGroat (Autor)
Outros autores:Diane deGroat (Ilustrador)
Informação:HarperCollins (2007), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages
Colecções:FBE Elementary, GISD Mentor Texts, A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:4th grade, First Days of School, FBE Elementary

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Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new Books (Book and CD) por Diane de Groat

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This book is about a brother and a sister animal who are nervous to go to the first day of school. They soon realize that learning is fun and they are able to make new friends.
  JenB21 | Apr 6, 2018 |
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Media: Colored pencils, water color
It is the start of a new school year, and Gilbert is going to be in the first grade! On the first day of school Gilbert decided that he really liked his teacher, Mrs. Byrd, but he was nervous about the schoolwork and having friends. Throughout the day Gilbert experienced many new things, and by the end he was excited for the school year!

This is good fantasy fiction because the scenarios are very realistic and relatable to children, yet the characters are animals. The settings are primarily Gilbert's house and school, and both have realistic elements to them, yet it is fantasy because animals would never live in a house nor be going to school.
  ebrink15 | Feb 24, 2017 |
After reading this book, I have mixed feelings. I didn’t get much out of this book and I found it to be a little boring. I think one of the main reasons I feel this way is because of the language. I like reading books that have descriptive text that creates imagery and I didn’t get that from this book. It didn’t engage me or hook me. For example, the Dad asks, “tomorrow is the first day of school, do you have everything ready?” Gilbert then responded, “I do.” This is one part of the story that I really felt like I wanted more. I personally wanted to hear about how Gilbert had to get ready for school, what all he needed, and how it made him feel. I think that is something that a lot of students could relate to. I did like the illustrations in the book. The pictures are what lead me to read this book in the first place. They were fun, bright, and drew the reader in. I also liked the plot of the book. It had a nice storyline for the intended audience. It was about a child named Gilbert who was starting first grade and he was feeling anxious about it. I liked that the author walked us through Gilbert’s whole first day of school. I think it was easy to connect to and could make a reader feel better about starting school. For example, a boy made fun of Gilbert for not knowing how to read yet. He felt really embarrassed and upset about it. Later in the day, Gilbert meets another boy who doesn’t know how to read either. Their teacher ensures them that they will learn how to read in first grade. They end up feeling better about reading and make even more friends. The main idea was that the first day of school can be scary, but you meet new friends, have fun, and learn cool things. ( )
  KylieWilliams | Feb 9, 2016 |
Definitely a bit longer than a first grader would sit through in class, but just right or them to take home and read with the family. I like the books in this series though I generally don't read them aloud. Still, I like the series. ( )
  matthewbloome | May 19, 2013 |
This is a cute book that helps ease students worries about the beginning of the year. Most students are excited about new school supplies and making new friends. This book brings a smile to everyone's face. ( )
  fudge9 | Sep 3, 2011 |
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In this prequel to deGroat's series of Gilbert tales (Happy Birthday to You, You Belong in a Zoo), the earnest young opossum survives—quite easily—his first day of first grade. As in the earlier stories, the author convincingly exposes her hero's emotions, which here are in tune with those experienced by any fledgling first grader. Gilbert is fearful that his teacher won't be nice and, in the classroom, he is embarrassed when he sits at the wrong desk and, at lunch, is afraid that he'll get sent to the principal if he doesn't eat his food. The narrative incorporates some equally true-to-life incidents that would comfort a new student (e.g., sitting by himself in the cafeteria, Gilbert is finally joined by a boy who has "the exact same Martian Space Pilot lunchbox" as he does). And deGroat reassuringly reveals that nobody is good at everything (Philip can read but can't climb a ladder at recess, and Lewis, a good climber, clumsily spills paint on his desk).
adicionada por Dpadelsky | editarPublishers Weekly

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Gilbert's excitement over starting first grade turns to worry that the teacher will be mean, the work too hard, and his classmates too unfriendly, but throughout the day there are pleasant surprises.

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