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The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope Series…
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The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope Series #4) (edição 2007)

por Donna VanLiere (Autor)

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342859,178 (3.79)7
Taking what he hopes will be his first long-term job, lonely department store security officer Chaz McConnell reaches out to a four-year-old child, while Gloria Bailey, a charity worker who has taken in a single pregnant woman and a cantankerous senior, struggles with ensuing personality clashes.
Título:The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope Series #4)
Autores:Donna VanLiere (Autor)
Informação:St. Martin's Press (2007), 224 pages
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The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope Series #4) por Donna VanLiere

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3.5 ⭐

I'm reading VanLiere Christmas books every year after I discovered [b:The Christmas Shoes|42172|The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope, #1)|Donna VanLiere|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1434144615l/42172._SX50_.jpg|1085294] ❤️. I still haven't found another that I love as much, but this book was a lovely Christmas read. ( )
  xKayx | Dec 14, 2020 |
Another heartwarming Christmas Story by Donna VanLiere. Gloria, also known as Miss Glory works with the homeless and/or single parent, low income families. She teaches classes, takes in donations that she later passes out and offers more than just her moral support. These people are like family to her. Her husband died 7 years earlier and her youngest son left home a week before he died. She still leaves the porch light on for him. We meet her surly, uppity neighbour Miriam, a young homeless pregnant woman named Erin, an alcoholic young drifter named Chaz, a battered woman and her young son as well as a homeless man named Mike among others. Can Christmas bring a miracle to the many people Miss Glory touches? Brings a tear to the eye. ( )
  Carlathelibrarian | Feb 5, 2019 |
The Christmas promise by Donna VanLiere
Love how each chapter starts out with words of wisdom from other famous people-touching!
Starts out with the past when she lost her son and husband within a few short weeks of one another.
Grace will prevail. Story then goes back a year and we find Gloria and she's been a widow for 7 years cleaning out a frigerator that one has dropped off in her driveway.
She cleans it out and then donaes it to another in town who is in need of one=she has contact with a church in town.
Love hearing of how things work in this town-it's a community effort.
She gets others in town to donate huge boxes of clothes to those in need and she loves that she's able to do this for others.
Love memory of Mt. St. Helens as we've visited there-new life all around.
Like hearing from the author herself about how this book and series came about. Books that help others, they reach out to you.
Love the characters and how they turn out during the Christmas stories. Promise of love and grace that makes Christmas.
From NLS for my BARD ( )
  jbarr5 | Feb 22, 2018 |
The Christmas Promise is the second audiobook by Donna VanLiere that I have enjoyed this Christmas. (I am currently listening to number 3, The Christmas Note.) Full of humor and heart, this book’s message of second chances is front and center, whether it’s a grumpy neighbor or an estranged family member or a mom who has made some bad choices. Familiar characters from this series make an appearance making them feel like old friends. VanLiere reads the book herself, and her voices and inflection are a real treat. I listened to this book on a few daily walks and on two plane flights, and I must admit I had to stifle a few laughs and squint back a few tears. This heartwarming novella is perfect for the busy holiday season when time is short and nerves get a bit frazzled. So make sure to make some time for this touching book.


Audience: adults. ( )
  vintagebeckie | Dec 24, 2015 |
Seven years ago, Gloria Bailey suffered a devastating family tragedy that almost took away her faith completely; as it was, Gloria's idyllically happy life was shaken down to its very foundation. Since then, she has struggled to comprehend the reason why her life was turned upside down; and to somehow find the strength of will to carry on. Each Christmas she places a card inside an envelope on her tree, acknowledging and solemnly restating a promise she had made to her husband just before his death.

Now, having moved from her small town and all the painful memories it held, she is slowly building a new life for herself by helping those in need. Whether it's a young mother who can't pay her electricity bill or a family who needs some extra food, Gloria always finds a way to be of service. She seems to have found her life's purpose again, and Gloria is - if not living the type of life that she had once envisioned - at least living a tentatively pleasurable life.

Gloria's faith is also slowly being rekindled; faith in herself and faith in others. Then, there is Miriam Lloyd Davies, Gloria's elderly neighbor. Gloria is convinced that Miriam is a thorn in her side: a constant annoyance that Gloria does her best to avoid at all costs. Miriam is constantly critical; a disapproving and mean-spirited neighbor who looks with suspicion at all the good things that Gloria does. When a twist of fate makes the women roommates instead of neighbors, it is the ultimate test of patience and faith.

Chaz McConnell has a really good job as head of security for Wilson's Department Store, but he is also terribly lonely; returning home each night to his empty apartment. He longs for a wife and family of his own but also realizes that the choices that he has made in life have alienated him. He soon befriends a young boy whose mother has fallen on hard times, allowing Chaz the chance to have the sort of life he once thought impossible.

In The Christmas Promise: A Novel, the lives of all these characters collide and we learn that the past is never far behind, even as we move ahead. And when we are forgiven much, we love much. In this warmly humorous and deeply poignant story, we are reminded that the ultimate Christmas Promise is the promise of second chances.

I had read and enjoyed one of Donna VanLiere's previous books, The Angels of Morgan Hill, back in February of 2012. In my opinion, The Christmas Promise: A Novel was really quite good; a quick and engaging read that I enjoyed very much. I found this to be a feel-good story; touching and sweet and truly heart-warming. The story's plot may have been slightly far-fetched, but I still found it enjoyable. I give this book a B+! ( )
  moonshineandrosefire | Jul 1, 2015 |
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Taking what he hopes will be his first long-term job, lonely department store security officer Chaz McConnell reaches out to a four-year-old child, while Gloria Bailey, a charity worker who has taken in a single pregnant woman and a cantankerous senior, struggles with ensuing personality clashes.

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